In the vaccine issue not everybody can be convinced

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There are some you cannot convince.
Even after the concept is fully explained you will still find people who will disagree and express confidence in vaccines. Beyond doctors and those who blindly trust the establishment who are these people? As I have found out,
- They are those that have children in the profession
- Those who are married to a member in the profession
- Children of doctors
- Those who are not doctors but working in vaccination programmes and will have to continue anyway. One of them had confessed to me she does not wish to know about the dark side of vaccines before landing another job that would take her away from "this mess"
- Non medical personnel working in organizations like WHO, UNICEF, BMGF etc and members of Lions and Rotary Clubs
- NGO personnel who know they need funding from such organizations
- Those that have invested heavily in pharma stocks. We once had a situation when one such person targeted us at a personal level, spewed threats, and started posting rejoinders to our every post
- Those in the software sector who look upon Bill Gates as their god. They feel going against vaccines is sacrilege
- People who are fixated on the word "science" without understanding what it is
- People having a political orientation who have to support all the actions of any political party
- People who understand but do not wish to concede easily as they have vocally supported the product in the past
- People who feel medicine is an "evolutionary subject" and needs time to correct its mistakes. They do not realize vaccines are a 224 year old mistake that is not going to go away because vaccine injuries keep the industry running. It is a well thought out intervention that the industry cannot do without
- There are also sensitive cases like parents who know their children have been harmed by vaccines but they try to push it out of their conscious minds because the fact that they have willingly subjected their children to harm is a bitter pill to digest. I have faced this situation many a times
Let us accept their stance at face value as they are in an impossible situation.