What the Covid crisis is really about. A natural perspective.


(This note of mine written during the lockdown phase (March 2021) had reached the Hon'ble President of India. He had suo moto treated it as a petition and circulated it. A copy had also reached the Special Relief Commissioner of Odisha who circulated it to the Health Secretary and other authorities with a copy to me.)

This is my view on the current crisis which I have gained from a comprehensive understanding of more than one system of medicine;

Disease is an internal matter arising out of an imbalance with the natural order of things. Today we are eating the wrong kind of food, we are not eating and sleeping on time resulting in gross imbalance in the ways body seeks to take in nutrition, eliminate waste, and restore lost tissue. Following the circadian rhythm is extremely important. We have divorced ourselves from natural elements like earth, air, sunlight and water. We have lost control over our emotions. The negative emotions we have adopted stretch the body's limits and lead to oxidative stress. We have lost touch with happiness and positive emotions that enable hormones like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins that are our body's pharmacy. We have lost touch with vegetation and forests, a contact that strengthens the microbiome and calms down the mind

We have lost sight of the body's natural needs like energy, oxygenation, alkalinity, self reflection, and the art of listening to the all intelligent conscience that is constantly trying to guide us by distinguishing between right and wrong

We have instead surrounded ourselves with a toxic overload never before seen in history. The human body has never experienced the new toxins that include junk and processed food, industrial pollution, pesticides and herbicides, radio waves, electricity, and electromagnetic frequencies

The body is naturally inclined and always trying to shrug off the toxicity. The more the toxic overload and the more toxic the toxins the more violent are the reactions of the body.

We are treating the acute attempts of the body to deal with the toxicity as disease and with our interventions stopping the process. As a result the body experiences pain, malaise, low or high grade fevers, recurrent infections, inflammation, and the mind becomes tense and anxious. One feeds the other and we have a vicious cycle. More treatment without an effort to detoxify leads to chronic degenerative diseases

We talk of an immune system and how it is always engaged in fighting off intruders. But the science of the microbiome clearly demonstrates how the body thrives in symbiosis. The body does not fight the environment - only toxicity is countered. The body interacts with the environment and the microbial world surrounding it and gains with every encounter. Had there been a conventional immune system the body would be constantly in the fight or flight mode. Such a mode would be counterproductive and an intelligent system will never opt for it

The current population lives in a similar environment encountering the same habits, food and environment. When people fall sick en-masse with similar symptoms we classify it as a new epidemic. We have evolved from being pathogen hunters to becoming disease hunters

We talk of disease waves and long diseases (sequaele). Acute diseases appear when the body attempts to throw out toxins. If we allow and facilitate the detoxification process the body regains its natural state and does not need such symptoms again. We call this a first wave. We call the recovery innate immunity. We call the natural state an immune defense. After an acute disease that has served its purpose the body will not need to take recourse to such symptoms again. We call this non specific immunity as we observe many kinds of diseases are not observed after one bout of natural 'infection'.

However if we intervene and disrupt the process of detoxification the body will again need recourse to such symptoms. We call this the second wave. Our intervention and the drugs and procedures we use disrupt the body's functions. It leads to a compromised state that we call sequelae or as now, long disease. The second wave and sequelae are our own creations. They are the endemics or the epidemic of pandemics, whatever you call it

We should contemplate on the above to try and know how our proposed miracle solution, the vaccine, will add to the complexity. Our solution is composed of toxins and adjuvants. The toxins are deep acting. The adjuvants ensure they reach every cell. Binding agents ensure the toxins stay within the body and remain enshrined in cells. The presence of blood brain and placenta barrier disruptors ensures the toxins reach areas where they are not welcome. Currently we have adjuvants in gel form; novel binding adjuvants. This is a new technology and we do not know the outcome. The new solutions are also designed to disrupt the body's own intelligence - the microbiome, virome, cells and their genetic components. We are disrupting at a level that is unimaginable and uncontrollable. Playing God without being aware of God's intelligence is what modern science is all about

The vaccines that will be administered repeatedly and annually will create new disease states all over the globe and be dubbed new epidemics. We will then respond with more vaccines till the miracle of disappearing humanity leaves us with no more subjects to "take care of and treat". No more opportunity to "save lives"

We are doing everything in our power to destroy the human body mind structure and humanity itself. What do we intend to gain in the process? Are we in the health sector to ensure health or irreversibly destroy it?

