Coronavirus: Some scientific reminders

IMAGES: What New Coronavirus Looks Like Under The Microscope : NPR
Some scientific reminders;
- Panic, fear and health anxiety dumb down the immune system
- Despite some telling us we cannot strengthen the immune system it is a fact that immunity can be strengthened with herbs and health building measures. Our Ministry of AYUSH headed by an able and fearless Minister has wonderful recommendations
- Our Health Minister is a doctor, known to be a very honest and capable person, and he has kept his head. He is doing his job very well under the circumstances. He has an able team
- Despite the scare being created with figures of rapid spread and death, facts point out majority of cases are mild and are recovering
- Despite the constant drumbeat about non toxic health building measures being quackery, fact is 85% of Chinese cases were treated successfully with traditional Chinese medicine and also Vitamin C
- Doctors in India are keeping the authorities abreast of all the measures adopted worldwide
- Let us also be aware that corporate science is currently spinning like a mad top on its head unable to figure out which toxin in its arsenal will work
- Doctors are more worried than the rest of the population and rightly so. Some sitting in their plush offices are manipulating things for their masters
- Fact remains we are not certain about the origin of the virus. Viruses have rarely behaved in this fashion on their own
- Currently hygiene, isolation, and self distancing are the best measures. Removing all panic and needless fear was recommended by Florence Nightangle centuries ago. Let us bow down to her and her selfless team
- Fact remains that our best of ethical doctors do not believe a vaccine can save us. Doctors are enraged a certain philanthropist is drumming up false hope with his misplaced philanthropy
- Let us have full faith that we can overcome. Things will get worse in the short term as more and more people test positive but intelligent and sane persons must understand panic gets us nowhere
- The media too suffers conflict of interest. This has been pointed out by very senior media persons who are flaying the corrupt sections writing under pharma influence, both in print and social media
- And yes, let us not make this crisis a political one. All political parties are working in the right direction. Saving lives ought to be the priority
- It would be wonderful if all switch off their TV sets and read books they missed out leading hectic lives. Relax people. We have faced real crises.
Dr Hippocrates and Sir William Osler the best brains that the world has produced would have been ashamed of what a certain group are up to today. They would have no doubts in their mind that an integrated approach is the best approach.