What is disease? Can diseases be eradicated with vaccines?

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Yesterday I was asked to speak on disease eradication in a webinar. This is more or less what I said.
First we need to understand the concept of disease. Vaccination is based on the germ and virus theory of disease. That is, diseases are caused due to germs and viruses. However Pasteur was a controversial character and his theories were not welcome because he plagiarized his ideas from others. The germ and virus theory was opposed by none other than Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD - Pasteur’s boss, the owner of the laboratory he used to work as a lab assistant - and the person whose work he plagiarized the most. Bechamp put forward his terrain theory of disease where he stated that the diseased body attracts the germs which come to scavenge the dead cells. In short germs are the product of disease and not the cause. They are a part of the cure. A waste heap attracts flies. Flies do not cause the waste heap.
Research on the microbiome supports Bechamp rather than Pasteur. Our bodies are teeming with germs and viruses which support vital functions. They also interact with germs and viruses outside the body and gain from such interactions. Pasteur's interpretation has led to a war on germs and viruses that have irreversibly sickened populations.
The holistic systems like naturopathy support the toxemia theory of disease; it is the build up of toxicity that causes disease. The toxicity can be due to internal and external causes. The functions of the body generates waste matter that when not properly expelled leads to accumulation that results in toxicity. If we take the wrong kind of food or water we invite external toxins.
The body knows how to heal itself. The healing power is aided by the vitality or vital power of the body. When toxins accumulate the body goes into a detoxification mode. Through symptoms like fever, inflammation, colds, cough, diarrhoea, dysentery, and skin eruptions the body throws out the toxins. Bacteria and viruses aid this process. They appear after the body is diseased and are a part of the cure.
If we do not understand disease and attack the beneficial germs and viruses the essential detoxification process stops. We feel we have tackled a disease. But the toxic waste continues to build up in the body. This affects us at physical and mental levels leading to deviant behaviour that result in loss of vitality - the most important factor that enables the body to overcome toxicity. The body becomes confused and adjusts itself in the form of painful chronic diseases that then become fodder for the medical industry to prey upon and profit from.
The germ and virus theory has made us attack the doctor within us. Imagine a fire. A fire results in fire fighters arriving on the scene. Pasteur observes that where there is a fire there are fire fighters. As per his reasoning fire fighters are the cause of the fire. His solution is; kill the fire fighters to put out the fire.
The body always tries to eliminate disease. What happens if a thorn gets stuck in your feet? You feel pain, the place swells, puss forms, and then the thorn gets eliminated. Now do you treat the swelling and puss formation as a disease and take drugs to get rid of these symptoms? If you do so and the symptoms get eliminated the thorn remains within the body to cause problems at a much deeper level. Acute disease is similar to this; symptoms that the body is trying to eliminate toxicity.

What happens when we we suffer poisoning? We can develop a fever and diarrhoea. If you are taken to a hospital the contents of your stomach will be flushed out. No one will think of stopping the diarrhoea. 

According to senior naturopaths I have interacted with, in today's toxic world, the body should express acute conditions at least seven times a year. Otherwise it cannot remain healthy. Naturopaths and ayurveds recommend one naturopathic or ayurvedic detoxification a year. We should know how to take care of our own bodies. Our ancestors used to fast regularly and respond to acute problems with rest and liquids. They used to be worried if they did not suffer some acute conditions now and then. 
Next let us come to health. The human body is not a machine that requires chemicals to survive. It is a dynamic biological entity supported by a fine invisible blueprint that provides the intelligence and maintains integrity. It always seeks to be healthy and prolong life. The challenges it faces strengthen it and add to the intelligence.
The body needs certain inputs to remain healthy. They are nutrition, exercise, oxygen intake, following the circadian rhythm, exposure to nature, and a healthy lifestyle that includes adherence to moral and ethical principles. Maintaining an alkaline environment in the body through intake of alkaline food helps. The germ and virus theory tells us we can do as we please and when we fall sick we can kill a few germs and viruses to become healthy again.

