Corona Times: Fear is being unnecessarily induced

 Please Do Not Feed The Fear - Valhalla Counselling

Thanks to the constant media focus on numbers and deaths, the public has panicked. A lot of business interests are now feeding off this panic and in the process adding to it. People should switch off the TV, stop reading the paid articles and apply their common sense.

From the very beginning we have been warning that this is a planned event. For many years, beginning with AIDS, we have been witnessing waves of fake epidemics that Big Pharma uses to fill its coffers. When we came to know about an outbreak in China we immediately guessed that this opportunity would be seized and the world would be brought to a grinding halt, particularly as Bill Gates was constantly harping on a coming big event.

China is a closed country. What happened there was due to other reasons. But the professionally made videos and write ups that emerged from there were highly unusual and meant to strike fear in the hearts of people.

People should understand that good health is the best prevention of any disease. They should know what is really going on. They need not be afraid of any virus. If the germ and virus theory was correct and these pathogens alone were responsible for disease there would be no life left in the planet.

We are suffering because we have agreed to a very invasive form of treatment. We oppose vaccines because we support health and oppose the diseases caused by them. Vaccines destroy immunity and cause a condition known as immunotoxicity. Faced with this condition the body will always be in an infection mode. Abnormal acute illnesses will become a part of life as the body will go into a loop trying to detoxify the extremely toxic ingredients injected along with very powerful adjuvants.

Wild animals have kept themselves away from our absurd ways. How many infections do they suffer? They suffer only when they come across pesticide laden fields. I have veterinarians as friends. They always say that animals in zoos and domesticated animals suffer, not those in the wild.

Regarding infectious diseases I can give you an example so you can understand. Suppose we take 100,000 people, vaccinate them, subject themselves to junk food, pesticide laden food, Wifi radiation and pollution. At least 50,000 to 60,000 will fall ill with very similar symptoms. Then I can say that a virus has spread among them and is causing the infections. I can ask these people to again take two to three doses of another vaccine.

This is the game being played worldwide. We are being told that toxins do not matter and are safe. Our problems are due to germs and viruses.

It has happened with the Spanish Flu (that probably started with an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine given to US soldiers), polio (primarily caused due to DDT and arsenic) and continued with AIDS (caused by experimental polio and small pox vaccines, and the Hep B vaccine given to gay populations in the USA), rotavirus diarrhoea (obviously a toxic insult), and now we have corona.

This is a well devised and planned strategy to veer attention away from toxic corporate products and medical misadventures and blame bacteria and viruses which then become the excuse to push in more toxicity.

What is this corona? What about the deaths?
There are a lot of issues here that we have to take a critical look at. What we are seeing around us is in all probability a combination of existing illnesses, the intense pollution, and EMF or electromagnetic frequencies that surround us today.

What happened in China? People started choking and dying on the streets in Wuhan because 5G was extensively deployed in that region in November. That was an experiment jointly carried out by various stakeholders. Also Wuhan is an extremely polluted city. Regarding the deaths, China controlled the deaths by switching off 5G and shifting to traditional Chinese medicine. The EMF waves and high 5G frequencies have a "electromagnetic corona effect". They cut off oxygen and can make people, animals, and birds drop dead. This dropping dead was not witnessed outside of China.

In Italy Corona solved the problem of a huge elderly population who were a burden on the state exchequer. If I am not wrong the average age of death was 79.6 years. This population was already sick, medicated and given a very powerful influenza vaccine in 2019 as per a report. As per Italian doctors 99% died due to other causes and not Corona. In fact the latest pronouncement is that around 2 to 6 cases may be due to the virus!

We are telling people repeatedly, and even Arvind Kejriwal has raised the issue, that people are dying only in hospitals. Those experimental drugs being given as the part of a clinical trial have very serious adverse effects. Just read about them. We know two persons whose relatives died immediately after being given Remdesivir injections. Remdesivir killed 35% of volunteers in the Ebola clinical trial. The Health Minister of India has on 27th September 2020 cautioned hospitals on the use of Remdesivir and plasma therapy.

Anti viral drugs are not a joke. In swine flu, the anti viral Tamiflu caused a lot of deaths. There are zero deaths in people who have been treated by other methods.

And again, we have deaths due to flu, flu like illnesses, respiratory disorders, and pneumonia every year. Those death figures are not small. Now all of these deaths are occurring in the category of coronavirus. This is the scam.

Virologists have said, in the Indian Express, that Indians do not face the threat the Chinese faced. The Virus 0 or the original virus never escaped China it seems.

Also please understand it is not possible for an animal flu virus to jump to humans, let alone cause an epidemic. Therefore there are many unanswered questions and it is very clear this event is being intentionally prolonged and the media is being used to frighten people.

