Vaccines & Kali Yuga.

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We Indians know we are living in kali yuga or the iron age. In our childhood days we have heard elders say how the kali yuga is progressing and that the worst is yet to come. People will change drastically and will become worse than animals. We have also witnessed the change in front of our eyes. With every passing generation people deteriorated. Today there is absolutely no self control and people are often shocked at their own behaviour. Normal emotions have vanished and relationships have suffered. People have become self centered and the community bonhomie that was the norm earlier has disappeared.
Vaccines have a lot to do with this. Injecting the most toxic substances known to man in large quantities are to blame. Earlier bodily purity was fiercely maintained. People were fully conscious that diet affected life and behaviour. They were careful about what they put into their bodies. That vaccination was intensely opposed by all sections of society is known to medical historians. That all such references have been carefully deleted from medical texts does not mean they don't exist. It cannot be denied that populations were vaccinated at gunpoint by the army and armed police. It cannot be denied that serious chronic diseases then spread like wildfire among them. Those diseases being hereditary we still suffer from them and the multitudes of shots added since then are adding to the toll. We remain blind to the obvious.
Mental diseases were observed and recorded after the small pox vaccine became the norm. Schizophrenia and insanity after vaccination was noted and discussed. This is not surprising because vaccine ingredients have access to the brain, and more importantly damage the gut. They contain heavy metals whose impact on the human psyche is well studied. They contain serum from diseased humans and animals. They contain aborted fetal cells. They have a profound impact on the human microbiome that rules our behaviour and impulses. They cause the body to release exosomes. We need to study how these exosomes affect us.
Vaccines cause vaccinosis. This was revealed by Dr Compton Burnett, MD in 1886. He was a hospital based doctor who keenly observed vaccination adverse effects and followed up. Vaccinosis is exactly similar to the miasm known in homeopathy as sycosis. The victims of sycosis have a morbid fear of germs. They will meticulously clean themselves and their surroundings obsessively fearing microbes. They are also highly suspicious, may be cruel, intensely jealous, have disregard for feelings of others, secretly fulfill the worst passions without remorse and have fixed ideas. When faced by the consequence of their actions they may commit suicide unable to face the world or may lose their mental balance. They are susceptible to chronic diseases that affect their internal organs. Vaccinosis is inherited and passes across generations.
Later medical researcher and historian Dr Harris Coulter came out with his epic "Vaccination and Social Violence - The poisoning of the American mind". In a very shocking expose he meticulously detailed how vaccines are transforming society. With case studies and scientific evidence he related the increasing crime graph and violent incidents to vaccinations. It was widely read and discussed and created quite a stir. Many voices were raised but cruelly suppressed by the experts who continued to assert without proof and with concocted studies that vaccines are safe.
What must add to our concern is that vaccination is not just one mode of poisoning. Today severe poisons are a part of our lives and environment. Everything from soil to food to water to air have been meticulously poisoned without absolutely any regard for health consequences. On top of that we have added threats like electricity, radio waves and EMF. We know that the impact of combined toxins far exceed their individual affects. The phenomenon is known as synergic toxicity. The society we live in amply reflects the end result. We now clearly live in end times. The coming natural disasters will clean the world through earthquakes, floods, fire and brimstone followed by an intense ice age. But not many will be alive to witness the change.