Coronavirus: We need to de-hypnotize ourselves.

The uses and abuses of hypnosis | Human Givens Institute

Coronavirus is taking advantage of impaired immunity in populations subjected to extreme interventions without concern for consequences. The solution being offered that we need to protect the elderly alone will not really work as the young too no longer enjoy the benefits of a naturally strong immune system. The nadir has been reached. Populations experimented upon for more than 200 years have turned fodder for an engineered war.
There needs to be an end to the blind assault that is taken forward by pharma and people in its payroll. They detail everything beginning from education (Fauci is an author of the Harrisons textbook). This battle needs to be taken out of conventional education. My advantage is I have also studied what other systems have to say. I have found tremendous merit in those systems and that knowledge has enabled me to understand the issue better. I think we need to collectively walk away from this false paradigm. We cannot depend on a system that has manipulation as its forte. There have been geniuses at work working according to a master strategy. We have to give it to them that they have managed to hypnotize the majority for such a long period keeping them fixated on short cuts while slaughtering populations at will.
If you read Operation Paperclip and know how the Nazi masterminds were allowed to slip out of Germany and Nuremberg, given alternative identities and absorbed into the system you understand the origin of these strategies. The best of brains have been at work.
Prior to this we see how ideas that take public fancy led to discoveries that appear logical on the surface but do not lead to health and cures. This approach suited the then practitioners who found income, patronage, employment and fame. Some of them, the most notable ones, did confess they were wrong in their death beds. As a result the entire profession has never focused on health and well being but continued debating on whether one short term reductionist method was better than the other.
That holds the key. Should we compromise on matters of health and look only for short term measures that perpetuate sickness or should we go the whole hog and try to ensure health for populations? The other systems prefer this approach and repeatedly warn about pitfalls. The ethical background of these systems have indirectly predicted what is happening now by warning practitioners against short term measures for the sake of profit. Healing is a welfare measure and involves self reflection and self sacrifice. One has to sacrifice not only the desire to earn beyond what is due but also sacrifice ones preconceived notions to comprehend the truth.
Health is philosophical in origin (the roots from space or akasha as defined in Samkhya are difficult to establish but can be comprehended by cogitation and intellect) and the practice is an art that requires the participation of conscience that guides. Only a person who is healthy, in full control of oneself, and well versed in moral and ethical principles can go on to study these systems in detail and obtain the holistic 360 degree view that is required. The reality is vastly different from what we imagine it to be.
Health is about the whole. It can never be acquired in parts. Health is dynamic, not mechanical. A system is dynamic only when it is allowed to operate in unison and in synchrony with the environment. A dynamic system and its environment cannot be interfered with with a reductionist approach and expected to keep functioning as whole. Another point to be noted is the system and its environment are not geared to terminate life. In its natural form the whole system is geared to produce and perpetuate life. That photograph of a bud breaking forth on the surface of the scorched earth after a nuclear bomb was dropped in Hiroshima points out the tremendous power of the life giving principle on earth.
Our war against disease and its agents must be seen in that light. Dis-ease is about rectification, adjustment, and learning. Faced with a danger the body responds by changing its parameters. Faced with poisoning the body seeks to fight the poison and throw it out. Faced with pathogens the body seeks to employ the encounter for mutual benefit and emerge stronger. All these attempts are to take life forward, not terminate it. There is benefit in every battle. Everything works according to a plan.
Our duty is to teach a person how to preserve vitality (the most important component of health), make the most of life, and continue to preserve the natural order of things with compassion and understanding.
That brings us to vitality. This takes us beyond the physical and into the realm of energy. It is energy that keeps the body going. We know a little bit of it when we study the mitochondria. Anything that depletes this vitality leading to energy imbalance leads to disease. Proceeding further we arrive at positive and negative energies, static and moving energy. When we study the play of energy within the system and how it is impacted by the environment we realize the fine and subtle forces that impact life on earth. We know those energy fields as the aura, nadi's and chakras or the energy points aligned with the spine. Hence the early physicians (both eastern and western) studied astrology and were rewarded with knowledge of the fine energies within the body as well!
This also makes us understand why the philosophers assert that the microcosm and macrocosm are the same. The universal working is reflected within the working of the body. Just as the movement of planets is reflected within the movement of particles around the nucleus in every atom. When we move in this direction we realize that the universe follows the same basic rules everywhere and is a living thinking entity. We exist as the entire manifest universe!
When the physicians understand this and can preserve the rhythm of the body in tandem with the working of the universe health and happiness result. The yogic physical and breathing exercises detailed in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras have this benefit on the physical plane. They then move on to the next realm that is the goal. To reach the all pervading, all knowing, all embracing energy substratum known to us as Brahman that is our real nature and become one with it to become free from the world of duality and its attendant problems.
Life has a purpose and it is the duty of the physicians to know what it is. Health is a small but significant component of the grand order of things. Only those who understand the whole can lead the world towards harmony and deliver us from this crisis.