Corporate Corona Care

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Corporate Corona Care!
Of all the symptoms of Covid this appears to be the most deadly. Covid can pass with a salt water gargle and herbal concoctions but if you have this symptom then both you and your family can suffer for life, whether you survive or not.
Corporate hospitals have very little to do with medical care. They are set up by investors who know that this is the quickest way to get rich. You get land and infrastructure at nominal cost by promising to treat a certain percentage for free, make some political donations, invest in devices, hire doctors and other staff, keep them under management executives and then play a game purely for profit with others more than willing to play ball. This is more or less the strategy as revealed in the book Dissenting Diagnosis by Dr Abhay Shukla;
- You enter into agreement with doctors and diagnostic clinics. The doctors agree to refer their patients to your hospital for a fee. The diagnostic clinics overcharge the patients and pay you commissions for referring patients to them for tests.
- The pharma companies have special medicines for the medicine shop you set up in the hospital. The drugs and devices available there have higher MRPs printed on them than on those available outside. (Revealed by a panel probing the issue)
- When patients come to your hospital OPD the doctor seated there has targets to fill. He knows what percentage has to be admitted for what procedures, the number of tests to be performed, and the quantum of medicines to be prescribed. His salary depends on his targets that are reviewed every 15 days.
- When a patient is referred for admission he or she is evaluated in terms of value of insurance, salary and bank balance, and monetary capacity of close relatives.
- Then the target game again plays itself determining the length of stay, the medicines and tests to be prescribed, the surgeries to be performed, and the number of days of ICU stay
- Insiders say much of medicines and tests are unnecessary. Surgeries can be sham surgeries, that is just incisions are done on the skin and stitched up
- The billing can be padded up by false billing for medicines, instruments, accessories and devices never prescribed or purchased
- Insiders say it is not advisable to use the ATMs in the premises as it can betray your finances or to have large health insurance as the entire amount would be utilized
In short it is a ruthless business enterprise that is after money and shameless profit. Nobody in that set up is interested in your health and well being simply because nobody will be taken to task for any negligence or error as the system is not geared towards health.
Now how is this set up performing in Covid times?
Beyond the above the following allegations have surfaced.
- Patients are intentionally being given positive diagnosis and asked to be admitted
- Diagnostic centers are gaining by testing people positive and referring them to hospitals
- Costly medicines not needed are being prescribed and administered
- Patients continue to test positive till they are milked for all their worth
- ICU admissions and ventilator use are target driven
- There is tremendous over billing. In Kolkata there is a bill of 3,56,000 of which medicine bill is for Rs 405/-
- Bills of 15 to 20 lakhs have become common
- There have been protests when families have found out organs have been removed. The rule of no autopsy and disposal of bodies have perhaps made things easier
- In the outside markets medicines are being sold at hefty premium
The government has so far turned a blind eye to such malpractices.
Under the circumstances people cannot be blamed for not testing themselves and refusing to be admitted.
The situation has led to another type of corruption. Negative test results are available for a hefty fee.