Radio Koraput: Interview of vaccine researcher Jagannath Chatterjee

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Transcript of interview of vaccine researcher Jagannath Chatterjee

Radio Koraput: Kindly let us know what you do and what is your expertise.
Jagannath: Namaskar to everybody. I stay in Bhubaneswar and I work for an NGO. My background is, at the age of 17 when I was preparing for a career in medicine a vaccine was given to me that left me disabled as a result of an adverse reaction. As a result of this incident I started studying vaccines and in the process I also learnt about health. I started campaigning against vaccines since 1985 based on my study and findings. I have continued my campaign through which I try to warn people that vaccines are not what they seem. I also try to let people think about whether our present health system is delivering health or leading us to disease. I am active in various platforms in my effort to reach out to people.

Radio Koraput: We welcome your research in the background of the welfare of society. But we would like to know why you oppose vaccines.
Jagannath:  When I experienced the vaccine reaction, initially I had thought that a particular batch of the vaccine could have caused a problem or that some other problem was associated with it. But when I delved into the subject I could realize that there are forces behind vaccines that stay in the background and do not disclose their identity. After I started going through medical texts and started asking doctors I realized that the texts do not reveal much about adverse effects and that the doctors too remain unaware.  After you pass out from medical college you will still remain ignorant about what are the adverse effects of vaccines and also about how to treat these effects. I was very surprised at this because I had realized how deeply vaccines could affect a person from my own experience and yet the doctors denied that my condition had anything to do with the vaccine. So I was expected to deny my own experience! I was studying for becoming a doctor. A friend of mine after passing out from medical college he went to the US for higher studies. The medical college he took admission in had an immunology wing. He asked the immunologists whether vaccines could have a severe adverse action. The immunologists told him that vaccines are supposed to cause a reaction in the body and sometimes they could cause a runaway reaction and many who experience such reactions can even end up dying. My friend wanted to know more and they directed him to Dr Herman Fudenberg who was a leading immunologist and was a severe critique of vaccinations. My friend visited him and narrated my condition and told him I was searching for answers. Immediately Dr Fudenberg wanted to know my name and address. He said if someone was interested to know it was his duty to teach him. At that time there was no email and even phone connections were not easy. One day I received a packet from him containing his research papers. He had also written a letter stating how he came to know about me. He expressed his regret that I had suffered so much and urged me to study all that he sent to me. I was benefitted by his papers and also subsequent literature that I could lay my hands upon and could get an idea about what vaccines were really about. I came to know about vaccine ingredients. We are told that vaccines are about injecting dead or attenuated bacteria and viruses into our bodies so that the body would produce antibodies that would protect us from disease. But in reality vaccines contain much more than that. They contain adjuvants like aluminum nano particles or oil based adjuvant called squalene. They contain decontaminants like mercury. As they contain cells from animals, birds and humans they also contain serum from these species to host the cells. As they contain serum they also contain a lot of other things to manage them. Thus vaccines contain many ingredients and none of these can be considered safe to be injected into the human body. The aluminum is a heavy metal. It is present to cause a violent immune response in the human body, a shock so great that the cells give up their DNA. Mercury is a highly toxic metal. It is the second most toxic substance known after Uranium. It is also a genotoxin. In the presence of aluminum its toxicity increases ten times. Vaccines also contain formaldehyde. The mercury and aluminum mixture can become a thousand times more toxic in the presence of formaldehyde. The combination is a highly dangerous neurotoxin. Both mercury and aluminum can cross the blood brain barrier and enter the brain. The blood brain barrier exists to protect the brain. Mercury and aluminum destroys this barrier and also allows all other vaccine ingredients to enter the brain. Thus vaccination is an excellent tool to inflict brain damage. But this is only one aspect. There are many other aspects of vaccines and they affect both the body and mind in various ways.

Radio Koraput: Do those who administer the vaccines not know about it?
Jagannath: The doctors do not learn anything about adverse effects from medical college. After they pass out they are given another type of education. They are taught only the positive side of vaccines and the negative side is kept away from them. Those doctors who come to know do so after noticing the adverse effects in their patients. Then many of them start probing the other side. Dr Herman Fudenberg was in the Board of the largest vaccine manufacturer Merck Pharmaceuticals. He came to know about how vaccines were produced and what the ingredients were. Shocked he started campaigning against vaccines. The medical industry was caught in the wrong foot. To escape the situation they started a mischievous canard that he had become old and lost his sanity. His medical license was not renewed under false and fabricated charges. Dr Fudenberg then started an institute to study vaccine damage in children and treat them. He did so till the end. He died a few years ago. There are many doctors like him who try to help the children.

