Why vaccines cannot protect from disease

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This note is for people still harbouring the idea vaccines have prevented diseases that would have otherwise wiped out human beings from the earth. Nothing could be more wrong than that perception.
- Vaccines are based on a concept of disease that has been proven wrong. Disease is not about bacteria and viruses attacking us as proposed by Pasteur. Disease is about the body dealing with toxicity. The bacteria and viruses actually help us in the process thus producing the symptoms we call acute disease. The symptoms are usually fever, cough, colds, diarrhoea, dysentery and skin problems. They are signs that the body is battling and overcoming toxicity. Regarding external pathogens, they impact us if we have a toxic overload within. They too come to cleanse.
- The entire science of medicine is focussed on disease. They observe the disease process instead of studying health and progressing on the path of health. Thus they are kept chasing chimeras as their suppressive methods make the disease progress deeper and deeper and newer disease states emerge fascinating them even more. They do not realize that it is their interventions that lead to the new disease states. The autoimmune and inflammatory chronic diseases that result makes life miserable.
- The science of the microbiome, mycobiome, virome, epigenetics, the new findings that reveal the mind and body operate in unison, and the chaos theory of disease that is being neglected; all point towards a vastly different picture than the 200+ year old opportunistic theories that rule the present system of medicine. Science has emphatically established that medicine is proceeding on false assumptions. All the supposed enemies are mostly friends who come to serve a purpose. If bacteria and viruses and external infections were the problems they are supposed to be those living in agricultural and animal farms and slums would not survive. Rather they have better indices of health and strong immune systems.

- The reality is; everything in this world is geared towards perpetuating health and life. We observe this in nature. And the fact is human interventions result in disharmony that leads to  disease and death. This is known to all the healing systems. Therefore they believe in patience and observation rather than hasty intervention. The trend is to strengthen health and immunity so that the body can cope with the change or crisis. Medicine ought to heal and not create and manage disease as is universally happening now. The aim of the medical profession should be to keep the healthy at the peak of their health, lead the unhealthy towards health, and cure the sick. The one truth that all healers ought to repeat every day is; NEVER DRUG OR MEDICATE THE HEALTHY. Vaccination is about making healthy people sick. It is a madness that should never have been undertaken.
- Vaccines emerged from a society where powerful quacks ruled. They used to fool people by floating eye catching concepts that they then used to fleece the gullible. They emerged from an era where it had become a fad to hunt for bacteria and viruses so as to gain fame and establish a good income. They were opportunists, often plagiarizing from other sources, distorted facts, conducted highly unethical experiments, and as found out later about Pasteur from his published letters (that he never wanted published), there were serious gaps between what they said and what they did.
- Edward Jenner who came out with vaccines was one such quack. Though not as ruthless a liar pretender plagiarizer and profiteer like Pasteur, he did plagiarize the idea from another farmer who had floated it first, conducted highly unethical and dangerous experiments, and did the whole thing to get a massive aid from King George III. He obtained a medical qualification through correspondence which he confessed later was actually completed by another person.
- The huge opposition to Edward Jenner by MD's of the period has been sanitized from mainstream history. Opportunists like Jenner and Pasteur were despised by the genuine medical community. Jenner was opposed because he was trying to perpetuate an idea that had already been proven wrong. Previous to vaccination practices like olfaction, inoculation and variolation were stopped because they helped spread the disease and led to extremely serious adverse effects that were more dangerous than the disease.
- As predicted, the small pox vaccine devised by Jenner exceeded in harm all previous attempts by causing the epidemic to soar, introducing and perpetuating the dreaded form of syphilitic pox, killing millions of people, and introducing extremely serious diseases in society that we still carry and cannot shake off. He was the first eugenicist who had a worldwide impact. The medical science gained from and exploited the serious diseases introduced like syphilis, tuberculosis, cancers, neurological disorders, sepsis, gangrene, leprosy, psoriasis, eczema, other skin ailments and mental disorders; cases of diphtheria and tetanus that appeared in children, and made itself a monopoly. These diseases are hereditary and continue to this day. More vaccinations imposed create new diseases and complicate the existing ones.
