"Godfather of vaccines" under oath.

The “Godfather of Vaccines” under oath. He thought he was going to convince the courts to go against one parent in a custody dispute. This went so bad for him that the lawyer removed his testimony from the legal battle.
So here it is: vaccine issues straight from the horse’s mouth.
In case anyone wants to get an idea of what was all talked about in the full 9 hour deposition of Stanley Plotkin. 👇
Pro-Vaxxers: If a well-respected individual on YOUR side of the debate (let's say the Godfather of vaccines) admitted UNDER OATH to the many dangers and corruptions within the vaccine industry - Would you then FINALLY wake up to the truth?If so, then PLEASE watch this deposition of Stanley Plotkin to find out many of the dangerous truths about vaccines. I know you don't want to trust #crazymothers like me but maybe if you hear this disturbing info from Stanley Plotkin (such as there being little to no support to factually say "vaccines do not cause autism", testing new vaccines on orphans and the mentally handicapped, there being absolutely NO proper double blind inert placebo safety studies done on vaccines etc.) maybe then, you'll FINALLY acknowledge that everything I am warning you about is in fact TRUE.🕘 Be warned - this deposition is 9 HOURS long - BUT I took the liberty of watching ALL 9 hours myself while writing down as many of the major key points so that you can skip ahead to what interests you the most, if you don't want to actually watch all of it yourself - You're welcome 😉 - I do however, still encourage you to watch it all and come to your own conclusions because there is a wealth of information in there.
1H:07M - Here they discuss the NIH (National Institute of Health) and their conflicts of interest with promoting vaccines - For example, they own patents on various vaccine related technology and receive royalties from them.  This is a great example of why you should NEVER just blindly trust authority (or anyone for that matter) - especially when they have financial ties to vaccines and the vaccine industry.
 1H:57M - Here they discuss the pertussis vaccine failing and why it's not working well.
 3H:34M - Here the pre-licensure of MMR2 is discussed and how it was grandfathered into the vaccination schedule without ANY pre-clinical trials to show its safety. Stanley Plotkin denies such a thing could happen (without having adequate evidence to support this statement) and simply says he just "KNOWS" that it was properly tested and that for some unknown reason the FDA must have just decided not to included this info on the package insert...🤔 Plotkin then goes onto express his opinion on vaccines saying that millions of children have receieved this vaccine and are just "fine", as if this justifies no pre-clinical trials being done prior to its licensure (which ultimately means they tested this vaccine on the general population without their knowledge or consent). He goes on to then talk about the "importance" of the vaccines and becomes very defensive with his (biased) opinion.
3H:51M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked to provide evidence of the missing pre-licensure clinical trials and at first Stanley Plotkin (essentially) says that he REFUSES to provide them this info but that the opposing party can read it in his book called "Plotkin vaccines - 7th Edition" that he brought with him. Stanley Plotkin is then asked to at least point them to the page in his book where it shows these particular clinical trials. Plotkin shuffles through the pages and eventually says he finds them; however, these were NOT the pre-licensure clinical trials that they were talking about and instead were POST-licensure studies and no placebo controls were used. **These missing clinical trials were not found in this deposition.**
 4H:38M - Here plotkin explains that you need to look at all the safety info available (pre and post licensure data) in regards to vaccine safety in order to know whether or not a vaccine is truly safe, rather than just looking at the pre-licensure studies. The lawyer says to him "so essentially what you are saying then, is that it IS important to consider peoples personal EXPERIENCES with vaccines too" even though he and many others almost always brush off these post-marketing experiences to be merely "coincidence" and not related since pre-licensure studies conducted by the vaccine manufacturer say they are "safe".
 4H:48M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked: If you want to determine the causality of an adverse event - such as an automimmume disease - shouldn't you do a double blind inert placebo test? - Stanley Plotkin answers: YES if you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE when determining causality through statistics. Indicating that true double blind inert placebo studies ARE essential in determining the safety effects of vaccines - yet they have NEVER been properly done with even one vaccine.
 4H:55M - Here the DPT and MMR vaccine in relation to Autism is discussed - using the 1991 IOM (Institue of Medicine) report.
