Medicine needs to change.

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In medical groups the subject of nutrition is slowly being discussed. But sadly the discussions are rarely centered around food but about food fortification and probiotics. This proves once again how medicine is fixated on quick fixes rather than on long term health and wellness. To really change, medicine ought to urgently shed some of its outdated theories.
- Giving names to diseases. This is a great stumbling block that takes away attention from the larger picture.
- Looking at disease as something to be fought on a war footing.
- The germ and virus theory really ought to go. Our entire concept of disease has changed thanks to advances in many fields.
- Looking at health as the desired objective instead of disease management.
- Thinking that existing theories and practices are scientific when they are purely business ideas.
But this change will perhaps never happen. This is because we are not dealing with a healing profession but a medical industrial complex that creates ideas so its products can be sold. What keeps this industry running?
- The pharmaceutical drugs and devices giants that need to sell their products. They have created the present form of medicine.
- Private hospitals that have entered into the business of medicine. Profits are their sole motive and they go to a frightening extent to achieve it.
- The medical insurance sector that generates the money to be looted.
- The private medical colleges that sell medical education at an exorbitant cost to produce indebted doctors who have no other go but to be agents in the hands of the industry.
- The formidable chain of powerful lobbyists placed in key positions who get handsomely paid to keep the falsehood running.
For medicine to change this entire system should collapse. Do you now realize how impossible it is?
What is the solution?
- Educate yourself to keep you and your family members at a distance from this killing machine.
- Adopt holistic systems of medicine.
- Invest in your food.
- Invest in health instead of falling for the disease propaganda.
The system will change only if it fails to find subjects to loot. So long as there are fools it will continue to operate.