Vaccination: How good are the experts?

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Experts have their faulty education. They have never really investigated vaccines. The subject of vaccines is non existent in medical education. Beyond the schedule and the need for vaccines (an half an hour lecture) they know very little.
They say vaccines save tens of millions of lives. Let us analyze the claim;
- The worst of epidemics may affect at most 10% of the world's population (usually 4 to 5% at most). We don't know who will be affected. How many will die. There will be predominantly mild and moderate cases. The epidemics have a habit of disappearing on their own after reaching a peak. Vaccines take the credit.
- Vaccines are given to 60 to 90% of the population depending on the assumption that 100% of the population will be affected, and will die from the disease
- If the disease occurs in vaccinated it is given another name because "a person who is vaccinated does not come down with the disease". This chicanery itself makes vaccines "effective".
- We have no means of determining who is saved by vaccines, who is not
- Nobody cares to look how many are adversely affected by the vaccine. If you have an idea of vaccine ingredients (not contaminants) and the process they affect the body you will reach the conclusion nobody can remain unaffected by a vaccine. The entire science of toxicology and immunology is turned on its head by saying vaccines are safe. So we adversely impact 60 to 90% who suffer a much more serious fate than those who may be among the 4 to 10% to be naturally affected and stand a good chance of recovering completely
- It is well known and acknowledged vaccines cause the dreaded Th1 Th2 immune imbalance thus predisposing people to chronic diseases. Our society is today flush with chronic diseases because of vaccines
- Since 1940 when Dr Merrill Chase, MD discovered cellular immunity we know that humoral antibodies do not mean a thing. Only natural exposure may lead to immunity. You can be bursting with humoral antibodies and catch the disease
- Vaccine failures can be 100%. Yes 100%
- And horror of horrors children don't have the ability to create humoral antibodies! The immune system develops a little by age 3 to 5. It matures by age 33. But 99% of the vaccines are given by the age of two! This is a crime of immense proportions
- Vaccines are given to pregnant women without any study on the impact to fetus
- Impact of vaccines on genes has never been studied
- Vaccines cause cancers. You will not find any study on this
The entire vaccine theory is full of holes and survives because people are kept ignorant.