5H:12M - Here the 2011 IOM report is discussed and they talk about how the IOM looked into 158 Serious Adverse Events that have frequently been reported following vaccinations. The HRSA (agency within HHS that defends against vaccine injury) had commissioned this report. Stanley Plotkin actually happens to be a reviewer on this specific report, even though he works for multiple vaccine makers. At the time, he was even receiving compensation from Sanofi as well as consulting for Merk and GalxoSmithKline - these are clearly conflicts of interest when assessing vaccine safety yet he was still on the report and this information was not disclosed in this report. While 14 of these serious adverse events reported WERE found to have suffient evidence showing a causal relationship with vaccines and 9 were proven NOT to have a causal relationship with vaccines, 135 reports did NOT have sufficient evidence to either support or reject a casual relationship between them and vaccines. In otherwords, there is very LITTLE science being done to properly assess the safety and/or dangers of the vaccines being given to our children.
5H:20M - Initially in this deposition, Stanley Plotkin had said that encephalitis/lupus is definitely NOT a result from vaccinations - particularly speaking the Hep B vaccine. But in the IOM report of 2011, after looking into all of the science, the IOM declared that there was absolutely NO evidence to either support or reject their potential relationship with vaccines. Stanley Plotkin goes on to say that in the ABSENCE of data he ASSUMES there is NO connection since there is technically no proof otherwise 😳 How is this "settled science"?
5H:25M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked if he knows what the conclusion of the 2011 IOM report says concerning the DTaP and TDaP vaccine with its potential relationship to Autism. Stanley Plotkin says that he is not sure but is confident that they reject the connection between them. Stanley Plotkin is then informed that the IOM report actually states in the Causality Conclusion that "The evidence is INADEQUATE to either accept OR reject a relationship between these vaccines and autism." In other Words they could not find a SINGLE study that proves or disproves the relationship between DTaP/TDaP and autism. So when he says vaccineS don't cause autism, HE (The Godfather of vaccines) is spreading misinformation. 💁
5H:31M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked: In the absence of data and scientific literature, wouldn't it be PREMATURE to say that vaccineS don't cause autism when there isn't even proof to say one way or another if the DTaP/TDaP vaccine cause autism? - Plotkin is also asked: As a scientist, can you really say "vaccineS don't cause autism" without this imperative information? - Instead of simply answering the questions, Stanley Plotkin does a run around and avoids answering the questions entirely and then goes on to try and talk about the "importance of vaccines" and how "deadly" these diseases are. Stanley Plotkin is asked these questions again (a couple of times in fact) and FINALLY at 5H36M, Stanley Plotkin answers the question and says: As a scientist or logician, NO I cannot say that vaccines don't cause autism BUT as a practicing physician I can say vaccines don't cause autism..... 🤔 WAIT, WHAT? Did you all just HEAR/READ that? So basically, he says that even though he knows that there is absolutely NO science to support this statement, he still feels comfortable telling parents for a fact that vaccines don't cause autism because he wants to make sure the parents give their children vaccines (that he profits from). 🙄🙄Stanley Plotkin then goes onto to try and justify this irrational thinking and misinformation by bringing up leprosy and saying how "there's no proof vaccines cause or don't cause leprosy either but yet he's also comfortable saying vaccines don't cause leprosy" - which is a ridiculous comparison to make sense NOT ONE person has ever claimed a vaccine causing leprocy (at least that I've heard anyways) whereas HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of parents have claimed vaccines causing autism. At 5H:44M this topic finally comes to an end when Stanley Plotkin is asked: Shouldn't you at least wait to say "vaccines don't cause autism" until you have the SCIENCE to support that statement? And unsurprisingly, Stanley Plotkin answers "no" saying he doesn't wait to make that statement since he simply BELIEVES this to be true  this is a PERFECT example of how vaccinations are more of a religion/belief system than anything else.
 5H:46M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked why they will not do a comparative study between Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated children when they have the system and data to do so - especially since they are constantly doing efficacy studies all the time. Stanley Plotkin says that he cannot answer this question because he doesn't know why but then goes on to once again try and talk about the importance of vaccines.
5H:53M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked if it is correct that the CDC buys hundreds of millions of dollars worth of vaccines every year - and Plotkin says yes that sounds about right Great example of why you should NOT just blindly trust what the CDC says about vaccines, since they themselves are not an independent agency in regards to vaccines.