The tests, both the RTPCR and the antigen tests, are not testing for any virus. The RTPCR test is testing for RNA fragments. Our bodies are full of them. The test can be manipulated by deciding on the number of cycles of amplification of the RNA fragment. The antigen test is testing for corona antibodies. The corona is not a new virus. It belongs to the ordinary common cold virus family. If you have encountered any of those viruses in the past you will test positive.

Then why are countries going in for lockdowns and other measures? To perpetrate this scam the Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars of paper money. This money is being offered to countries as corona aid with the condition they should implement lockdowns and follow WHO guidelines. The countries are thus forced to go along with the narrative.

What is happening in India?
In India till date there is no evidence that the coronavirus is responsible for all the deaths. That evidence can emerge with studies and autopsies. As I said in Italy autopsies conducted revealed 99% of the deaths were due to other underlying conditions. A majority of the rest 1% could be due to the treatment.

It has already been revealed that ventilators are responsible for deaths. The medicines being given are all experimental drugs. The drug combinations are experimental. The dosage of the drugs is also experimental and toxic. If you give these drugs in the recommended doses to a healthy ox it will die of shock.

A Public Interest Litigation has been filed in an Indian Court that says the medications for Covid 19 have been manufactured without proper licence and supervision and that they have been supplied to hospitals where even many doctors have died from them.

Also many deaths which are very obvious as not due to the virus are also being ascribed to the virus as it is being recommended to do so. Just look at the ICMR protocols about mentioning Covid as the cause of death if the person has tested positive regardless of any other reason. Doctors have said this is being exploited to the hilt. There are incentives to do so. Incentives for positive testing and hospitalization and also for the deaths.

Studies in India have revealed that 80 to 85% of the cases are asymptomatic; 99% of the active cases are mild. In 80 to 90% of the cases the family members of positive cases are not testing positive indicating those affected are not spreading the virus. Serological testing of population in Mumbai and Ahmedabad has revealed up to 57% of the slum population and 16 to 43% of the urban populations have already encountered the virus without any problem. The mortality rates are much less than the flu and past Sars and Mers scares for which none of the present measures were taken.

Thus this epidemic is unlike the others. There have been manipulated epidemics in the past but this is unprecedented by any standards.

Will a vaccine save us?
If the disease is caused by toxicity then will the two to three shots of extremely toxic substances save you? It has been observed that people with disturbed immune systems are suffering the most. The primary job of a vaccine is to provoke and modify the immune system. It will worsen the situation (as has happened with previous coronavirus vaccines) which will be then blamed on the virus. Initially there will be many people who will refuse the vaccine. This "second wave" will be used to frighten the people and force the dissenters by shaming them into vaccination. The vaccines will become an annual affair. The results will be devastating. If this is accompanied by worldwide launch of 5G you can imagine what will happen.

What is the motive?
Things were planned well in advance. Films like Contagion were released on the subject to programme people into accepting the plan. In the 2012 Olympics the opening ceremony featured an epidemic with the entire field depicting a coronavirus. It had scenes of series of beds and nurses strutting all around.

A flu epidemic has been predicted since 2015 by Bill Gates, in 2017 by Anthony Fauci who said it will happen in Trumps tenure. Obama also predicted in those lines. In October 18, 2019 there was a full scale rehearsal by the BMGF, Johns Hopkins, and World Economic Forum called the Event 201. They discussed a global coronavirus epidemic, how there would be global lockdowns, how the media would speak in one voice, how the economy would take a hit, and also how there will be a second wave! 

Documents have emerged that show the Covid 19 test kits were manufactured in 2017 and supplied to countries in 2018. The World Bank has formulated a "Covid 19 Project" that runs from April 2020 to 31st March 2025!

What will happen next?
The prime objective is to have a new world order. There will be a huge economic reset with a new currency and total corporate rule by finishing off small businesses. It will also lead to mass unemployment. The new economic order may wipe off the savings of people around the globe leading to widespread riots that will be tackled viciously.

The fear of the epidemic will not be allowed to die down. All kinds of restrictions will be imposed. Artificial intelligence and robots will be introduced under the plea they will be safer than contacting humans. This has been suggested in a book titled Coronavirus: A Global Reset written by a World Economic Forum senior.

There will be huge depopulation with vaccines and engineered wars. The remaining population will be tagged with digital identity cards and health cards, put under intense surveillance, rewarded with social credit linked to income for compliance, live in designated human settlements and serve as workers and entertainment clowns of the elite.

What should we do?
Now it is up to you think and decide whether to live in fear and fall into the well that has been dug or apply your intelligence and avoid what is coming. Those warning of the coming crisis must be taken very seriously. They have no conflict of interest unlike those whose sole wish is a global takeover.