The Corona epidemic is not what it seems.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Message – Stone Creek Family Medicine
This is an engineered epidemic. That is why people are calling it a Plandemic. The objective is to impose strict restrictions on people that they would not ordinarily agree to. The discontent we witness around us stems from that.
The Plandemic seeks to magnify the effects of the disease many fold through a media blitzkrieg so the people are cajoled into accepting a different society that goes by the name of the New World Order. That Order is about a section of the society ruling over the others who will be treated as captive slaves. There is also the intention to drastically reduce population so useless eaters are eliminated and the available resources can be enjoyed by the rulers.
The discontent over the plandemic has resulted in exposing the entire falsity surrounding the modern medical paradigm. This paradigm believes pathogens cause disease based on the germ and virus theory of disease put forth by Pasteur. This theory has resulted in turning the concept of health on its head. You can disobey all natural laws that ensure health under the plea that you just need to kill some bacteria and viruses to become disease free. It does not matter that the drugs do not kill selective bacteria or viruses but all indiscriminately. It also keeps attention away from the fact that the drugs themselves result in disease and death.
This paradigm also ignores the fact that the body has its own defence and also its own healing mechanism. It ignores the fact that toxicity causes disease. It ignores the fact, as revealed by studies on the microbiome and virome, that bacteria and viruses are an essential part of the human body and that they are responsible for its functioning and also have a very important part to play in healing. When toxicity increases it is these bactera and viruses that become active and enable the body to detoxify. Pasteurs theory makes this healing army the enemy and fights them!
Thus we need to revise the concept of health. The uproar we are witnessing is because that revision is underway as public understand they have been fooled all along. Acute disease is a response to toxicity. Interfering with acute diseases without understanding the healing mechanism results in chronic diseases. The doctors who are supposed to keep us healthy are engaged in making us sick and asking us to manage that sickness with costly drugs. This truth is surfacing and the medical empire is alarmed.
It is also a fact that viruses within our body become active as exosomes to tackle extreme toxicity particularly those caused by heavy metals and extreme toxins. In this case the detoxification process is vigorous and can cause distressing symptoms. If the system does not know how to handle it and responds by trying to suppress the process the end results can be disability and death. Is this epidemic actually about toxic bodies trying to detoxify?
If you take a thousand people, inject them with toxins, subject them to a toxic diet and environment, and expose them to radiation, nearly all of them will fall sick. They will display similar symptoms. This mass sickness can be explained away as a contagious illness and blamed on a virus. In fact this is the prime strategy of modern medicine who then come out with drugs to tackle the "contagious epidemic". From Polio to AIDS this strategy is widespread.
Now let us come to the coronavirus plandemic.
- There are some viruses living in exotic species that live in deep forests, and those that live in filth, that can cause disease in humans. It could be a protection mechanism of that species.
- Those viruses can only cause disease in persons directly exposed. The person exposed can very rarely pass it on to another. The exposure developing into an epidemic is an impossibility.
- They can cause eruptive diseases (pox), haemorragic diseases (Ebola), and rabies (a neurologic disease with encephalitis).
- The coronavirus is a flu virus.
- The SARS-Cov-2 is a zoonotic virus. That is it is claimed it emerged from an animal species.
- Many virologists are of the opinion it is impossible that zoonotic origin flu viruses can jump to humans. It is impossible that they can cause human to human transmission, let alone an epidemic.
So how did an epidemic happen?
- The fact is flu viruses are extremely contagious and therefore have been subjected to intense research to help evolve bioterrorism agents.
- The procedures used are called gain of function tests and accelerated development
- While gain of function test can leave signs of manipulation, the process of acceleration involves growing pathogens along with others in a petri dish so it imbibes their structure. The second process does not leave any signs that it was intentionally done.
- It is being alleged that the second process helped in manufacturing SARS-Cov-2.
- It was accidentally released. Thus it has only proven to be extremely contagious and not as deadly as intended. As now evident from statistics it is about as deadly as the seasonal flu. Maybe the "second wave" will be about a further attenuated agent. We are witnessing a bioterrorism war.
- The media is constantly feeding manufactured news to the public to make them feel that they are facing a deadly epidemic.
- Both infection and death figures are being manipulated by using faulty tests (that can have up to 80% false positive rate) and by converting deaths from other causes to coronavirus deaths.
- A system of incentives provided to hospitals is facilitating the process. Hospitals in India are cashing in on the fear and fleecing patients.
- Similarly countries are being fed billions of dollars to toe the official line and impose lockdowns. Paying exorbitant sums of money is not a problem because under the false paper money system you just need to print currency.
- These monetary transactions make every part of this plandemic a suspect.
- Measures like lockdown, continuous handwash and wearing of masks have been questioned because they create panic and fear, deprive the human body of Vitamin D, prevent microbiome exchange, and allow the pathogen to circulate more efficiently with the use of mask. They also wreck the economy and deprive people of income and food. These measures reduce immunity and do not strengthen it.
- Doctors say only the hypoxia part (difficulty in breathing) can be due to the coronavirus. All else are other respiratory illnesses and those caused by other serious chronic diseases the victims carry.
- It is also a fact that the treatment using powerful drugs and anti viral and the use of ventilators are killing people.
- There have been no deaths observed when patients have been treated by holistic systems like ayurveda, siddha and homeopathy. This may be because these systems strengthen the defences of the body that then effectively deals with the pathogen. There is no suppression involved.
- Whatever be the external pathogen, if the body is healthy and the treatment method borne out of wisdom we have little to fear.
- Questions have been raised whether there is any virus at all or whether sick and toxic bodies are fighting the toxicity with exosomes. As toxicity is rampant in society and many are falling sick, this is being misreported as an infectious disease.
- It is also a fact that high frequency radio waves can cause hypoxia. These high frequency devises are now being rapidly installed.
- The fact that antibiotics, malaria drugs, anti coagulants, and steroids are being used have raised doubts that it cannot be a simple viral disease and that many factors are involved. Autopsy reports from Italy have painted a different picture.
Thus the system has a lot to answer. It is in no mood to do so. It benefits from fanning the discontent so martial law can be imposed. Thus it is trying its best to infiltrate the protests and turn it violent. It has also succeeded in introducing the racism angle so the real cause behind the protests is diluted.
Regarding the much advertised vaccine.
- The system is bringing in a vaccine that may have nothing to do with the coronavirus but may be all about genetically modifying human beings and making them sterile. This is an important aim of the New World Order.
- It will not be a defence against the coronavirus because historically all attempts to create a vaccine against this virus has failed due to aggravation in disease and extreme adverse effects.
- The virus is mutating dashing hopes for any vaccine. Figures available indicate there have been 36 to 200 mutations. The ring of the virus too has mutated thus mRNA vaccines are bound to fail as they involve targeting the ring of the virus. Also people who have recovered from the coronavirus have not developed antibodies. Thus if natural infection is behaving oddly can a vaccine that claims to produce antibodies deliver immunity?
- The mRNA and DNA vaccines being produced have never been tried earlier. There is no transparency about the short term and long term adverse effects. It will be an unprecedented and huge clinical trial on populations without anyone being responsible for the outcome.
Will this epidemic succeed in its object of eliminating and enslaving populations? Depends on how many people can wake up to the fraud. The majority believes in the media and can be fooled. It is this portion that drives the hopes of the section pushing in this fraud.