The False Dawn

How To See 'Light From The Circle Of Animals,' An Eerie 'False ...

This is just a note reflecting my sixth sense that does not believe our sufferings are going to end very soon. I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong.
We are programmed by Hollywood. We have seen disaster movies. We have seen science fiction movies. Things get dark, a fight ensues, there is mayhem, there is massacre, there is a great deal of suffering, and then the rays of the Sun break through and the survivors walk into a new dawn. Now why would Hollywood, a den of sin, keep on projecting that image? Because that is the false dawn. The Sun breaking through is Lucifer. The new age is the new world order of the satanic cult.
Something very similar seems to be going on now. A humongous amount of corruption has been exposed. Child sacrifice, child torture, pedophilia, cannibalism, drinking of blood and hormonal secretions to stay young, satanic rituals, intense perversions, and the fact that the spiritual leaders have switched sides to actively usher in Lucifer and his brave new world. The Cross has been inverted.
Probably nether world inhabitants have been called into this world. The satanic rituals are probably to give them a physical body. Remember 'The Mummy'? The Hollywood blockbuster. The Priest comes back to life with his army; receiving strength from every victim devoured. All the abortions, the vile practice of inflicting unbearable torture with mass toxic injections, the proliferation of porn, perversions, those weird rituals, and the immense suffering and pain generated could be the process to provide physical bodies to those low world spirits. Maybe in the near future we could see a new breed of human like manifestations.
But the common man is likely to be shocked by the evil, the profanity, the depths of deprivation. The new world will never be accepted if this remains the base. Thus there is need for a makeover.
Those used to usher in this world - those celebrities and high profile members of society - are mostly pawns drawn into the plan by the promise to fulfill their ambitions and blackmail by threatening to reveal the recordings of their participation in rituals. They are expendables.
These expendables are now sacrificed because they have lost their usefulness. They become the last sacrifice to strengthen the new world order. Those bringing them down are projected as heroes. The process is projected as the fight of good over evil. After the process is over we are led to a new dawn with the Sun breaking out of the clouds. We are led towards the new world order. The false dawn.
Improbable? Now let us turn towards the Antichrist. A highly respected person who ostensibly fights to bring order into the world. But a few actions give him away. He declares he is Christ. He leads the world to the Armageddon. He builds a Temple which then formally establishes his image as the new Messiah. He may be doing it consciously. He may be doing it unconsciously. Who could that be?
It is time to be wary about whatever that goes on in this world. Yes God is in charge of the entire creation. But he is the King of Heaven. He is not the king of the earth. Here Lucifer reigns and is immensely powerful. However the more Lucifer gains in power, the stronger becomes his ego, and as he bloats he becomes vulnerable. Then he falls. That is how God works. He lays down the rules and stays away. He watches people breaking the rules, silently looks after those who follow them. He watches and allows the false empire to prosper. He allows the falsity to reach a peak. Then he watches the tower crumble. He lauds those who were watchful.
Once again, this is just a note. There are several ways of looking at things. This is just one of them. My pain does not allow me to pray or meditate. My pain does not allow me to enter inside. But throughout my ordeal I remain His faithful servant. I have been instructed to remain a witness. A witness I shall remain. I sit silently and watch the world go by. I pen my thoughts and share.