Autism is toxic impact.

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Cases of autism are rising exponentially. Currently it affects 2% of children. Compare that to 0.02% for childhood cancers and 0.2% for childhood diabetes. It was discovered in 1943 as a novel (never before observed) disease and Dr Leo Kanner found only 12 children for his case study. Today as per the 2011 census in India there are 13.4 million autistic children in India alone. In India doctors privately share 1 in 30 children are in the autistic spectrum. It is no wonder our children behave abnormally these days.

Yet mainstream research on the disease is muted. The oft repeated description is; it is a behavioral communication disorder caused by genetic defects. But large genetic studies have failed to both pinpoint any inherited condition and identify the gene that causes autism. Rather de novo mutations have been observed. De novo means the induced changes are not observed in the genetic structure of parents. Doctors who have clinically studied the condition have been amazed at the extensive and diverse damage noticed in the children forcing them to say that it is a "whole body disorder".
The silence of the medical community on the issue has not only cemented the misery of autistic children but also resulted in millions being forced into the condition every year as the identified triggers (toxins in our environment, drugs and vaccines given to pregnant women, caesarean childbirth, drugging of mothers post caesarean delivery, and drugging and vaccination of children post birth) continue unabated. This is a crime that can have no comparison.
That toxins are responsible has been the unequivocal response of all serious researchers and doctors who have studied the condition. There is plenty of research available today. Genes may load the gun, they say, but environmental toxins definitely pull the trigger.
Vaccines have emerged as the single largest contributory factor of autism as confirmed by all the CDC studies conducted so far. Extensive forgery had to be done to hide the association as clearly revealed in the raw data. But the truth has been revealed by whistleblowers and information extracted under the Freedom of Information Act.
Damage by vaccines can be varied and is reflected in the varied symptoms of children in the spectrum. The following mechanism of damage has been cited.
- Toxic damage due to the extremely toxic ingredients
- Damage to the immune system causing immunotoxicity, autoimmune disorders and Th1 Th2 imbalance. Immune system imbalances are found in all autistic children regardless of their position in the spectrum. It is the common thread
- Damage to the microbiome particularly gut microbes causing a wide range of gut and behavioural issues
- Neurological damage due to the neurotoxic vaccine ingredients
- Brain damage due to cytokine response to vaccines and the fact that vaccines contain ingredients that can damage the blood brain barrier and make it porous resulting in vaccine ingredients getting access to the brain
- Cellular damage as the adjuvants cause the cells to give up their DNA
- Muscular paralysis due to the nature of ingredients and antigen
- DNA changes and damage as fetal cells are used in vaccines. Vaccines also contain genotoxins
- Mitrochondrial damage due to vaccine ingredients. Mitochondrial issues are again found in all autistic children examined. The mitochondria as we know are a very important part of cells and are the energy providers
- Damage caused due to the use of human animal and avian serum in vaccines. These can cause a very wide range of issues including the risk of transferring alien viruses into populations
- Sexual issues due to endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins and the use of aborted fetal cells of both genders in vaccines
- The vaccines seriously questioned have been the MMR, DPT, Hep B, and Varicella or the chicken pox vaccine.
- In fact while describing the first 12 autistic children Dr Leo Kanner mentioned they were vaccinated with the small pox and DPT vaccines. He had also referred to gut issues in these children thus pointing out there was more than behavioural disorders in autistic children
The above actions of vaccines are observed also in children outside the spectrum. Vaccines are intensely toxic and the way they provoke the body ensures harm in all those vaccinated. Nobody can escape harm.
Parents desirous of having normal children should also focus on pregnancy. It is observed that drugs (even seemingly harmless OTC drugs) can affect the fetus. Elevated immune response of the mother can affect the brain of the fetus. Thus vaccination during pregnancy is a madness that ought to be avoided. The mother should ensure a natural environment, good lifestyle, and take a varied calcium and iron rich diet.
Natural childbirth is best for the child to access the mothers vaginal microbes and to ensure the pressure for the child to get rid of phlegm and fluid. Late clamping and late scrubbing is good for the child. All these are a part of natural birthing procedures that are increasingly being adopted.
Regular breastfeeding from the first milk is essential. The child can be breast fed up to 2 years of age. In fact this is a must as children are dependent on the mothers antibodies. They do not produce antibodies in this period. Vaccinating at this age is beyond logic and science. The formation of immune system begins at the age of 3 to 8 and matures at the age of 33. Stimulating an immature immune system carries very serious risk. Unpredictable and grave harm can happen if the immune system is disturbed while it grows.
As changes to the macrobiome (worms, parasites, helmynth) have also been implicated as a causal factor deworming with tablets is a risky procedure.
Wireless and EMF are certainly a threat to these sensitive children and can intensify their suffering.
A healthy child is a delight and asset for the family. We fail as a nation if we fail to protect our children from the modern day profit mongers whom we unfortunately trust with our children.