I am seeking answers. Why are we doing this?


(The following has been added to explain the above and in response to questions raised)

We are totally obsessed with the theory of contagious disease. But this concept is not correct. We do not have contagious disease simply because all attempts to physically prove contagion employing healthy individuals have failed. You cannot prove contagion.

What is then behind mass diseases? We have to consider the internal state of the body and also the environment. If human beings follow natural laws, take care of their food needs, follow moral and ethical lives and ensure a clean surrounding and atmosphere then populations stay healthy. When these parameters go awry or stress occurs in the form of mass upheavals, wars, or natural disasters there is mass disease.

These diseases take on a seasonal form. Ayurveda clearly describes this and lists the disease forms that are to be watched for in various seasons and during times of season change. Diet, clothing and behavioural changes are recommended to overcome them.

Currently the world is divorced from natural laws, consuming junk and poisoned food, living profligate lives, and the environment is polluted and poisoned beyond belief. People are also under extreme stress. The situation is ripe for a catastrophe. Moreover the system of treatment in vogue does not understand toxicity and the need for detoxification. It is a miracle people are still alive.

On top of all this we have poisoned people with extremely toxic injections. The body is trying to detoxify again and the attempt is being stopped in the name of treating "infectious" disease. We are preparing for a catastrophe of unseen proportions. It is no wonder countries are being asked to prepare for mass deaths.

There are some cases where contagion is observed. Recently injected individuals can spread the disease they are injected for. But once again the risk is for unhealthy people alone. Such individuals are therefore not allowed in hospitals and ICUs. What happens here? The sick people seek detoxification. Also the freshly injected shed toxins. These two combine to create disease.

Earlier there was also the practice of exposing children to other children going through the phase of natural childhood illnesses like measles and pox. But not all fell sick. Only those who need the acute expression for their own detoxification needs develop the disease. Dr Thomas Cowan, MD calls this resonance. A concept known to energy healers.

We need to understand detoxification. By checking what we call infectious disease we are preparing people for more complex acute diseases as also serious chronic degenerative diseases. We have to also probe the injection ingredients, contaminants, and the impacts of the new technologies being experimented with to know what is coming. Those who are doing so are predicting an apocalypse.

All wisdom is available with the early form of allopathy. The "scientific" advances have not been about science but commerce. The result is proliferation of chronic diseases that benefit the industry.

The Covid epidemic is like watching a Hollywood movie;

  • Animal diseases enter humans and then become epidemics in the twinkling of an eye. Impossible according to senior virologists
  • There are rehearsals and trailers before the movie is launched
  • All medical kits are distributed two years before the epidemic begins
  • Everyone reads out from a script saying the same things over and over again
  • Movies depicting the exact scenario are released to program the masses
  • The immune system magically disappears
  • A long list of virus names is prepared and they make their appearance as the drama proceeds
  • The "first wave" is visible only on TV
  • The second wave becomes a killer overtaking the first, again an improbability
  • The world is shut down and people are masked for a disease that is less lethal than a flu setting the stage for a prolonged fear campaign
  • Healthy people (asymptomatic) become diseased by definition
  • Doctors and experts appear on TV regularly to inform the world how deadly the disease is as they would not know otherwise
  • The world is informed that variants and waves will occur regularly
  • Variants result from merging among themselves or with other viruses, again something that can happen only in Hollywood blockbusters
  • The disease is "highly contagious" and yet no one is worried about handling masks and PPE kit waste
  • The viewers are assured that the injections (preparing the population for a long list of diseases) will ultimately emerge as the hero defeating the non existent villain
  • People forget that colds and flu are a natural part of life and occur to clear waste and toxins from the body

The pity is this film does not end.

