Covid 19: Is it just a virus?

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A virus?
The more you dip into this crisis the more you wonder if a virus alone can cause this conundrum. From what we know so far, the following hypothesis can be offered;
- Past vaccinations have primed the immune system. This is a toxic shock syndrome (observed in excessively vaccinated children) that has ironically been noted during the trials of earlier Sars, Mers and coronavirus vaccines. The vaccinated animals have reacted violently with aggravated symptoms and died when exposed to the virus. The assertion of Dr Judy Mikovits that elderly who had received the high dose flu vaccine of last season have died in large numbers has to be taken very seriously. She is one of the topmost experts on the subject. This is also why Indians who have returned from abroad are being affected. Annual flu shots are mandated in many countries. The vaccination status should be inquired into and recorded. That will hold the key.
- There must be efforts to find out what the treatment is doing. Those with multiple chronic diseases are already taking a bevy of drugs. And as treatment they are being administered drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and anti virals. In themselves these drugs are extremely toxic and can cause organ damage and death as well as psychiatric disorders. Ventilators can and do immensely complicate matters. It has already been pointed out that most of these patients are suffering from thrombosis and need careful use of anticoagulants. If they are suffering from skin eruptions and diarrhoea it should be construed that the body is trying to detoxify. Stopping these detoxification mechanisms will lead to sepsis and multiple organ failure. It would be interesting to see how these patients fare without any interventions. Though the symptoms would be severe mortality rates would fall as those who still have a strong vitality would detoxify and recover. Aggressive interventions seem to reduce the severity of symptoms but lead to increased mortality.
- 5G and EMF are not the causal factor but they would certainly be aggravating factors. If one studies 5G impacts on health one would be surprised at how similar the symptoms are. The worst outcomes are being observed in locations where 5G has been installed. Wuhan had an intense 5G network that I understand has been dismantled following the outbreak but I am not sure. Today's hospitals use a bevy of equipment that require wireless and emit radiation. They are certainly complicating matters.
- The virus if enhanced with gain of function tools or accelerated to evolve would certainly be something to worry about particularly as an Indian study has pointed out HIV insertions. It could be aggravating the immunity related complications. If there has been such an attempt can we put our faith on the same system that caused it? Can we believe that the same forces that caused this crisis are now trying to save us with mRNA and DNA vaccines? Did they suddenly have a change of heart or are they trying an aggravated form of offence? Is that why they are warning we will have waves and waves of the disease, each more serious than the other? Can we trust their intentions? If this is a war our intelligence wings must operate in full force.
The answer to this crisis would be to increase health status and immunity. There appears to be no other way. Populations have to be healed and fast. Measures that destroy god given health and inherent natural immunity would be the last thing we want.
Governments, if they care for people, should also investigate all laboratories dealing with deadly bacteria and viruses and immediately close down research efforts towards evolving more contagious and deadly strains. These laboratories have been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons and have veritable stock of weapons grade material. There should be international efforts to locate and destroy this stockpile. They are more potent and destructive than nuclear stock piles. We have no defence against them.