Coronavirus: Complete chaos.

Mining coronavirus genomes for clues to the outbreak's origins ...

Complete chaos.
Reported symptoms change rapidly. Everyone has his choice of medicine and treatment. Measures like lockdown and distancing have become political issues. Opinions range from whether any pathogen even exists to whether it is a bio weapon. The role of medical institutions is under scanner. The media is being used to spin a certain narrative. Only those are happy who are concentrating on other things besides the so called epidemic.
What could be the truth? First we have to scissor through the obvious pharma tactics. The industry knows how to inflate figures, incentivize over reporting, club more than one disease together, deflect from the cause, ignore co factors, concentrate on the severe 0.01% and make it seem the norm, make emergency doctors the spokespersons, steer attention away from the vast majority who are asymptomatic, project them as the threat, suppress members of the profession who dare go against the narrative, and use the media to create a scare. The objective is always to project itself as the saviour, maintain its dominance, coerce governments into heavily investing in its products (whether tests or cures), and further weaken populations to create opportunities for growth. These tactics have existed since the 17th century when the profession was ruled by quacks. Degrees and formal education have only sharpened the strategy and made it more effective.
Next is it a Chinese virus? Definitely not. A very intricate network has probably been at work for a very long time. Very reputed institutions seem involved. The faces providing expert opinion seem to be the culprits. An old boys network seems to be behind it all. A President now threatens to sink the boat and therefore has to be slandered at any cost and made to seem the enemy of the people.
That brings us to the probable reason why a war like situation has been conjured unlike other times. The US election is ahead. One impeachment effort has failed. Those guilty face legal action. A past President and his wife who is no less than that position and their Foundation have a lot to lose if the current incumbent gains another term. A vast network of more than 150,000 of the most vile species and their shenanigans risk being exposed. The ongoing process of a one world government may suffer a setback. Or at least it may not be as severe as intended.
The stakes are very high. Those guilty are in a majority. A majority believe in their lies. A majority gain from their funding. Money and the resultant power is their main weapon. The media is at their beck and call. But. But the people are waking up. Because they understand that their lives and liberties are at stake here. They have seen this game earlier and they are fearful of the outcome. They have a Hobson's choice. The devil or the deep sea. For the sake of their core beliefs, for the sake of their children they should choose the deep sea and swim for their lives. The Lord and uncertainty are much better than certain slavery.
But yes the ultimate deception may still be around the corner. Many have the gut feeling this is just the beginning. The tribulation is yet to begin. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and focus on the unfolding scenario.