We should start talking about health.


For the last two centuries or more we have only talked about disease because the medical profession thrives on ill health and the resultant fear. We have avoided talking about health.

What is health? It is a state where you are not aware of the body as it functions smoothly without hindrance. The mind is tranquil. The energy levels are great. You feel hungry when you ought to and sleep overpowers you when its time comes. You feel for others and are less concerned about yourself. You are happy for no reason because the happiness emanates from you.

You are simple and enjoy your simplicity. You are aware of your responsibility towards your family, the immediate society, the country, and the whole ecosystem we live in. You do not like to be a burden on others and give more than you receive. Your conscience functions well and guides you. You have a higher vision of life and you are actively fulfilling it.

All the above is a natural gift of life. The entire package comes free if we instinctively know how to live as per the laws of nature.

What disturbs life and health is the clamor for more. A healthy person tends to be desireless and happy with whatever comes his way. Nature fulfills all the needs of a natural society.

What then is the goal of life? The goal is to rise above matter and understand ones spiritual origin. If we peep into the age when people lived simple lives we are amazed at the thought process and wisdom contained within them.

They deeply reflected on all issues and could comprehend the interconnectedness of things. Through their actions they became one with the world and studied every aspect of life to realize that the working of the universe followed a pattern and subtly influenced everything within it. There is no greater wisdom than comprehending the clockwork of nature, no greater love than experiencing the joy of its functioning, no greater aim than to merge with it and transcend the limited consciousness.

We talk of physical anatomy and cells when we define disease. But health indicators are about consciousness, vitality, energy, resonance, subtle movements recognized by pulse reading, the functioning of the energy channels within, the reading of the aura, the stoking of the digestive fire, ensuring adherence to the cycles of the sun and moon, ensuring purity of food and mind to maintain alkalinity and rhythm, performing bodily functions on time, and knowing the impacts of the environment and how to adjust according to body types.

When these, mostly spontaneous, actions are performed the consciousness and energy fields function at their optimum and become the perfect field to tap and evolve beyond matter to our real place in the spiritual world. A world that alone exists and contains everything.

The process to return to our roots have already begun as people have understood the need for minimalism, the blessings of a healthy body and mind, the value of a non toxic environment, the benefits of nature, the techniques of non invasive agriculture, the peace contained in a righteous life, and the intent to go beyond birth and death.

Good sense will prevail, the shackles of artificial constructs will be broken. The stream will overcome the obstacles on its path to revive and once again flow uninhibited towards the ocean.