Why are doctors dying?


Why are doctors dying?

Almost every day we are listening to tales of doctors "bravely battling the disease" and succumbing. These tales are spreading panic in society. Why are they dying?

- Thanks to their education they do not attach importance to vital aspects like nutrition and natural health. If at all they do, they do it as a minor supplement to their own methods

- Right from their college days they get accustomed to junk food, abysmally maintained hostels, long gruelling work as interns. This process is anti-health. The people being trained to man health care are forced to become unhealthy before they take up the work

- As the number of diseases and the number suffering are skyrocketing, doctors suffer from extreme stress handling them. Their own methods are brutal and do not lead to cures. Thus doctors suffer from anxiety, stress and depression as they know the patients are going to get worse anyway. This leads to pessimism. All of these adversely affect the immune system.

- If they work in corporate hospitals the unethical practices they are forced to do on a regular basis has a great negative effect on them. Hospital and even conferences are famous for offering junk foods to doctors

- If they work in emergency wards or handle critically ill patients they end up taking addictive drugs or drinks to ease the trauma and keep functioning. This practice destroys health

- Currently they are regularly taking preventive medications like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, or Aspirin. Many are now taking the MMR shot as they feel it provides immunity

- If they get a fever (which may be a reaction of the body to the above medications) they are rushing to treat the "viral illness" with anti viral medications or powerful antibiotics

- The fever will not recede easily as it comes to rectify internal problems and doctors suffer plenty of health issues. Instead the fever is seen as a threat and constantly battled

- The resultant complication is being treated with more powerful drugs

If they wish to live healthy lives they should reflect on what they are doing and decide whether the methods they use lead to health. They should study what holistic systems have to say and use the principles to stay healthy.

For the current disease, they should realize it is an internal problem and not an external threat. They should not wage a war against their own bodies by resorting to health destroying drugs. Instead they should supplement the body's effort to resolve its problems which it knows best and does regularly.

If they follow this approach they need not unnecessarily sacrifice their lives. It is their education, attitude, and their own drugs that are killing them.