Astrological Analysis of Solar Eclipse - June 2020

Annular Solar Eclipse 2020: When, where, how to watch in India and details  to keep in mind - Times of India

This eclipse is unusual for the planetary combinations that accompany it. Its impact will be felt by all countries in which it is visible. The Indian subcontinent, Europe, UK, USA and Latin American countries will feel the heat. The impact will be spread over a period of approximately four months. That is till mid October. The impacts may start showing from 15th June but the full impacts of such events and combinations take time and usually start happening after a period of three months. The eclipse will have mixed results but the adverse results will outweigh the good if any. Historic events are slated to happen.
This post is based on the prediction of senior astrologer and teacher Sri Umesh Mishra. He is well known for his knowledge and humility. He predicts according to the classical astrological texts and for this eclipse he goes to Barahamihira the great astrologer who was active in 500BC. Mishra ji provides indications. He does not sensationalize and prefers to be objective so as not to create panic. Since last year he has been warning the skies portend trouble. Those ridiculing him have now fallen silent.
You can go through his views here;
So what is he saying?
- Disease wise the eyes, throat, respiratory and nervous system will be affected
- It is not advisable to see this eclipse with naked eyes. Stay at home
- The people belonging to Mithun Rashi (Gemini) will be affected. They should guard against disease, accidents and unexpected bad impacts of their speech and actions. They should display self control all the four months. He also warns those who belong to the Kark Rashi (Cancer) who should not take risks
- One should pray to ones Ishta Devata (personal deity) as well as to Mother Kali and Hanuman and chant their Mantras very sincerely as they are the protective deities against this planetary combination
- This planetary combination will ensure global tensions. It will take away our sleep as events unfold
- In our part of the world India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar will be most affected
- Within India the North and South East face danger. Delhi, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, states on the coastal region in the Bay of Bengal will be affected
- Broadly multiple earthquakes, border wars, and accidents (particularly involving the sky) are possible. The earthquake part appears to be what astrologers fear from this eclipse. A regional war is also foreseen. The earthquake may involve the Indian subcontinent as well as the USA
- Apart from the eclipse, other planetary combinations indicate heavy rainfall and flooding in many states of India. I have already written about how an Almanac of Odisha has cautioned this year will be highly unusual. It talks about Dharma Yudh and how Dharma has decided to rise, fight and reclaim its domain. By Dharma is meant the natural order of things, not any religion
- I have also written that just like the present crisis was triggered by an unusual five planet combination with solar eclipse in 26th December 2019 (whose full impact was observed from March 24th 2020), another such strong combination is due in 9th February 2020. That combination denotes a drastically different governance system. It will be ruled by Saturn a very tough task master. I leave it to people to imagine what that will be
The astrologers are not trying to frighten us. They are warning us. They have been doing so since early 2019. Things have irreversibly changed now and it is foolish normalcy will return any time soon. The next three to four years will not be good for this civilization. According to Mishra ji a period of 14 years will test humanity. Some have said the coming 45 years will be full of struggles which is expected as when a big civilization falls it take time to reorganize. The added impacts of wars, huge natural disasters, and a possible mini ice age will make things difficult.
So will the projected and predicted Big Earthquake starting from Afghanistan to Myanmar happen now? Hope that does not happen as it will be a catastrophe that is difficult to imagine. But the swarm of earthquakes hitting North India and USA should make us wary.
We have entered the troubled phase. Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had warned us of these events. He had said science will take a break as nature takes over. Many unexpected and unnatural things will happen. He had told us that we would come to know that the process had begun. Indeed we have come to know. He had said one event would start following another and there would be no respite. Things would speed up when a vicious war starts. He had asked all to prepare for whatever comes indicating that wars and disasters affect all sections of the population and no one could claim to be protected against them.
What would our ancestors have done under such circumstances? They would have got together forgetting differences, repented for their actions, and prayed. We also should do likewise. This is not the time to be egoistic. This is not the time to reject the wisdom of our ancestors. If one delves into the hidden history one finds that the knowledge that we egoistically claim to belong to this age alone was there since ages with them. In fact they had far more potent knowledge and technology. They used it very judiciously knowing full well the murderous tendencies of humanity. That murderous tendency comes to the surface every four to five thousand years and many civilizations have fallen due to actions of psychopaths. As per Prabhupada quoting the scriptures this is the 84th big civilization on earth.
Once again the objective is to warn, not frighten. Please stay safe. Please stay connected to your God. Please be compassionate towards others. Please do all you can to help those who may suffer. We are all brothers and sisters travelling in the same boat.