Radio Koraput: In course of your campaign you must also have alerted the government. How can they remain insensitive to all this?
Jagannath: Yes when I started campaigning I started writing to all medical institutes and doctors whose address I could find. I had thought there would be some reaction. They remained silent. Rather I started receiving phone calls from people who started telling me I should not expose all of this. I also received threats. But I did not give up. I thought that I am suffering so much because of a vaccine and that if I stop others would suffer like me. I also wrote to the Health Minister, the Prime Minister, the President and then realized that everybody preferred to stay silent on the issue. When later I met the politicians I had written to they acknowledged that they read my letters.

Radio Koraput: But we are seeing that there are diseases like Polio and TB that have been vanquished due to vaccines. Had there been no vaccines these diseases would have continued.
Jagannath: Every vaccine has a story behind it. You talked of Polio. Polio became a problem when it suddenly surfaced during the agricultural season. This polio was characterized by narrow and distorted limbs. In the USA it was noticed that not only human beings but also animals and insects fell a prey to the disease that was classified as anterior horn paralysis. The agricultural scientists suspected the DDT and arsenic that started to be used in agriculture. A lady called Rachel Carsen came out with a book called ‘The Silent Spring’ that exposed the extensive damage to both flora and fauna and also human beings due to the use of these toxins. She substantiated her claims with research. The book became very popular but was severely attacked by the industry. Once again she was called a mad woman. To discredit her, search began for other excuses for the disease. A foundation called The March of Dimes, much like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of today, funded laboratories to search for the virus that was causing polio. Sure enough a virus was traced. But when the virus was injected into monkeys it failed to cause paralysis. Then diseased tissue from the spine of polio victims was drilled into holes in the brains of monkeys. The monkeys fell sick and the scientists concluded that the virus caused paralysis. Soon a vaccine was ready and people were given the vaccine. In an incident called the Cutter Incident those vaccinated became seriously paralyzed. The vaccine also started causing cancers. As the vaccine was created using monkeys hundreds of monkey viruses called Simian Viruses crossed over to humans. One of them called SV 40 was studied and found to be intensely tumerogenic and carcinogenic. It still causes cancers in people as it has become a part of our body and is being transmitted from one generation to another. In the mean time there was tremendous opposition to DDT and Monsanto the manufacturer slowly phased out the product. If you see the graph of DDT use and withdrawal it completely matches the rise and fall of polio, the link cannot be ignored.

Radio Koraput: There are innumerable viruses in our bodies. There are views that we cannot kill each and one of them with drugs and vaccines. Rather we should increase our fighting power to overcome them.
Jagannath: Now we have the science of the microbiome and the virome. Pasteur had come out with the theory that germs and viruses cause disease. Pasteur was a laboratory assistant. His boss, the owner of the laboratory, Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD opposed his theory fiercely. He put forward his observation that germs and viruses were our allies, exist in millions within our bodies, and they kept us healthy and helped during disease. They appear because of the disease to clean up dead cells. His theory was called the Terrain Theory. Today research on the microbiome and virome has validated this theory. But Pasteur’s theory was accepted at that time because drugs could attack and kill bacteria. Our civilization supports ideas that helps sell products and establish a business.

Radio Koraput: Now that we are in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic what should we do? Should we use drugs or should we wait for the vaccine?
Jagannath: The coronavirus is a common cold virus. There is no reason to fear it. It became a problem when it appeared as the first SARS epidemic. After that an annual flu epidemic became the norm. But virologists had a different story to tell, they said the science of virology does not support this. They argued that it is extremely rare for a zoonotic or animal flu virus to affect humans. And it is impossible that such a virus could jump from one person to another and cause an epidemic. They said there was a game behind this. Today we know that viruses are being made more dangerous in laboratories around the world. It is being shown that research is going on but in reality superbugs are being created. Many have alleged that the present Sars-Cov-2 is created in a laboratory. It is being argued that there are no signs that it has been modified. However there are two methods of virus enhancement. One involves genetic modification and is called gain of function. However there is another method called accelerated development. In this method the virus is kept in a petri dish along with other viruses. The virus copies the structure of other viruses. This kind of modification will leave no signs. However this fact is being suppressed.

