Coronavirus vaccine is coming

A vaccine is coming.
We cannot have any safe and effective vaccine for coronavirus, or for that matter for any virus. The abject failure of the flu vaccine is testimony to that. But a vaccine is coming. It will be something like this;
- A mRNA or DNA vaccine that will be injected and followed up by an electrical zap for the body to integrate it in its genome. This has been revealed
- It will contain an enzyme called Luciferase
- It will be followed by a skin deep tattoo which is what Vaccine ID 2020 is about. The tattoo will contain medical information that you are vaccinated. This could be chip based. Dust like chips are available today. This information too is public
- The above process is not new. It has been researched since the early 90's at least since the hunt for the AIDS vaccine was on. Things picked up with experimental vaccines for West Nile Virus and Zika (With Fauci's involvement). This process of an injection and an electrical zap is how animals get genetically modified as revealed by Dr Andrew Kaufman. The quest for an universal flu vaccine was also about many such weird efforts.
- mRNA and DNA vaccines have a controversial history. They have very serious and irreversible long term consequences. Each individual can react differently to them. They have remained at the experimental phase and no company agreed to produce and market them for obvious reasons. If death does not come to relieve you after you get one, you will be pushed into a hell that the devil would not be able to design better
- The race for a vaccine and the 200+ projects must have begun only on the assurance that there will be universal vaccination. Otherwise the big shots would never have jumped in. They will also be provided legal immunity
How will the vaccine be enforced?
Currently surveys reveal populations are increasingly suspicious about the intentions behind the coronavirus epidemic. Despite brainwashing many have retained their ability to think for themselves. Therefore this vaccine programme will face opposition. How will the opposition be countered?
- There may not be an effort to mandate vaccines. Public will be told the vaccine is optional. But circumstances will make it mandatory by linking it to your continuance in society. You will submit because you will need the vaccine ID to continue your job, get access to public places, get government benefits, travel, and get medical facilities. You refuse and you become a pariah. You starve
- The vaccine will be first given to those in the health care sector. This segment is in no position to refuse any vaccine. As the vaccine will be about mid and long term consequences, the paucity of immediate reactions will be used to convince the rest of the population that the vaccine is safe.
- Already the US FDA says 40% of the public needs to be vaccinated. Now who will be keeping watch on that figure? That figure is simply to lull populations into believing they will have a choice.
The intention behind such vaccines is to disturb and control populations. They will have serious consequences on public behaviour. You will need a critical mass to disturb the whole. The disturbance will become an excuse to push in stricter control and heavy use of force. Zombies can be dealt with in any manner possible and the public will cheer under the impression that good is being done.