What frightens the medical industry and its champions?

 How pharma companies are pushing ahead despite challenges

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What frightens the medical industry and its champions?
- The fact that nutrition and lifestyle changes coupled with detoxification can reverse disease and keep one healthy
- That it does not take a medical degree to ensure health. Health is not rocket science and about easily understood and observable principles. It is about common sense
- That science today has proven the effectiveness of holistic systems and has disproved the prevalent reductionist method
- That vaccines are about keeping populations dreadfully sick so they become pharma customers for life. Vaccines drastically change the state of our body and introduce the propensity towards serious chronic diseases. They are the reason why herbal remedies stopped showing their full effects. There have been several predictions about this
- Vaccines are behind autism. Dr Leo Kanner, MD who documented the first 12 cases in 1943 and gave the condition a name himself suspected vaccines to be the cause as he mentioned the children were vaccinated with the small pox and DPT vaccines. All CDC studies conducted so far have revealed the connection. The results had to be manipulated to hide the truth. There is today plenty of research to show how exactly vaccines cause autism. The truth does not surface because the aftermath would destroy the medical empire
- That Pasteur and Jenner were well known quacks who were proven wrong even as they came out with their concocted theories. Continuing with this quackery has been devastating for the population of the entire world
- What is quackery? It is about treating people with an eye towards their money without understanding anything about health and cures and thereby damaging their health. Now which system fits this definition the best?
- Medical industry has been about making people sick and then managing their sickness for profit. It is the worst crime that can ever be perpetrated. The whole world has been converted into an Auschwitz concentration camp. They needed no Hitler to subjugate the world. Disguised as an altruistic venture, the medical empire did it better
- This system has manufactured its own brand of "science" - a set of laws and rules they use to cover up their failures - and used it effectively to dumb down populations into believing that health is impossible and sickness is acceptable. Never has there been a con of such magnitude. It is a magic spell by satanists that will be the subject of discussion for eternity. It will become an example of what should not be.

It is good to earn a livelihood but this livelihood has its own share of karma. Our scriptures have predicted this age. Our sages have warned about it. Sri Ramakrishna and the Holy Mother refused to bless doctors. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had vociferously spoken out against this brand of medicine. They had warned people in the spiritual line against adopting this method. Gandhiji was the most severe critic.

The karmic burden of such actions has far reaching consequences. Our scriptures say, those healers who prey upon their patients for money and induce diseases in them do not get a body again and are condemned to remain forever in the lowly demonic worlds.

But then this is destiny. When a civillization has to be broken down because another is to take its place, such incidents happen. They are very unlucky who choose to be a part of such a scheme of things.

There are many who have woken up and mended their ways. There are many who have shifted to holistic systems. It is good to see MD's set up nature cure clinics and also take up homeopathy as a profession.

I have suffered terribly in this life. I will never agree to come to this plane of existence again. But I am happy to have suffered so much. I may have been a part of this profession otherwise. God has saved me by providing me a chance to observe suffering from close quarters and understand the nuances of how exactly the medical profession induces disease. It has given me a chance to understand health and how to achieve it.

I am grateful to God for teaching me with his own hands.