Ensuring Oral Health

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The germ and virus theory has made people vulnerable to oral problems. Toothpastes and mouth rinses, junk food, addiction to sugar and sugary drinks, and veering away from traditional diets has made the dentist prosper. We take great care to clean our mouth and yet fall a prey to several diseases. But carnivores in the forest whose breath could kill possess healthy teeth and gums. Should make us pause and think.

The oral cavity is full of micro organisms. They assist in digestion and also help ward off harmful pathogens. The human saliva is a great healer. In tribal belts the first aid for injury is saliva. So why do we still suffer? That is because our actions disturb the harmony within the mouth.

Oral problems can involve deeper issues. Homeopathy tells us how tooth problems can have a tubercular background. Problems with cheek and gums can be syphilitic. These are very destructive states of the body and require suitable remedies. Extremely foul smell in the mouth and pyorrhea also indicate a deep seated problem.

Our first step towards oral health should be to discard toothpastes and mouth rinses. These are what makes most sick at several levels. You can use neem twigs, herbal powders or best make your toothpaste yourself.

A good toothpaste could be a combination of triphala powder, coconut oil, sea salt, and clove oil. Take triphala powder and add cold pressed organic coconut oil. Allow it to soak. The powder will totally absorb the oil. Then add some more of coconut oil. Add a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of clove oil. Your toothpaste is ready. As you start preparing the mixture you will get the proportions right. Both triphala and coconut oil are elixirs for the mouth. Many also use a mixture of sea salt and organic mustard oil to clean their teeth. In villages I have observed people use coal or wood ash from their mud stoves.

Swishing coconut oil in the mouth or oil pulling solves many oral problems. Clove oil is great for tooth pains. The homeopathic kreosote powder is also effective for people who suffer tooth problems. Biochemic Calcarea Phos 6x is good for teeth. Kali Mur is good for gums and cheeks. In inflammatory conditions Ferrum Phos helps.

One must strictly avoid antibiotics, vaccines and chemicals for good oral health. They are what have made dental and gum problems epidemics. Today children are the worst sufferers due to these interventions which induce tubercular and syphilitic traits in the body. One must also take care to have a healthy balanced diet. Avoid sugar and sugary drinks. Avoid things like chocolates and chewing gums. Water wash your mouth well after taking food. Never take allopathic medicated toothpastes.

For problems of a deep seated nature a homeopath is the best bet.