Good health & vitality is a community exercise


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There is now a very strong debate over the role of viruses and the concept of contagious disease. 

There are various healing modalities that do not blame contagion or pathogens for every illness and yet are highly effective. 

Disease is internal and a result of imbalance. Symptoms are the body's efforts at self healing. By the time symptoms appear the body is almost done with the job. Pathogens cause these symptoms and assist the body to heal. They are the foot soldiers of health. 

Symptoms are mostly eliminating in nature, throwing out toxins and debris. Viruses play a role in eliminating extreme toxins like those found abundantly in our industrial age environment. The process can be very violent when viruses are in charge and depend upon the nature of toxicity. 

The physician's role is to assist in the elimination, prevent depletion of vitality by providing hydration and essential minerals, and take care of elimination organs. After the elimination is over the role shifts to nourishment and tissue building; nursing the person back to health. 

This process does not have a left over or sequel to deal with. Sequel denotes a failure on the part of the physician. 

The working of the body can be likened to the process whereby the body expels a thorn. There is pain, inflammation, fever, suppuration that leads to the expulsion. The body resents foreign unwanted matter and will always try to expel it. 

Similarly it expels building up of waste matter that happens if the lymphatic and elimination organs are sluggish. The body periodically engages in acute ailments to detoxify and ensure health. 

The severity of acute ailments can be reduced by lifestyle and food choice changes, mental hygiene, as well as by ensuring a safe environment conducive for biological entities.  

As vitality is the most important factor in health and drives the body's innate response, all vitality depleting factors must be curtailed. Here the role of mental hygiene is of paramount importance. 

Medications must be provided keeping in mind the body's choice and preferences. Else it adds to the insult on vitality as the body is burdened with another form of toxin.  

The shift from acute to chronic diseases happens due to the inept physician. 

There are two things to keep in mind.

- Healing of chronic diseases starts with a worsening of symptoms as the body again picks up the facility of acute ailments. This is called the healing crisis or Herxheimers reaction. It is welcome.

- The working of the body follows a pattern summarized wonderfully by Constantine Herring and known as Herring's Law.

- The law states that disease progresses from outward within and from a less important organ to a more important one. Cures progress from within to outward, from a more important organ to a less important one. The internal disease is thrown out upon the skin, nails and hair to be ultimately pushed out. Cures also progress from top to bottom. 

The physician should study the concept of vitality, and the working of the vital force as the vitality is the ultimate physician whom the doctor can only assist. It is an inherited intelligence and its power depends upon the state of health of both parents. The inheritance is grossly disturbed by the medication of pregnancy and childbirth.  

Vitality depends upon strength, alkalinity and mental equipoise. It is the best gift parents can bestow upon their children. It is a spiritual exercise that involves aspiration and sacrifice. 

Parents intending to conceive must ensure good health and wellbeing. They should approach the begetting of a child with respect towards each other and with the intention of inviting a good soul to the earth plane. The traditional practice of the lady going to her parents place after conceiving and returning after breast feeding is complete ensured both care and the minimum disturbance to the womb. The woman must be happy while carrying the baby, be well looked after, and continue with normal activity.  

Vitality acquired in birth can be sustained but cannot be increased thus it is the responsibility of one generation to ensure it passes it on to the next. Education and teaching by example are vital for passing on the baton. Nutrition, exercise, and positive thoughts are non negotiable elements for sustaining vitality.

Vitality is abundantly seen in nature. Nature loves life and abhors sickness and death. This is reflected in the power of adaptation.  

Man has the ability to think for himself that is also the Achilles heel. It is of paramount importance to align the thinking ability to the inbuilt intelligence of nature. Society should be aware of the fundamentals so it can constantly adapt to changes. 

The body loves challenges and emerges strong from every encounter. It is dynamic and it is this dynamism that results in adaptation. Today's news about a Chinese flower that has adapted by shedding its beauty to avoid plucking is a bright example of an all pervading intelligence that seeks to be understood and tapped. 

The knowledge of the vital force and how to activate and assist it is the core of healing. Detoxification, nourishment, education, and ensuring a safe biological environment are the tools.  

Nature is ready to assist at every step. The ego of the misguided physician is the greatest obstacle. Those in the profession must be open and have a 360 degree view as protecting life and health is a sacred task that has no parallel. 

The reward is happiness, fulfilment and spiritual progress. The good physician develops all the finer qualities and gains the wisdom that the monk seeks through spiritual exercises.