Vaccination: Wide chasm between theory and practice.


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It is ingrained into every mainstream doctor that;

- Acute diseases are deadly, caused due to germs and viruses

- The only way to surely prevent them is through vaccination, and

- Often multiple doses need to be piled up one on one as the procedure fails.

Just another additional dose in the schedule, it is always promised, would make up for past failures.

This education followed by peer pressure and linking vaccines to a lucrative business that ensures a sure and steady flow of handsome income results in a blind following.

Who wants to stop the flow of money? Particularly as parents vie with each other to pay 50 to 60 thousand bucks per child and are proud to declare their children have received all possible vaccines! Earning was never so easy.

But the rot goes deeper as even those who appear to be ethical and honest, and are not directly associated with the industry blindly push this practice.

This could be due to the fact that they have to live with vaccines whether they like it or not. The decision is not based upon what they think or feel. They have no power to stop or modify the menace. Therefore this leads to cognitive dissonance.

Even as they know and understand the anomalies they go along with the narrative and mentally adjust to the situation. Peer pressure also works here. You cannot talk against vaccines in your groups without being brutally censored. The reason being the fallout is huge.

The fact that vaccines have resulted in introducing the modern day diseases and that the medical profession has silently allowed this to happen can break the back of the medical empire. The truth cannot be admitted.

It is another thing that we step upon powerful and vicious business interests when we talk against vaccines. The network is huge and the revenue is large making a lot of people depend on the system for their livelihoods.

Now let us come back to the earlier assumptions.

- There are diseases to prevent and vaccines prevent them.

- If the incidence of that disease can be manipulated to be reduced the vaccines must continue because stopping the procedure would lead to resurgence and millions would die.

- There are also perceived benefits like the cost of vaccines is much less than managing those acute diseases.

This is the theory part. But what is the practical scenario?

- The diseases vaccines exist against are mostly beneficial and necessary for long term health and well being

- Vaccines are given to children at an age they do not produce antibodies. They only result in poisoning the lovely children at an age their immune system and brain is developing fast. No immune system intervention ought to be directed towards this age group. 

- The fact that vaccines lead to myriad serious chronic diseases and disorders can never be denied. It is officially acknowledged and stares us in the face. 1339 published studied have discussed vaccine link to 292 diseases including death. The vaccine package inserts list 217 diseases as adverse effects. Clinical trials have recorded 180 diseases

- Our children are sickest in recorded history. As per the last study 54% of children suffer chronic disorders; many more than one. The list of chronic diseases they suffer from today exceeds those that adults are suffering from

- Consequently families are being impoverished treating them. Childhood has become a costly affair with regular visits to doctors and hospitals

- All hospitals have ICUs for children and we have dedicated children's hospitals clearly indicating our children have been thrown off the cliff

- All the diseases children are suffering from can be found in the vaccine adverse effects admitted in published scientific studies, observed during clinical trials, and written down as adverse effects in vaccination package inserts

- Vaccines are not free. Each vaccine involves thousands of crores of tax payers money

- The cost of managing those acute illness has been minuscule in those times when vaccines did not exist. They were mostly self limiting and required rest, change of diet and the watchful eyes of a physician

- Even the incidence of those diseases was far less before the small pox vaccine began to be widely given to children

- The intense toxicity of the small pox vaccine increased the incidence of diphtheria, and whooping cough and the mode of administration resulted in tetanus in children. Also cases of measles were observed to shoot up. 

- The common childhood illnesses like measles and mumps never killed in millions. They are self limiting illnesses; and only interventions that sought to tackle the fever and eruptions/ swelling led to complications. Neither parents nor doctors were in any way afraid of them

- No catastrophe happened when the Covid lockdowns resulted in zero vaccination. Rather sudden infant deaths fell and premature births reduced as pregnant mothers missed out on "medical care"

- Now that vaccinations have begun post lock down, deaths due to vaccines have again started appearing in the media

Thus not a single argument is tenable. The entire vaccine paradigm is one big lie. This lie would have been pardonable had it not led to global misery and fleecing of populations by corporate hospitals and insurance companies.

This lie must be countered and opposed by all. Doctors must ensure health. They have no right to induce diseases in society and then profit from treating them.

Society must stop trusting a profession that has been extremely callous in protecting our children. They have preferred to side with the corrupt industry whose goal is to destroy health and what better way to do it than in childhood itself!

A mass revolt against vaccines and toxins is the duty of every person in this planet.