What is the Deep State?

What you need to know about the 'deep state' - ABC News

Many are expressing anguish that people are protesting the given Covid protocols and rebelling against the new norms. They seem to think that this is foolish and the people in power have our best interests in their hearts. But is that true? Why are people rebelling worldwide? What do they know that we do not?
People are rebelling because they have understood that the governments they elect are not really in power. They are tools in the hands of a first tier power structure that allows them to be in power and rule. What is that first tier power structure? It is called the Deep State.
What is this Deep State? In India we knew it earlier as the East India Company. This corporate entity was formed by powerful pirates who became rich by looting treasure filled ships and through many other illegal and criminal activities. But they faced a lot of organized opposition. Realizing that the business of piracy would not last long they then made a plan to have a respectable business front. They would pose as businessmen but their objective would remain the same; loot, vanquish and rule.
Globally they spearheaded the British rule and cleverly expanded the British empire. But inwardly they had no nationality. They believed that it is they who own the world and the rest were their slaves.
They cleverly took over India aided by the differences the various Indian rulers had. They capitulated on those differences and backed by superior military weapons seized power. However the Sepoy Mutiny came as a rude shock for them. They had not expected that a slave race could retaliate with such force and vengeance. They defeated the mutiny and stayed in power but they realized they had to change tactics. Earlier they had created differences among the rulers. Now they had to create differences among the general people.
They transferred power to The Crown. The Indians mistakenly assumed that the Queen had taken over. They hoped things would change. But little did they know that The Crown was the headquarters of the East India Company, the 'City of England' in the UK. Even the Queen is subservient to The Crown.
Now the East India Company started taking interest in the lives of the common people. Earlier they had only concentrated on looting the natural resources of the country. They had exploited all sections of the people so that Britain and their headquarters would prosper. They had filled their coffers with wealth mostly from India and Africa.
They then started dividing the people. Hindus were pitted against Muslims, the North was pitted against the South, and the castes were pitted against each other. Earlier they were not interested in converting the common people but now conversions started big time. The religious and spiritual literature of the country was translated and crucial changes made to distort them and nullify their effect. History was distorted. The new education system deleted the country's past and made the people feel that the British were superior and had their best interest in their hearts. All indigenous knowledge and wisdom was trashed. Ayurveda and Unani were replaced with a devious system that specialized in creating disease. Besides being an income opportunity, the additional and intended advantage is that sick people are easier to dominate and rule. 
The members of the East India Company were also members of secret cults. These powerful cults invaded India. Notorious among them were the Freemasons and Blavatsky groups known for their cunning and esoteric worship. They became so powerful that Indians vied among themselves to become members. They realized that power came easily and business interests flourished when they became members of these groups. Powerful politicians and businessmen joined to gain from the association little knowing their long term goals.
India was truly transformed. Unknowing to them India was now Vaticanized. The Vatican City is the prime front of the East India Company members. They had taken it over and their representatives ruled the city. A new religion began to be practiced. A religion that was in vogue in Rome and ancient Egypt. These are the gods that today's elite bow down to and offer children as sacrifice.
The other most important front of these powerful pirates was the 'City of Washington'. America was formed with an ulterior motive. It was formed as a corporate entity. It would provide the military and corporate might to enable the pirates to rule the world. So the City of England - the financial backbone, the Vatican City - the esoteric and secret service wing, and the City of Washington - the military might became the Deep State. They made a coup when they formed the Federal Reserve - the paper money fiat, and raised public institutions like the UN, WHO, World Bank and IMF. They could now rule by just printing paper! A master stroke.
They decided to rule the world with money, policies and ideas. They rule by dividing people. They came up with political ideologies to demolish the religious ideologies that existed. So was formed the Left and Right and other ideologies all of which were framed and financed by them. They knew that rule would never be linear. People would need a choice. They provided the choice without letting people know that there really was no choice. They also financed social movements like feminism, the racial movements and others.