The world is fixated in trying to arrest "infections". First of all there is no such thing as an infection. There are symptoms that appear when your body is faced with waste and toxin accumulation. This is the assertion of the terrain theory (wonderfully brought back to life and explained by Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD) which is the basis of all holistic systems.

Science too has acknowledged this. Studies on cancer patients show;

  • Those affected have a history of lack of infection
  • Children who go through the normal childhood illnesses do not develop chronic diseases and cancers later in life
  • The latest development in treating cancers is to induce infections. Viruses like the measles and polio are being used
  • It is an observed fact that cancers go into remission after high fevers and rashes appear

The current trend of stopping infections will lead to a tsunami of chronic diseases and cancers.

Influenza and related diseases are the lymphatic systems response to accumulated waste and toxins. The lymphatic system is the drain of the body.

There are five traditionally known and observed points about viral "infections"

  • Viruses do not appear to kill people. Injudicious treatment does
  • Viral diseases resolve on their own
  • Viruses cause elimination symptoms as they eliminate waste and toxins
  • Viral diseases are therefore beneficial

Viral diseases provide long term immunity because once the waste and toxins are cleared the body does not need those symptoms for a long time

Viral diseases are followed by bacterial growth because the waste and toxins being eliminated by the viruses need bacteria and phagocytes to consume biological debris and eliminate them.

It is also observed by science that a big phase of viral "infection" (which is a misnomer for seasonal disease) is followed by a phase of milder widespread disease. This is to complete the detoxification in those who need it. This signals the end of the cleansing process. This is exactly what is happening now.

To control frequency and intensity of acute diseases we need lifestyle and environmental correction.

By fighting these "infections" we are setting the stage for serious diseases to follow.

We are suffering because an industry requires disease to grow and prosper.

Currently we also observe a portion of the scientific community emphasizing that no virus has been isolated.

 If the virus does not exist, what else is the cause?

  • The compromised state of the body
  • Pollution of various kinds
  • Environmental toxins
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • New wireless frequency
  • Aerial spraying
  • Past medications and vaccinations
  • Season change
  • Wrong diet
  • Add fear, stress and anxiety
  • Combinations of the above

The symptoms are that of a toxic assault. Any strong toxin will elicit these symptoms.

What happens when the body is faced with a toxic overload? The body has several agents and mechanisms to deal with it;

  • Phagocytes
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Parasites
  • Virus or exosome

The first four are living organisms. They can deal with non lethal toxins alone. Otherwise they die. However the virus or exosome is dead material and thus is suited for extreme toxins. Viruses are formed within the body and are produced by cells to tackle extreme toxins and heavy metal toxicity.

The above are never observed in healthy portions of the body but only in unhealthy or dead tissue.

Viruses can cause violent symptoms as they break the toxins into extremely minute particles and then provoke to elicit response from the elimination organs. They also can eat into tissue and spinal matter to extricate embedded heavy metals. The impacts are to save the body from harm and not otherwise.

How are viruses formed? They are formed in the nucleus of the cell. Then they emerge and are expelled by the cells. In the process the cell suffers damage but can repair itself. If the red blood cells are involved in the process some blood anomalies can be noticed. These viruses can act up to 72 hours. If needed new viruses are formed every 72 hours. The white blood cells control the activity of the viruses and keep them in check.

If any external virus does get inside then the body treats it like other foreign material and expels it. Foreign viruses are not coded the way the internally produced ones are.

Animal viruses will not work within the human body as the code is different. During the swine flu scare the virologists had remarked that it is not possible for animal and avian viruses to cause disease in humans. And even if they do in the rarest of cases, they cannot spread to others and cause epidemics.

We know how during the swine flu all cases of cold were marked as swine flu to inflate numbers and create the scare. In an extremely polluted world the normal influenza - the expulsion process - can become deadly and kill millions as it is doing. This is natural. You need to clean the environment and correct the diet to check the flu.

Tackling colds and flu requires patience, rest, and minimal liquid diet till the process ends. Instead we have tried to maximally interfere, introduced dreaded toxins into the system, and paid the price.