Medical Education: Vast but destructive.

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In my childhood I had participated in a play called "The invention of shoes". It was about a king of the pre shoe era who was inconvenienced by the muddy fields in his kingdom which he had to traverse by foot. He invited suggestions from the people as to how the problem could be overcome. A butcher came forward with the suggestion that the whole kingdom be covered by the hides of animals. While the people cheered, the king sensed that there has to be a better solution. He called a cobbler. The cobbler said it would suffice if each foot was covered in leather. The shoe was born.
Present medical education is as per the advice of the butcher. The students are taught about all possible inner mechanisms of the physical body in parts without considering the whole. While the knowledge is fine but its vastness is a daunting task for the student who intrinsically knows he may use only a fraction of that knowledge in practice which actually happens. Much of current medical knowledge does not serve the needs of the practitioner. Rather the massive texts pander to the ego of the practitioners and make them forget their primary objective of keeping people healthy. It programmes them to believe that it is the fate of mankind to be sick. The toxic interventions they indulge in create disease. Disease is essentially about toxic build up within the body and in the environment.
On the other hand the holistic systems observe the outward functions of the body and mind as a whole and relate it to the surrounding environment. They observe the normal functions, note the deviations, surmise the reasons of the deviation and study the means to set things right so the person can function normally again. The student is not burdened, obtains an education that is fulfilling, and humanity benefits from non interfering healing systems.
The bedrock of holistic systems is non interference. The body knows how to function. It knows how to heal itself. The person can be empowered with the knowledge of self care. The environment needs to reflect nature in its pristine form. The healer needs to be aware, vigilant and respond by strengthening the powers and defenses of the body once it faces a challenge. The result is health at all levels. The healthy body and mind performs at its peak displaying all the fine qualities that human beings are endowed with. Right thinking individuals set up a self sustaining society where all are cared for and nurtured. Humans seek to progress through art forms, philosophy, self inquiry, and seek knowledge that can heighten awareness and go beyond human limitations. History is witness to such societies in all parts of the globe.
When the fine balance of health is disturbed the whole system suffers. Reductionist and mechanical systems of medicine that seek to profit from a high interference model wreak havoc at the scale that we witness today. If human beings fall sick they become egoistic and sadistic and destroy everything in their path. It is a fall from heaven status deluded by the promises of Lucifer who seems suave and intelligent but whose intent is devious.
Health is about vitality. Vitality is ensured when all moral and ethical rules are followed and the natural cycles are maintained. Energy derived from food, sunshine and activity is the fuel that keeps the body running and judicious use of that energy adds to the vitality. Normal shocks are absorbed by the system, the body adjusts to the environment and changes in it and emerges the winner gaining from such experiences. The results are also epigenetically passed on to subsequent generations leading to a higher evolution.
We need to change our stance. Health is about common sense. The natural instincts of every person and the voice of conscience within are the foot soldiers of health. Health requires a proper system of education. Therefore the healers need to study the entire ambience around health and set personal examples to follow. The healers need to be masters in ethics and its rules which they must follow rigorously for the sake of the society. It is the knowledge, skills and sacrifice of the healer that keeps society healthy and functioning at the highest altruistic level.
The success of the healer is reflected not only in the health of individuals but also in the state of the society and the environment it lives in.
In view of the above watch the present state of health of self and individuals around you and also the way the society functions, and the state of the environment surrounding us, to determine if modern medicine is beneficial and ought to be the dominant medical system.
Present day doctors need to shed their immense egos and their false sense of knowledge to become healers who are beneficial to society. If they are able to do so they can overcome the gargantuan negative karma they have acquired by destroying health, the fabric of society, and thereby facilitating the rape of the environment.
But as far as I observe they are not willing to do so. They believe things will be magically set right and they can continue on their erroneous path enriching themselves and the pharmaceutical industry in the process.