How the shots can affect you


Studies reveal plethora of ways the shots can affect people. And this is only the beginning.

- Disease can get worse in vaccinated. This will lead to unprecedented levels of deaths in the coming years

- Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders are certain. Hospitals will make a killing treating them

- Neurological disorders are inevitable

- Vaccine immunity will override innate immunity leaving people exposed to other viruses

- Vaccines will make people susceptible to other diseases

- Immune system priming will lead to unnatural reactions to external stimuli. We will witness dangerous forms of allergies

- Blood disorder can lead to cardiac arrest and brain stroke

- Clotting problem can lead to severe internal bleeding

- The spike protein being induced by the vaccines can become a source of many problems and have worse outcomes than any virus

- The use of nanoparticles in the vaccines will lead to unpredictable toxicity problems

- PEG used in the shots is already causing anaphylaxis

- mRNA fragments in the vaccines, as revealed in Lancet, opens up new ways of harm

- Scientists remain adamant the mRNA shots will change DNA

- The list of reported adverse effects indicate all parts and processes of the body are affected

- The shot will lead to super viruses and even those refusing them will fall a prey. The vaccinated will be a danger for humanity

- Psychological disorders including suicidal ideation and panic disorders are observed

- Those vaccinated may undergo personality changes. Polysorbate in the shots will lead to all ingredients crossing the blood brain barrier. People will behave unpredictably. The zombie apocalypse is not far off

Blatant refusal to link adverse effects to the shots, despite they being observed in trials, and predicted by the FDA, indicates they are intended. A societal disruption on a mass scale will be the outcome.


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"We are turning vaccinated people into asymptomatic carriers." He also warns that mass vaccination could create variants that will be worse for groups currently able to handle it i.e. the young.

Robert Kennedy Robert , Geert Vanden Bossche is doing interviews.

His open letter:

"We must halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as a temporary

health benefit to the most vulnerable groups does not justify a public health

disaster of international concern."

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