Coronavirus: The race for a vaccine.

 Why a coronavirus vaccine may take 18 months to reach the public
Race for a vaccine.
It is a free for all. Manufacturing facilities are being upscaled even before there is any product. 89 vaccine projects are in the race so far and the number is growing. Untested and unproven DNA based approaches that are known to have far reaching consequences are being tried.
Besides the big shots many small players have jumped in who have little experience and questionable lab protocols. Every one wants a share of the vaccine pie. The WHO has chosen Nigeria for experimentation. India has already signed on the dotted line. The developing populous countries are sitting ducks.
There is almost zero transparency about what could actually be taking place. While media reports point in one direction reports are filtering out about nanoparticles and military involvement that are under the radar.
Never before seen huge investments are being made. Through past agreements governments are committed to invest billions and also buy back the products. This scale of investment will be hunting for returns. The money poured into rolling out this juggernaut will ensure that caution is thrown to the winds. We are looking at a catastrophe of astronomical proportions.
The factors never considered are;
- The coronavirus symptoms are about an immune system gone awry - a cytokine storm. Vaccines are notorious for causing cytokine storm!
- Can the body be tricked? These vaccine manufacturers are claiming just that - they will trick the immune system.
- No two persons are the same. The best of immunologists cannot predict how an intervention can affect a person.
- Thanks to prior vaccines all are immune compromised, a contraindication for all vaccinations!
- These viral vaccines take decades to develop, if at all. We don't have vaccines against Sars and Mers and past coronaviruses because they led to disease enhancement and serious adverse effects in animal tests
- Therefore animal tests have been bypassed. Highly controversial CHIMP human trials involving huge and unknown risks to subjects are being carried out to hasten the process
- There is no genuine placebo testing. The Oxford vaccine is using a meningitis vaccine as placebo. Therefore safety can never be determined. Safety is not an issue that can be remotely considered while using such inherently risky procedures.
- Vaccines are not just about injecting an antigen. They contain adjuvants, preservatives, disinfectants, antibiotics, various types of serum, animal and avian cells and cells from aborted human fetuses. That is what the controversy is about. They cause deep seated inter generational harm.
- The industry, the lobbyists and vaccine administrators will be granted indemnity. There will be no fixing responsibility. Zero accountability.
- There will be no transparency about ingredients and processes. Vaccine manufacturers are protected by business laws.
- There will be no follow ups to determine how these vaccines are impacting populations. Everything will be brushed under the carpet in the rush to "save lives".
- Already drug adverse effects are being included into coronavirus symptoms. Organ damage, neurological problems, cyanosis, neuropsychiatric problems are being probably caused due to past vaccines, combination of Hydroxychloroquine and anti viral drugs, and due to use of ventilators. After vaccines are administered consequent deaths and adverse effects will be blamed on coronavirus
- The huge coronavirus vaccine industry will not become defunct after one vaccine shot delivered to 7.8 billion people. Therefore the shots will become yearly or even six monthly. Already Bill Gates has said it will be introduced into the childhood schedule
- As they will be administered first to healthcare workers it will cause a severe disruption in health services.
And the trillion dollar issue is as both virologists and immunologists have asserted a vaccine against coronavirus vaccine is foolishness and an impossibility, why are they vaccinating? What for? What is the agenda here?