Indian Covid 19 Vaccine Scenario

Six Indian companies working on coronavirus vaccine, many ...

Globally 145 projects are trying to get a vaccine into the market. In India 12 companies are in the fray. But it is the Bharat Biotech vaccine and the 4 to 5 vaccines being tried by the Serum Institute of India that are in the limelight.
The Bharat Biotech has started its human trials. As the AIIMS is involved in the trials we can expect some whistleblower may reveal what is really happening. But earlier we have seen how the Christian Medical College in Vellore refused to divulge the Rotavirus vaccine trial details despite our attempts. The government said revealing the trial data would alarm the public. Rightly so because the trial had revealed a very large incidence of a potentially fatal and intensely painful intestinal telescoping called intussuception that requires immediate surgery. So government involvement does not mean that trials will be ethical. Vaccine trials are notorious for suppressing vital details.
The Bharat Biotech vaccine is building up on an earlier Rabies vaccine it was developing with an UK partner which is an important partner of, you guessed it, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. We do not know what is the placebo being used and whether here too paracetamol will be used to mask the adverse effects.
These trials are getting to be very sinister. We know that the Moderna mRNA vaccine led to some very serious side effects like respiratory and vascular system damage that were glossed over. The vaccine required a high second dose to elicit antibodies that were not long lasting. Using high doses mean increased risk of adverse effects and indeed the adverse effects noticed after the second dose reached 100%. There was also a reduction in number of subjects taking the second dose. The report did not specify whether it was adverse effects noticed that resulted in drop outs.
The trials only reveal short term adverse effects and in small trial populations. But vaccines are notorious for the long term effects. They cause chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions that cause serious chronic diseases that show up much later. So it is the Phase IV trial or the post marketing surveillance that actually matters. Vaccines remain on Phase IV trial after approval and mass administration. This system of surveillance does not work. Doctors and hospitals do not report adverse effects. Whatever is reported is never acted upon. Therefore vaccines always remain a highly risky and unethical mass experiment. This experiment is tolerated because the diseases vaccines create become the raw material for pharma growth and profits.
There are other concerns. The vaccines are using Simian viruses as vector. These viruses have been used in past vaccines like the small pox and oral polio vaccines and been connected to diseases like cancer and AIDS. The coronavirus against which the vaccine is being made has mutated more than 30 times. Even the ring of the virus, that is being used in the mRNA vaccines, has mutated. The vaccine itself will cause further mutations. The mRNA vaccines are inserting virus portions into cells of our bodies hoping the bodies will become vaccine manufacturing units. Now what is that? What happens if our bodies become vaccine manufacturing units?
A doctor involved with the vaccine trials has said on LSTV that teams of trained doctors and nurses are keeping 24/7 watch on trial subjects and all equipment are kept ready for adverse effects that can be used in a moment's notice. Also the trial subjects have been provided insurance so that they can avail of treatment whenever they need it. Now the question is, will the same facility be available for the general population when they take the vaccine?
Past coronavirus vaccines have shown their destructive face when animals subject to the vaccines have encountered the coronavirus infection. Therefore the vaccinated population will face the litmus test when post vaccination they will encounter the infection. This aspect has also been seen with the dengue vaccine. Vaccinated children in Phillipines have died painful deaths when they caught the dengue disease. They suffered extensive organ damage and severe internal hemorrhage.
Regarding the Serum Institute of India vaccines, the owner Adar Poonawala is very upbeat. He feels very sure that his vaccines will successfully complete the trials and he will manufacture 1 billion doses by the year end. He talks of 2 to 3 doses. He says first the elderly and immunocompromised and the healthcare workers will be vaccinated. He has invested 200 million so far and he is confident the government will purchase his stock and then give to citizen for free. But he is marketing the idea that it is he who is giving it for free. I am sure Reliance Industries too will help him in marketing his vaccines.
He talked of how the adverse effects are being tackled with paracetamol. He has partnered with Oxford and AstraZeneca so we can be confident the Meningococcal vaccine will be the placebo here. It is a very reactive vaccine that will establish that the Covid vaccine will be safe in comparison. The deep ties of the Poonawala family with Bill Gates is well known.
According to him the vaccine will be ready for the elderly and healthcare workers by December 2020. The rest of the population can be blessed by the vaccine the next year. He hopes the vaccine will be safer and not kill and injure people like the other vaccines do.
So the medical profession must be ready for three injections. Whether they will take it is uncertain because medical groups are busy discussing the downsides. I am sure they will manage to wriggle out as they do for the Swine Flu, Hep B and Flu vaccines they are supposed to take every year. They just refuse as they have the freedom to refuse vaccines. The American Medical Association wants vaccines mandatory for all except for its own members. One can thus imagine how safe vaccines are.