Satya Yug: Age of truth is coming


Satya Yug.

The age of truth. What does that mean? What kind of an age will that be? It will be an age when nature and natural laws will overcome the impositions and be free once again. This is why the present structures will fall.

The world was not born corrupt. It has an order and intelligence of its own. Mentality that does not follow the natural laws, technology that is not built upon natural laws, and structures that go against natural laws lead to a propped up civilization where the soul of all beings and the Earth suffer.

Imagine a current passing through a wire. Many obstacles have been placed on its path reducing its power and distorting its impact. It is only when all the obstacles are removed that the current can flow unimpeded once again and its full benefits are obtained.

There are many who say, why is destruction needed? Why cannot we make some adjustments and continue? But Satya Yuga is not about compromises and adjustments. It is a complete return to normalcy. A complete removal of all obstacles. The complete freedom of the soul.

One has to be ready to lose everything that currently seems to be needed and necessary. The change will come like a gust of wind, a tornado and blow everything away. Everything external and internal. All blockages will be removed.

Be ready for the change that has already begun. Have trust on the Supreme.