Astrologically the scenario is not good.

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Scenario not good.
Since last year our astrologers have been warning the indicators are not good. That the formation in the skies portend long term trouble ahead. How bad are things? This Indian year that will begin now indicates fear will rule throughout. The virus fear will wane somewhat after May but last till September. Again in December some other health scare will begin or the current one will surface again and that epidemic will exceed the intensity of the current one. Besides fear, anxiety and aggression too will rule. The year will witness two big catastrophes. One will be a historic one. It will be remembered for a long time to come. The neighbouring countries will become agitated with simmering discontent on the ground forcing the rulers towards misadventure. The weather will play truant like never before. Intense heat waves, untimely cyclones and floods are forecast. Agriculture will see ups and downs. Food crisis begins. Water woes will start appearing. The economy will suffer for a long time. The poor and particularly rural areas will witness a lot of distress. The astrologers point out this present crisis is a conspiracy against America and the plot was hatched in 2019. America will be shaken but will be back on its feet with its economy suffering a 25% hit. Stars foretell a warlike situation will prevail with tensions between nations. Those into long term predictions are saying there will be no let up in the years to come. This is a long term crisis with the years 2021 and 2022 being progressively worse. While the war will start in Asia, the big one will involve Iran. The seniors say it is a 14 year crisis and people will witness very hard times forcing them to turn Godwards again. A world war and a very big catastrophe will witness the end of the current way of life but survivors will continue to suffer as weather conditions, a short very harsh ice age, disrupted agriculture, and failing health will take its toll. From 2025 a new society will start organizing itself. From 2035 a spiritual age will begin with very advanced spiritual souls taking birth. It will last 1000 years. Lost knowledge will be regained. Many souls will strive hard and achieve liberation during that period. The findings match the prophecies of Achyutananda. According to it an Avatar has taken birth in 2007. This year is his 13th and he starts acting from now. The 14th and 15th years will be catastrophic. The truth will emerge in the 17th that is 2024. In that year the Avatar makes himself known. (Taraki thibu teraku. Chauda pandara lagiba hundara, sata upajiba sataraku). People will come to their senses and repent their ways. They will understand that ignoring the advice of the elders and spiritual teachers have cost them dearly and led them astray. Sri Aurobindo has prophecied the descent of the supermind. Sri Anandamurty has predicted a dharma based economic order. But all that will come after a lot of painful struggles.