Radio Koraput: So how can our drugs help against it?
Jagannath: There is an agenda behind this coronavirus epidemic. Before this virus appeared on the scene there was a meeting in the month of October 2019 that predicted a worldwide coronavirus epidemic. That there will be two waves. They predicted the response also. How lockdowns would be enforced, how people will be forced to wear masks, and how people will have to stay at home. The question is how did they know what would happen? Also we know that Bill Gates has been predicting an influenza epidemic since 2011 and claiming it will take 35 to 65 million lives. It is not easy for a common man to penetrate this agenda. But everyone is puzzled as to what is really happening. But now it is emerging that the virus has become very weak. Experts have said it has converted from a tiger to a wild cat. But then why is the media projecting so many deaths? There is a reason behind this. It is doubtful that people are dying from the coronavirus. They are actually dying from underlying causes called comorbidities. Politicians have raised this issue. People are troubled about this. Why is this happening? This is to induce fear in peoples mind. In the USA it has been revealed that the hospitals are being offered incentives to declare deaths as coronavirus and also to admit more and more people in the ICU. The incentive is per person dead and admitted.

Radio Koraput: But what about the medicines? What medicines will work?
Jagannath: The medicines being given are not usually given in case of viral diseases. We are observing use of anti malarial drugs, anti arthritis drugs, steroids, and also anti coagulants or drugs given for preventing blood clots. If it is a viral disease we should be giving only anti virals. It is also being observed that people put on ventilators are not usually recovering. So there is confusion both about the disease as well as the impact of the treatment.

Radio Koraput: But we have claims from people ranging from Patanjali to the village vaidyas that ayurveda can cure the disease. What about those claims?
Jagannath: Allopathy aims to kill the virus at any cost. Whether you survive or die in the process matters little for them. If the virus is killed they will call it a successful treatment. However ayurveda and homeopathy is about strengthening the defenses of the body and increasing immunity so that the person can effectively fight the disease and be cured from it. These two approaches are vastly different. And you see while they are using Hydroxychloroquine that is an anti malarial drug, the village vaidyas are talking about bhuin nimba (Andrographis Paniculata) that is an excellent herb for malaria! They are also talking of Tulsi, Giloy and Ashwagandha that strengthens immunity. All over the world it has been observed that these treatments called alternative medicine are having very good success. The people recovering are also not showing any problem after recovery. In China 85% of the patients were treated with traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese herbal treatment). That helped them keep the mortality rates in control. The Chinese doctors have also shared the herbs and process they have used with the world. But the pharmaceutical lobby is dominant. They have great power and control over governments and media. They will never allow that simple ayurvedic drugs and homeopathy can tackle this problem effectively. This suppression has been happening for the last 200 to 250 years. It is not new. The present system of medicine likes to project itself as the only scientific method and says the other systems which have effectively served us for centuries are quackery.

Radio Koraput: But what can we do currently to check the coronavirus epidemic?
Jagannath: I have been telling from the very beginning that we need an accurate testing method to know whether we have an epidemic and whether it is spreading. We adopted the PCR Test. The discoverer of that test had warned it was not accurate and can be used only for laboratory research. A study emerged that it was showing 80.33% false positive result. There was an uproar and the study was withdrawn. But till date we do not have the reason why it was withdrawn. What was the reason? Then the WHO expressed its doubts and the antibody test was proposed. Again it emerged that this test too has 50% false positive result. Therefore there is utter confusion in the very basic things concerning this so called epidemic. So how can we say that the epidemic is spreading? Also we observe that from 75 to 85% of the affected people are not showing any symptoms. This is also very puzzling. How can they be declared as patients? It is being told that they are spreading the virus. The WHO did an experiment and saw that it was not so. They declared that those asymptomatic were not a problem. But the next day they revised their stand, probably under pressure. So unless the basic things are clear we cannot say that there is any disease, let alone declare an epidemic. Many doctors are pointing out these anomalies on social media, print media and in the YouTube channels. They are being censored but they have not stopped talking. So whom do we believe; those who are saying there is a very big epidemic or those who are pointing out the obvious fallacies?

Radio Koraput: So we should take all precautions and wait for it to end?
Jagannath: It requires political will. If all countries stand up and say the truth must be exposed then this epidemic will disappear in a day. But if that does not happen this will continue. Gocvernments have invested 12 to 20 billion dollars in the effort to manufacture a vaccine. These vaccine manufacturers are dreaming of vaccinating 7 billion people every year. They will not like it if the epidemic disappears and their efforts are wasted. They will want that it should continue. Medicine is a big business. It is a very powerful lobby.

Radio Koraput: Thank you for talking with us and revealing these important details.