Kovid treatment is a clinical trial!

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People should understand they are being experimented upon. In hospitals they are being made to sign forms that the hospital cannot be held responsible for deaths. All the medicines are experimental. The dosage is experimental. The drug combinations are experimental. They are the WHO Solidarity Trials being carried out across the globe. As there is no clear cut protocol there is chaos and this is why lives are being lost. These medicines are powerful and immensely toxic.

Very senior doctors of our country are worried about what is happening. They want to know what is going on. They want curbs on the private sector. They want to have the data and then devise protocols. They do not believe agencies like the WHO and BMGF that are today essentially one organization.

I guarantee that no doctor offering these drugs is telling patients that these drugs have not been adequately tested, that the true risk profile is unknown, and they are not going into detail about all the reports of injuries. No one is monitoring these trials for ensuring honesty in prescription and process audit and diligent reporting. It is all a farce that is dangerous for the people.

I personally feel concentrating on strengthening the body's defences, and assisting it to get over the situation is best. This is why Dr Biswaroop Roychowdhury is succeeding. He has successfully treated more than 10,000 people so far and documented his cases.

Ordinarily in case of acute disease it is best to go on a simple liquid diet to just keep the body hydrated. Plenty of water can be consumed. Unencumbered by the process of digestion, the body can devote all energy to the task at hand.

We have seen even mainstream doctors use naturopathic principles to heal themselves.

Every infection is essentially about the body trying to detoxify. In such a case suppressing fever, rashes and diarrhoea will lead to complications. The symptoms mean the body is already doing its job. It just needs support to complete it, not interference. It is this interference and toxic interventions that are showing up as complications in recovered patients. These complications are being used to scare people and prepare them for the vaccine that is already known to be unsafe and ineffective.

Well selected homeopathic medicines can do wonders. Globally homeopaths have successfully treated patients with full recovery and zero mortality. It is a matter of shame that holistic systems that have already demonstrated their potential are not being brought to the forefront.

Medicine has always been like this. Hijacked by corporate interests it survives because the real healing modalities are suppressed and demonized as quackery. Instead of ensuring health diseases are induced so that the huge industry can perpetuate itself. This is unfortunate. People have not taken up medicine to make people sick.

I would urge people not to fall for the informed consent ruse. Nobody is giving informed consent. The patients and their relatives are being made to blindly sign on the dotted line.

The vaccine too will be experimental. The crucial animal trials have been skipped. The processes are being rushed. The disease challenge part is being abandoned because the vaccines will not pass that test. These are vaccines that have never been tried before. Ethical doctors have sounded enough warnings.

A doctor in our group writes;
"I think informed consent when it comes to vaccination is impossible. There is no such thing - there is no way to reliably enforce, measure or apply such a concept in the clinical area. White coats cannot be relied upon to honestly describe the procedure, there is too much propaganda, too much education that most people, even health professionals, do not have even if they wanted to inform patients, and people vary widely in their ability to access, understand and interpret any information that is available to them. It is just impossible.

No one pager or booklet can adequately inform on this complicated topic. There will always be a large segment of the global population who will be deceived and poisoned and that is unacceptable. If it happens to one person, that is one too many.

No one would consent if they were truly informed."