Coronavirus: Some facts for sanity.

Coronavirus in India: COVID-19 cases cross 1,000; death toll 27

Some facts for sanity.
- We are composed of 380 trillion viruses. We owe our lives and its various crucial functions to them. Collectively the viruses within us are known as the virome. We cannot exist without the virome.
- A virus is not a live self sustainable entity. It is mostly a cell fragment. Cells release genetic information contained in capsules to communicate among themselves and perform functions. So these are instruction material. They do not have any intelligence of their own let alone malicious intent to kill people. They require a medium to stay alive. Their structure may change according to the nature of the medium.
- Very few viruses can naturally be linked to diseases. A handful of viruses from monkeys, rodents and bats, dogs and cats, can cause diseases in humans if they are put to stress and the human body subject to them is susceptible. They may be a protection system used by the animal world to keep away predators. The solution is to stay away from dangerous species by staying away from their habitat and have a humane and loving approach towards domesticated species
- Even if a zoonotic (animal origin) virus infects humans it is far more difficult to cause human to human transmission. This fact was laboriously pointed out by virologists during the swine flu scam. That was how the world came to know about laboratory viruses
- The human body is built for life and health. All of its components have an innate capability to protect itself from harm. Diseases in themselves are misunderstood. They are an effort of the body to a) detoxify b) adapt to the environment c) evolve by learning as a result of the exposure. The body actually gains from the encounter. The learning is passed to subsequent generations as a part of cellular and innate immunity
- The current effort to ascribe malicious intent to viruses and attribute them to massive damage within body is to hide effects of the myriad toxins in food and environment, induce fear, and sell medicines and vaccines.
- Vaccines are responsible for foreign viruses being found within the body. They use animal, avian and insect cells and viruses and consequently their serum so that those cells and viruses can stay alive within them. Vaccines are prepared by injecting antigen and other matter into other animals and then using their serum. The body has little defence against such direct injections. In the process the body gets confused and starts attacking itself resulting in autoimmune conditions.
- Medical texts record how foreign viruses are routinely found in vaccines that have grave consequences for vaccinated individuals. We have no count as to how many foreign viruses have crossed over. Notable lapses were the small pox and polio vaccines. Research in that direction is actively discouraged. We know about Eddie Murphy who found carcinogenic simian viruses in the polio vaccines. Her lab was shut down
- Just as antibiotics do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, the anti viral medications are a threat to the entire 380 trillion viruses within us. As viruses perform vital functions, some known many unknown, they have unpredictable consequences. In the swine flu scam, many of those consuming the anti viral Tamiflu ended up taking their lives.
- As virologists have pointed out, it is not easy to isolate viruses and prepare them to be examined under electron microscopes. The reason they fail the Koch Postulates. The very process of preparing samples destroy the viruses. The microscopes too emit heat. Thus those pictures of viruses we see are either cell fragments or drawings by artists. Drawings that capture our imagination by portraying them as vicious predators.
- Viral diseases that have been named mostly began after vaccines were used to invade our system and toxins became a part of our food and environment. These diseases are the body's desperate attempt to detoxify. They often involve exosomes; virus like particles the body employs to fight extreme and unnatural toxins.
- Massive funds have been used to study viruses and make them lethal so that they can become bio weapons or further the interests of the drug companies so they can benefit from selling medications. The swine flu scam is a glaring example. Dr Judy Mikovits has alleged the Ebola epidemic was a result of laboratory experimentation. She has said it takes hundreds of years for animal origin viruses to mutate, if at all. Research is actively speeding up the process.
The current crisis is thus suspect. It may be a ruse being used for other motives.