Not a medical system - a protocol control


Most of us cannot believe what is going on. How is this happening? How can such wrongs be perpetrated? Why aren't our decision makers applying their brains?

These are all valid questions. What is the answer?

We have created a system where experts applying their brains is dubbed unscientific. Nobody can do that. Nobody is allowed to think as an individual.

Got it? The system depends on a centralized team to do the thinking. It is presumed that the best of "experts" should evaluate all options and decide on what is best. The rest should blindly follow orders.

That system is called FOLLOWING PROTOCOLS.

All doctors, scientists, and decision makers blindly follow protocols. They have to implement what they are told without questioning. Not questioning becomes science. No one has the guts to break the chain because doing so has serious consequences.

There are two more terms that enforce protocols. PEER PRESSURE and AUTHORITY. The person who dares go against the grain loses all. He is Wakefielded.

This is a fool proof system that has resulted in the world we see around us.