Outwardly it appeared that there was democracy and people elected local leaders to rule. But through a huge network fueled by monetary power, military might, corporate power, and hold over media and technology the East India Company continued to rule.
Through a structured education system, science, economics, new theories and philosophies, they cast a spell on the people like the witches of yore. They blocked all attempts to break the spell by so arranging that even opposition to the system could be only be initiated by imitating it. It is like allowing the criminals to rule and begging them for evidence to prove they are wrong. You could only fight the system by staying within it and following its entrenched rules! This spell and how it programmes people is wonderfully portrayed in the film The Matrix.
The spell was made possible by weakening minds through pharma drugs, vaccines and chemicals in food and environment. Rampant pornography destroyed the moral strength. The spell was cast by brilliant Nazi minds who were rescued from Germany and placed in important positions. You can read up on Operation MK Ultra and Operation Paperclip. In fact you need to study all the covert operations of the CIA.
While they ruled they staged events to slowly take away the powers and mobility of the people. Events were staged. Local wars, events like 9/11, other terrorist attacks were created so people would start believing that wars and curtailing rights were for their benefit, security and safety. They feared repetitions, accepted restrictions and willingly gave up personal freedom.
However people started noting the discrepancies. They observed that despite changing governments, oppressive policies and activities did not change. There was some underlying power that made them continue despite whether left or right or communist political parties being in power. They named that underlying power the Deep State.
The coronavirus epidemic is a globally staged event of the Deep State. The pharmaceutical industry is one of their strongest instrument to keep populations subjugated. This industry was never about health. It was always about destroying health and keeping populations drugged so that resistance was reduced and people could be ultimately enslaved. The population has been exploited to increase the riches of the elite who rule and now this population is considered a burden as they are also consuming resources that the elite feel belong only to them. The "useless eaters". So the solution is to reduce the population and keep a smaller number as slaves in the New World Order.
The Deep State has always followed the Hegelian Dialect. It is about having a pre planned agenda that would not be ordinarily accepted. But the trick is to create the right crisis so that the planned agenda presented as the solution would be sought for and accepted.
Therefore epidemics and the call for a greener "healthy" world with rationed resources, a fixed small income, reduced mobility, drastically reduced populations, intense surveillance, a new chip based currency based on social behavior credit, and small habitats where the reduced population would live. Orwell 1984 on steroids.
Indians would wonder how this came along. They have been deceived. The East India Company never left the country. They merely gave the country as lease to a chosen political party and its groomed leaders, and retained power. All structures raised by them remained in place. Our elected representatives are their selected candidates. They need to bow down before their diktats and follow their orders. Therefore we have entities like Bill Gates and George Soros deciding our plans and policies.
It is this Deep State and their staged pandemic is what the rebels are protesting. They know what is coming. They know that the vaccination program being touted as the solution to the pandemic will kill many, sicken the rest, involve wireless sensitive nanoparticles, graphene oxide, and microchipping and will forever wipe out any means to rebel.
The situation is highly critical and demands an unified response. However our differences divide us and things seem easy for what we call the Deep State to achieve their objective. An objective that is hundreds of years old in this civilization and extends back to earlier civilizations. The Deep State is about Luciferians and Satanists who pose as scientists, doctors, economists, and other experts but their goal is devious. They intend to destroy God's creation and natural order of things to establish the rule of Satan.
In the coming days we will witness the rise of the Luciferian religion, post great religious strife that will be staged, and the new religion will emerge posing as an unified benevolent religion to be accepted by all because it would pretend to include all. Currently there is talk about "ChrIslam" and our new age Gurus are a part of the plan. We will witness a new economic order that will nullify our hard earned wealth and establish a digital currency based on socially accepted behavior. We will see the construction of a "New Temple" in Israel. We will witness huge wars that will decimate people who manage to survive the vaccine and pharma onslaught, we will witness triggered natural disasters. Then we will see a person enthroned as the new god in the new temple. The anticipated antichrist. He will formally rule as king of the world.
Keep on watching as the script unfolds. Everything is bizarre but will happen nevertheless.