- The small pox vaccine was a failure but it was reintroduced by ingenious Nazi minds. They devised a strategy. They inflated the incidence of the disease to justify a worldwide vaccination programme. After the vaccine was reintroduced by the WHO they started reducing the figures by re-classifying cases as measles, chicken pox, eczema and so on to reduce the numbers. The medical texts carried the instruction that if small pox happened after the vaccine it was to be recorded as something else. In effect they gave other names to the disease. They controlled the media. It was noticed that isolation, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition had almost obliterated the disease in areas where the people had rejected the vaccine. So the WHO also adopted these measures. After a time the small pox disappeared. It happened everywhere, even in the areas the vaccine could not be given due to intense opposition. But the vaccine took the credit. That the vaccine was not behind the eradication was proven once and for all when it was found that it never contained the small pox virus. It even did not contain the cowpox or horse pox viruses. It was a dud. This fact is known to the profession but very few members of the public are aware.
- The above ingenious model came to be known as the "learning from the small pox vaccine". This model was employed in the polio eradication campaign. We all know what a big hoax the polio eradication is.
- There is more to the statistical manipulation than provided above. While defending vaccines two important assumptions are made. The first is an infectious disease will impact the entire population and everyone will die. The second is the vaccine saves all. This prompts the assertion that vaccines “save millions of lives”. Now the most infectious disease will probably affect 5% of the population. That is because we have an immune system. If it fails then we have to blame the dominant system of medicine. More important, a maximum of about 0.01% of those affected will probably die. If more deaths occur we have to blame the treatment. The death rate will be more at first but then both infection and death rate will peter out. Regarding the second assumption that vaccines will save all; we do not know which 5% will be affected, therefore we cannot say who exactly was saved. We do not know the strength of their natural immunity. We do know vaccines adversely affect immunity, causing the Th1 Th2 imbalance that introduces a chronic disease state. We do not care to know what percentage will be adversely affected by the vaccine. Considering the nature of vaccine ingredients and the way they affect the body it can be safely assumed 100% vaccinated will be adversely affected. So in essence we put 100% at risk for diseases that actually require health and inherent immunity to overcome
- In the year 1940 a very important discovery was made. Dr Merril Chase, MD discovered the concept of cellular immunity. The cellular immunity concept proved the humoral immunity concept of vaccination wrong. It was proven that only natural infection that stimulated the entire system, caused an immune response of fever, inflammation and suppuration that fought the infection and expelled the debris to complete a cycle, could lead to immunity. Humoral antibodies only indicate the body has encountered something, they cannot provide immunity. You can have high levels of antibodies and come down with the disease and you can have no antibodies and remain protected. The humoral antibodies protect from disease concept is a hoax.
- As theories were proven wrong, statistical models began to be used to justify vaccines. Statistics is a great tool in the hands of scoundrels. It is known that there are three kinds of lies; lies damned lies and statistics. The lies of medical statistics exceeds all the other forms.
- While disease is about toxicity, vaccination remains one of the most toxic interventions known. You have to go against the sciences of biology, toxicology, immunology, microbiome, virome, and epigenetics to prove that they are safe and can provide immunity. By clinging to vaccination the present form of medicine has proven its illogical and unscientific basis.
- What vaccines have done to society is evident all around you. All the modern day diseases are reflected in the list of 292 diseases and disorders so far put forth by 1339 published scientific studies in the NIH database. There is more beyond this. Death is acknowledged very prominently as a vaccine adverse effect. The vaccine package inserts report 217 diseases that have been observed after vaccination. Of these the IoM has studied 157, confirmed link to 150 and kept its judgement reserved on the rest 7. With each passing day more and more diseases are added to the list. But vaccines do not stop. Is it because sickening people has been the agenda all the time? Vaccines are the industry's milk cow. It feeds them with the diseases they desperately need.
Medicine is not about science. Science has proven it wrong even before it was formally established. Giants like Antoine Bechamp, Hahnemann, and William Osler were engaged in changing it and turning it into a science. But the appearance of Rockefeller on the scene who was prompted by the illustrious quacks of the day to protect their business interests has foisted this unscientific system on us. Medical texts are about suppression of historical facts, sanitizing the truth, and manipulation of data and ideas. Medicine is about censoring and punishing those that reveal the truth. It is an anti science concept. It is a giant marketing machine that sells dubious drugs, procedures and devices to benefit the largest corporate set up in history that profits from illness. It is also the prime tool of the satanist elite who have used it effectively to dumb down the masses while they have perfected the plan to take over the society.
I hope after reading this some eyes would open. At least I hope it will set people thinking and make them research along these lines.