 6H:07M - Here Stanley Plotkin is presented with the one and only study ever done that compares the health outcomes of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated children and they discuss the results.**Spoiler Alert - Unvaccinated children have significantly better health outcomes than vaccinated children in this study**
 6H:26M - Here they discuss Dr. Peter Aaby's study results regarding the DTP vaccine (which Dr. Peter Aaby created). His study showed that his own vaccine significantly increased the risk of DEATH in those who received this vaccine compared to those who did not receive it.6H:42M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked if he knows whether or not aluminum (when injected) can travel to the brain. Plotkin says nonchalantly that he doesn't know for sure but would NOT be surprised if it can. Stanley Plotkin is then shown a couple of studies from reputable scientific journals, which show that after injecting aluminum into mice and rabbits, the aluminum can later be found in their brains and as a result can cause neurological disabilities. 😳
 6H:58M - Here Stanley Plotkin is given a copy of Dr. Chris Shaw's letter in which he addresses the CDC, HHS, FDA, WHO and NIH and informs them of his serious concerns with aluminum being injected into children. **Dr. Chris Shaw specializes in studying aluminum**
 7H:05M - Here they discuss some of the ingredients of vaccines including monkey kidney cells, calf bovine serum, and guinea pig embryos.
 7H:18M - Here they begin to discuss the use of aborted fetal cells.
 7H:27M - This part here goes over which vaccines have/uses aborted fetal cells and how much of it actually remains in the actual vaccines themselves.
7H:30M - Here they discuss the unintentional and harmful viruses that have been found in vaccines, such as SV-40 which caused cancer (and death) in hundreds of thousands of people from the polio vaccine.
7H:43M - Stanley Plotkin is asked how many fetuses he has used in his work regarding vaccines. Plotkin first tries to say only 2 with a loop hole in the question, but then is later forced to admit that he used SEVENTY-SEVEN babies in just ONE of his studies!
7H:50M - Stanley Plotkin is asked if he has ever used orphans for experimental vaccines and Plotkin answers YES!!! 😱 He is also asked if he has ever used the mentally handicapped for experimental vaccines as well and Plotkin says that he cannot "recall" if he has, but that it was not unusual to do so in the 1960s and so he possibly could have. 😳 Stanley Plotkin is then shown an article called "Attenuation of RA 27/3 Rubella Virus in WI-38 Diploid Cells". In it, it states that -13 seronegative mentally handicapped children were given RA 27/3. 😡 The attorney then asks if Stanley Plotkin has ever expressed that "it is better to experiment on those who are less likely to contribute to society" and Stanley Plotkin answers yes he has but that his mind has changed since then.
7H:55M - Stanley Plotkin is asked if he's ever used babies of mothers in prison for experimental vaccines and Plotkin again answers YES!! 😱 He is also asked if he's ever used individuals under Colonial rule for experimental vaccines and again he answers YES. 😳
 8H:03M - Here Stanley Plotkin is asked if people can have a valid reason not to vaccinate due to their own religious reasons and Plotkin answers NO 😡 (as if his own person beliefs - or lack of - overrides anyone else's personal beliefs). He is then asked if he has an issue with religious beliefs and Plotkin says YES. 🙄
 8H:35M - Here they discuss how someone vaccinated with IPV can STILL become infected with polio (typically without symptoms) and can ultimately cause the transmission of polio to another person without warning.  Great example of how even when vaccinated, it doesn't stop you from transmitting disease/illness (often times with being asymptomatic) and as a result you can be even MORE of a danger to infants and the immunocompromised than those who are simply not vaccinated.
 8H:41M - Here they discuss how the tetanus vaccine was introduced in the late 1940s when there was merely 4 cases (not deaths) of tetanus per 1 million people a year, according to CDC pink book.
 8H:43M - Here they discuss VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) numbers regarding the tetanus vaccine. Between 2008-2018 there were 985 DEATHS reported (just regarding tetanus containing vaccines alone). That's about 98.5 deaths per year. Additionally, 23,981 hospitalization visits as well as 1,256 permanent disabilities were also reported within that ten year time frame. They go on to discuss how on the "Electronic Support for Public Health - Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System" study that was conducted by Harvard with a grant from HHS, says on page 6 that FEWER than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are actually reported to VAERS.They discussed how in this report it states that in the beginning, the CDC was cooperating and helping the grant recipients with this report. However, after collecting the data and generating over 35,000 vaccine reports and then Harvard wanting to submit these reports to VAERS while making it automated so that reports like this could continue to be reported on, the CDC refused to do so and no longer cooperated in working with them on this report. Other government reports have estimates similar to VAERS and governmental reports like this one, shows that the reporting to VAERS is really low.