Recognizing & Acting on the K-O-BH-I-D Fraud


The Fraud.

- Viruses are not external threats

- Viruses are formed WITHIN the body for cleaning up extreme toxicity

- They are protein codes encased in fat cells to carry out a task

- They do not possess life, cannot do anything outside the code instructions

- They have a short existence, and disintegrate after the task is over

- They need a medium to survive

- Therefore it is NOT POSSIBLE to isolate and purify any virus

- Viruses are so small they can possibly only be seen under an electron microscope

- Electron microscopes require special preparation of the samples to be seen under it. This process will disintegrate any virus

- Electron microscopes emit heat. Viruses cannot survive that heat

- Thus the images of viruses we see are artistic renditions

- Another method used is to take a RNA fragment and create a computer model around it

- This method has been used to create the current Ko virus and is therefore being challenged

- Viruses are not external. They are formed within the body

- Therefore the concept of infectious viral disease is a figment of imagination

- Viruses do not jump species

- Viruses in all species are similar, therefore it can be manipulated to prove that they have jumped species

- This is why the RTPCR tested goat samples as positive

- Thus animal viral diseases cannot jump to humans. But toxins emitted by the animal world affects humans

- Those toxins affect only the person targeted. There can be no human to human transmission and epidemics

- That viruses do not cause disease is very evident and the viral disease industry faced collapse and closure

- Anthony Fauci then stepped in with his yet to prove HIV causes AIDS theory that attracted huge funds and saved the industry

- Now you know why Fauci is the darling of the industry

- He is the mastermind whose fertile thoughts are behind many medical illusions

- He is a Freemason and uses the White House podium to flash Masonic symbols

- He is the brain behind the current crisis

- There is no Ko virus

- The media was used to float the theory of a lethal lab bred virus to create fear and also justify the trial with potentially lethal drugs

- In reality the new symptoms are a result of electricity/radio/internet/radar waves and other toxins

- The question now is what else is the media doing?

- Why is the media now revealing the dangers of the Ko vaccine?

- What is it programming us for again?

As I say this illusion is very deep. What could be happening behind the scenes?

- We are being handed out an impossible scenario

- There seems to be no escape

- Suddenly something happens and we feel there is hope

- A messiah appears on the scene to save us

- We wholeheartedly accept that messiah and feel the crisis has been averted

- There is a false dawn

- In accepting the false messiah we step into the New World - exactly the same that we face now

- We voluntarily accept what we were rejecting earlier

Let us never forget that only a spiritual society and spiritual world is acceptable. Let us not deviate from that goal.

Let us not fall into the trap. Let the Supreme Consciousness alone be what we seek.

You all know the plan don't you?

First the wars, disasters, disease and pestilence to depop by 95%. And then;

- Artificial intelligence ruled society

- No private property

- Digital economy

- Microchipping

- Universal basic income based on social credit

- Mandatory vaccinations

- Chip and sensor based healthcare

- Artificial lab generated food

- Life only in smart cities

- Work where you are assigned

- Constant surveillance

- Microchip/ nano particles based thought policing

- Sex with robots if you are good and eligible; based on social credit

- Movement only through electric vehicles that can be tracked and controlled

- EMF shocks and elimination of those who disobey

- Disabling chip to discipline

Because we need to be protected from viruses and climate change.

When will that spiritual world come? After the war and destruction. There will be no shortcuts. The world will rejuvenate itself through an intense ice age that may last many years. There will be other natural events releasing very bitter poisons that will cleanse the world of artificial toxins.

We need not fear. We are all spiritual beings. But our decisions will affect us and our future in the material plane. If there is a war we should fight for what we think is right and proper that will lead us to the spiritual world. We have to battle the dark forces. Currently many are embracing them for the sake of convenience and material gains. That is a great mistake because all the current world's material comforts will perish along with its creations. Those who side with the dark forces will lose both at spiritual and material levels. They will have nothing in their balance sheet and will be denied the great spiritual potential of the coming age that will last a thousand years.

As Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had told us, the brave have to fight. Every living being will face a situation where there will be no other go but to fight. The choice of good and bad will come to all and one has to choose wisely. He had great hope on the youth. And currently it is the youth who are leading from the front.

We have hardly two or at best three years. Prepare for what is coming. Wake up from your slumber.