In Mumbai there is a mainstream doctor who has built a farm house in a forest. He invites patients to the farmhouse. The patients trek in the forest and take nutritious food. This itself cures them. Forest bathing or roaming in the forest is a health ritual in Japan. There are scientific studies to record its benefits. This helps recover from diseases and also from stress and anxiety. Earlier when there was no electricity people lived according to the natural cycle of the Sun and stayed healthy.
Now let us come to common childhood illnesses. They are diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, colds and whooping cough. They involve fever, inflammation, eruptions, and suppuration. These are symptoms that the body is detoxifying itself. Infants and children have a passive immune system. In this period it seeks to throw off the toxic load it inherits from the parents. To save the children the discomfort we should detoxify ourselves and ensure a safe and non toxic environment.
There are today scientific studies that prove the beneficial nature of common childhood illnesses. It is found that children who go through these illnesses are saved from chronic diseases and cancers later in life. Today the measles, mumps, chicken pox and polio viruses are being used to treat cancers. It is being observed that when cancer patients develop high fever and rashes the cancerous tumours disappear. The beneficial nature of germs and viruses has been established.
Diseases like diphtheria and tetanus became a problem in children and peaked due to the intense toxicity of the small pox vaccine and the mode of its administration. The small pox vaccine spread syphilis. According to homeopathy diphtheria is a syphilitic disease characterized by destruction of tissue. Instead of stopping the small pox vaccine after noticing the myriad diseases being caused by it new vaccines were introduced. Instead of reducing toxins more toxins were injected.
Now let us come to the eradication part. It is claimed that small pox was eradicated by vaccines. The small pox vaccine was prepared on the assumption that cowpox could prevent small pox. It was opposed because the theory had failed. Maids infected with cow pox developed no protection and came down with small pox. Also similar methods like olfaction, inoculation and variolation had made the disease worse, made the epidemics worse, and resulted in extreme adverse effects and deaths. They had to be discontinued.
The vaccine was prepared by taking diseased puss from corpses of small pox victims, injecting it into cows, taking puss from the diseased cows and injecting them into horses, scraping the effusions from the hind legs of the sick horses called grease, and again passing them through calves. The resultant puss was the vaccine. In countries like India and Africa goats, dogs, rabbits and monkeys were also used. The animals used in the process suffered horribly and died painful deaths. 
This horrendous concoction spread the dreaded form of syphilitic pox, spread syphilis, caused diseases like cancers, tuberculosis, leprosy, schizophrenia, insanity, eczema, psoriasis, necrosis, sepsis and several forms of serious neurological disorders. It killed millions and made the epidemic worse. It was a grand failure and people guarded the streets with guns to keep the vaccinators away.
Despite the failure the vaccine was reintroduced by the WHO; but with a strategy. The 1,30,000 cases of small pox worldwide were inflated to 15 million to justify widespread vaccination. After the vaccine was introduced the cases of small pox were bifurcated into chicken pox, measles, eczema and rash. Medical texts carried the instruction that people vaccinated with the small pox vaccine cannot come down with small pox. Therefore the doctors started recording them in other names. The WHO noticed that many areas were rejecting the vaccine and adopting measures like hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, and isolation of patients. The result was an abrupt fall in number of cases and deaths. It too adopted these measures.
At a point of time small pox suddenly disappeared. It disappeared in all places regardless of vaccination status. The vaccine took the credit. But later when the vaccine was examined it was found to be a dud. It contained neither the small pox virus nor the cow pox or horse pox viruses. It was declared it contained the "vaccinia virus" (a fictitious virus) that eradicated small pox. What a joke!
The "small pox eradication model" was adopted to introduce the oral polio vaccine into developing countries. The 32,417 cases worldwide were inflated to 350,000 and later 400,000. After the vaccine was introduced cases of viral polio (that were around 10% of the cases of infantile paralytic polio ) were bifurcated. The criteria for declaring polio was changed that automatically reduced the number of cases. Then a new disease was defined as non polio acute flaccid paralysis where all cases were pushed into. It was never declared how many cases of paralysis were caused due to the vaccine.
Non polio acute flaccid paralysis is clinically indistinguishable from viral polio. When the vaccine was introduced around 1000 cases of polio (all cause) were being recorded annually. By the time the country was declared polio free there were 60,999 cases of non polio acute flaccid paralysis cases annually!
So this is how vaccines "eradicate" disease. We don't need vaccines to eradicate disease. We need common sense. We need systems of medicine that understand disease and help in restoring health. The doctors duty is to keep the healthy at the peak of their health, lead the unhealthy back to health, and cure the sick. Instead we have a system whose practitioners inject the most dreaded toxins into healthy populations, disturb the body's functions, and then manage the resultant diseases. If we call this system scientific, then we neither understand disease nor health. 


Vaccines are today connected to 292 diseases and disorders including death by 1339 published scientific studies in the NIH database. The vaccine package inserts record 217 diseases including death reported after vaccination. The Institute of Medicine studied 156 of them, confirmed vaccine connection to 150 and reserved its judgement on the rest 6. Vaccine adverse effects are rarely reported. A Harvard study called the Pilgrim Study revealed less than 1% of adverse effects get reported. The vaccine adverse effects can be found in children worldwide and 54% of children suffer chronic illnesses that were not found in the pre-vaccine era. Globally vaccines are being contested by doctors and scientists who have studied their impacts on subjects. They do it despite being vilified and censored by the industry.

Disease statistics in children;

Our children are today in a deplorable state. According to a report, 54% of children today suffer from chronic disorders.[82] 1 in 10 children have asthma. 1 in 13 suffers from food allergies. 1 in 6 children suffer from developmental disorders. 1 in 8 suffers severe neurological disorders. The CDC's latest report released in April 2019 reveals 1 in 59 children suffer autism.[83] In the past 8 to 10 years: juvenile diabetes increased by 23%, cancer increased by 29%, ADHD increased by 43%, food allergies increased by 50%, asthma rates rose by almost 50%, Autism increased 150%.[84] Where is the healthy childhood that vaccines promised? All independent studies that have compared the health of vaccinated and non- vaccinated so far have found the non-vaccinated groups to be healthier on all counts studied.[85]