I can stop corona without the vaccine.

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Big Pharma has its magic tricks. I too know magic. In fact I can do it without any drugs. I need the power to do what I want; the power that is vested in the system. So how will I do it?
- I will ensure that the media stops talking about the virus
- I will stop this tracing and testing that only reinforces the fallacy that we are dealing with a deadly disease
- I will do away with all the talk about lockdowns and stop people from strutting about with masks that programme people to believe there is an epidemic
- I will ensure that the real cause of death is mentioned in the death certificate
- I will order that influenza once again be called influenza and respiratory diseases get back their names
- I will get the Presidents and Prime Ministers to declare that the coronavirus has been eradicated
The tremendous benefit my method provides is that people do not die from any vaccine or become genetically modified with one. There will also not be any second wave. And the people dying from the treatment will be saved. They can once again be treated for the diseases they really have. People who do not have any disease will be spared the ignominy of being called, "asymptomatic carriers". The economy will revive and people can start working and earning again.
These are exactly the steps that will be taken once the vaccine appears on the scene. The sheep that are programmed to believe vaccines eradicate disease will fall for it hook line and stinker.
Another step that will be taken is other disease names will be invented for what will essentially be vaccine adverse effects. Medicines will be found and profitably mass marketed for them. The number of vaccines administered will become the health indicator and proof that the virus has been eradicated.
People will fall at the feet of pharma for having saved them from a catastrophe.
It has always happened this way.