Who will be the Arjuna this time?

How Arjuna came into possession of Gandiva | Indian Mythology

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar used to talk to us about Arjuna. He said Mahabharat was a war involving the length and breadth of India. But what is to come is Mahaviswa or a very vicious never before seen war involving the entire world. Just as states aligned themselves in the Mahabharata, for and against dharma, countries would align themselves according to their affiliations. The alignment would become such that one would be a binding force, the other liberating. But who would be Arjuna?
The pandavas were a part of the system. The kauravas and pandavas were brothers. All were happy till the time came to divide the kingdom. The kauravas were hell bent on usurping the entire land and the pandavas were left in the lurch. Adverse circumstances forced them to live the life of the common man. They lived with the fire within themselves vowing to get back their rightful dues. The adversity purified them and Sri Krishna became their ally. They were pitted against the kauravas who represented the intense corruption and debauchery of those days.
Arjuna was the best of the lot and Sri Krishna chose him to be the prime warrior of the battle. Arjuna was not created in a day. Thrown from a life of luxury he had to face the fire of extremely tiring circumstances. He was moulded to perfection by his journey through pain and rejection. The man who was a part of the system was thus forced by circumstances to break away from it and fight it. From the very depths of adharma rose a speck of fire that became the instrument to reestablish dharma on earth. The battle was not easy as he had to fight his own teachers and relatives. He had to fight his own upbringing and culture.
The same thing would happen now. We are all in this together having been brought up in the same milieau with the same education and the same values. We have been brought up in adharma. But the adharma has not benefitted all. It has rewarded many but also pushed a lot of people into abject misery. Those rewarded and seeking to perpetuate the regime are the kauravas who seek the whole world for themselves. Those suffering are the pandavas who seek change and a world where human values would triumph once again. The kauravas are intensely powerful as they have all the resources for themselves. The pandavas only have themselves.
Mahasambhuti Chakradhar said in the battle to come circumstances would be the greatest weapon. Things would change from moment to moment and slowly but surely the powerful forces would find themselves in a tight spot. They would wreak havoc but would not win the fight. The small minority who seek change would have their way as people and countries would see through the ruse and through a cycle of alignment and realignment that would reflect both a physical and an internal war people would realize that the reign of evil is not worth fighting for. Millions of Arjunas will be created as they turn away and attack the system that created them.
Mahabharata had one Arjuna, said Chakradhar, the coming war would witness many. Every person has that potential. All eligible would opt for the turnaround. Those who cling on to the old world hoping to win would be crushed. The world would see my Rudra Rupa he said. The wrath and fury of the Lord would be seen in its fullest potential. While Sri Krishna had many soft qualities and many weapons, Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had brought with him only the Chakra, the mightiest weapon possible for war and change. War and change are inevitable and will happen.
Be careful in taking sides, he had warned the world. I will visit everyone in his or her last moments. Let your actions be such that you see my loving side, for my devastating face is not something even the bravest and strongest wish to see. The battle has already been planned and decided. The outcome is known. The choice is yours. Whether you side with dharma or choose to stick to adharma is your fate.
Chakradhar appeared to be a human form but I can tell you we have seen his eyes change. We have seen those eyes burn. We have seen fire emerge from those eyes. Real fire. We have felt his energy. We have sensed his fury. We have sensed what he was. Those glimpses make us tremble when we think about what is to come. Stay dharmic, stay safe.