What is this Coronavirus really?

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We are observing an extraordinary wide range of symptoms associated with the alleged coronavirus induced Covid 19. What do we make out of it?
The medical profession prefers to remain concentrated on a pathogen. We should instead concentrate on the state of the body and on factors affecting it. When we sprinkle a seed on a wide area the seed will germinate and grow into a plant according to the condition of the soil it finds itself in.
Persons with chronic inflammation and overactive immune systems are reacting aggressively. People with comorbidities are falling a prey.
But even this does not convey the full picture. Maybe now we should start looking closely at the factors that may be involved. What could they be?
- Past vaccinations. Vaccines are notorious for creating both chronic inflammation as well as an overactive immune system. The kawasaki (MIS) disease linked to coronavirus being reported in children has been attributed to influenza, rotavirus and Hep B vaccines as well as mercury which incidentally is a prime vaccine ingredient
- Wireless and EMF. Particularly 5G. They cause a wide range of adverse effects that are eerily similar to the Covid symptoms. The waves are causing it; they are certainly aggravating it. Spanish flu was the combined effect of misdirected vaccination and the impacts of newly introduced electricity, radio, and radar waves. Historically every such introduction has resulted in global occurrence of acute diseases. How many are aware of this?
- Hospitals use wireless systems, radiation equipment, and a lot of electrical and electronic equipment. Ventilators are one such system. This subject has been a matter of concern for hospital safety advocates
- The extreme pollution that is now a part of our lives
- Medications and ventilators being used to tackle Covid. They can certainly be behind the deaths, organ damage, blood damage, sepsis as well as the psychiatric problems being reported
- The panic and stress being created in populations through constant media blitzkrieg, lockdown and consequent suffering
- The extreme malnourishment that has been created by disturbing agriculture, introduction of pesticides and herbicides, and processed foods which have negative nutrition values and whose ingredients are potent poisons
So how do we survive Covid?
We need to change the way we look at health. We need to reduce the toxic burden on food and environment. We need to heal rather than manage disease. We need to ensure real nourishment.
We need to shed our faulty education and approach. Henceforth we should concentrate on cooperation and coexistence instead of the destructive military approach to disease that we have been forced to adopt.
Can we do it? Or do we perish?