Medicine & Health - Poles apart


Medicine in essence is about healing and not hurting people. You don't argue that more people have died from the disease than the remedy.

Modern medicine is not science. It is the largest industry in the world. The biggest business ever. And it is the most corrupt according to the Oxfam World Corruption Report. The doctors and scientists are not independent, they work for and benefit from the industry and have clear conflict of interest. They are instructed what to do and how to do by the industry. Science does not survive in such an atmosphere.

Health comes only from following natural laws, it cannot come from a laboratory. The body can be nourished only by nutrition, exercise, and following the natural time cycles. Chemical drugs and toxic injections cannot induce health.

If you follow the history of vaccination you will realize how they induced serious diseases and those diseases became excuses for more vaccines.

This is also scientifically proven. Known as the Th1 Th2 immune imbalance it shows how the shift from acute to chronic degenerative diseases was caused by vaccines.

Vaccines are admitted to cause 397 serious diseases including death as per package inserts and trial results. 1334 published peer reviewed studies in the NIH database clearly demonstrate links to 292 diseases and disorders including death. If you go through the lists you will find all modern day diseases contained in them.

This is not surprising. All modern day diseases can be described as autoimmune inflammatory immunotoxic disorders. Vaccines inevitably cause autoimmune inflammatory and immunotoxic disorders.

There are several studies that show vaccinated children suffer far more than those not vaccinated. The results of such studies are suppressed. Please study vaccine ingredients, their individual and synergistic toxicity, the way they impact the body, and individual susceptibilities. Once you understand these you will never speak in favour of vaccines again.

If all the diseases in today's society can be caused by vaccines then it follows that all deaths from such diseases are vaccine deaths. This unfortunately is the truth staring at us on the face.

Only those parents who do not understand vaccine risks will vaccinate. You will be surprised to know that common childhood illnesses like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and whooping cough are beneficial. Scientific studies show children who go through them do not suffer chronic diseases and cancers later in life. So vaccines suppress these diseases and also add additional toxicity.

Acute diseases are detoxification procedures. It is not wise to suppress them. The treatment ought to be to strengthen vitality and aid the elimination organs. Modern medicine does the opposite.

Diptheria was introduced by the small pox vaccine as it spread bovine syphilis. Tetanus in children began with the operational procedure of the small pox vaccine.

Incidentally mortality from all childhood diseases fell after the introduction of sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. There are studies in JAMA and Pediatrics as well as official statistics of governments to support this. Thus the risk entirely is from vaccination.

There are tens of thousands of completely unvaccinated children who have wonderful physical and mental health. They are mostly the subsequent children after their predecessors suffered vaccine injury.

Vaccines injure even if externally it does not look like they do. Vaccines are not designed to kill. They are slow poisons and the effects can take years to manifest and when they do they are not connected to the vaccines. And this injury travels generations because vaccines affect the microbiome and impact genes.

A study on fireflies subjected to a chemical revealed the injury travelled 14 generations. If today we have so many diseases and disabilities in children and many are not able to even conceive it is the intergenerational affects that are manifesting.

Vaccines exist and continue because they produce diseases that the industry uses to grow and profit from. They have nothing to do with health and prevention.