Science is not the goal.

ArtStation - "Harmony of Science and Spirituality", Anupam Hemrom

Science is a process. It is expected to be an impartial non conflicted inquiry using accepted tools to ascertain a relative truth. That relative truth is the goal. The subject being probed determines the process. A broad agreement determines the tools. It is not infallible. Subject to errors. Subject to reexamination. Subject to multiple findings that may be contrary to each other. The finding can contradict established assertions and therefore there is a huge chance the process may be corrupted by powers to be. Science is subservient to the objective and not the master. Subjects holding sway over it are an evolving process as knowledge expands, as wisdom demands.
The process of inquiry that we claim to be unique to our age has been used since ages. Used with more precision. Less conflict of interest. More integrity and honesty. With better results. And with the intention to genuinely serve and benefit mankind. As a result we had agriculture, agricultural tools and techniques, ayurveda, astronomy, water conservation and storage structures, knowledge of the environment and its workings, unsurpassed knowledge on climate and weather, forest management, animal management, architecture, buildings that are still standing, temples that are beyond today's architects, war techniques weapons and tools, and philosophical expositions like Vedanta whose analytical tools are yet to be surpassed. Kings used science to frame accountable laws and systems to benefit the masses.
Science is by no means a modern invention.
Science was earlier subservient to Dharma. Dharma was laws based on natural laws and those that ensured the outcome was beneficial and nurturing to all, not just human beings. This Dharma is what is branded today as superstition. A dust cloud of arguments bolstered by paid actors has been created to ensure that natural and beneficial laws become unacceptable to society. Dharma has been replaced by isms. The isms are a partial way of looking at things without considering the holistic impacts. All the isms today serve to divide people and create conflicts so a particular section can rule and sway the public in the direction it wants. Religion too has been corrupted and fallen under this snare. The corruption has been deliberate by misinterpreting texts and hiding/ burning crucial texts and their followers. All religions have suffered this process so the conflicts can be heightened and remain unresolved.
Holism and the intention to benefit as opposed to harm and destroy can alone save the situation. This holism is best described by the prime scientist of spirituality Sri Ramakrishna. He said, to know about the wood apple (bael) you have to consider and know the outer hard covering, the inner soft core, and the seeds. You cannot consider just one and say you know about the wood apple. All elements have to be considered because they complement each other and form the whole. We miss this holism when we say that this group is better than the other, these subjects are to be condemned and these accepted, these issues and ideas alone must rule at the expense of others.
Remember the litmus test is whether the process of science leads us to issues that are beneficial to all of creation and continuation and in alignment with the laws of the universe. If this objective is not the goal the process cannot be called science. Its proponents cannot be called scientists.