Discussion: Scope of Homeopathy in Managing Diabetes Mellitus

Proceedings of session:
"The Scope of Homeopathy in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus"
Venue: Jaybharat Sabhagruha, Bhubaneswar
Date: 26th October 2019
Arranged by: Maa Janaki Swasthya Mission
- Dr Ashok Mishra, MD (Hom). Former Associate Professor, Dr Abhin Chandra Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar, and Former President, State Board of Homeopathic Medicine, Odisha.
- Dr Rathindra Nath Dutta, MD, Founder Director, Spiritual Homeopathy Hospital and Research Centre, Bhubaneswar and Advisor, Odisha Homeopathic Druggist Association.
Mr Jagannath Chatterjee of Maa Janaki Swasthya Mission welcomed the participants. He spoke about the objectives of the Mission and how it seeks to help the increasingly sick population. The regular monthly discussion sessions that intend to present all sides of health and disease and therefore create awareness on methods of healing is only a part of a larger goal. That larger goal is setting up a charitable hospital with outpatient and inpatient facilities where doctors of different modalities would ethically offer their services. People have forgotten how to take care of their sick relatives and are admitting them in large hospitals. This process is costly and not without attendant dangers. There is need for charitable hospitals who stick to ethical principles and help the people recover their health. The Mission will also start holding free health camps where both consultations and medicines will be offered for free. Health camps involving naturopathy and yoga experts will teach people how to stay healthy and heal their body and minds on their own, thus empowering people. He requested all present to volunteer their resources and services so as to take the work forward.
The day's subject is about homeopathy which is a form of body - mind - spirit healing; a complete and holistic healing method. The people of Odisha are waking up to the capability of homeopathy. Earlier they used to laugh at homeopaths with the words, Hati ku homeopathy, meaning small pills for an elephant! Ironically homeopathy began in India when Maharaja Ranjit Singh invited the famous German homeopath Dr Honigberger to treat his favourite horse who was suffering from an incurable ulcer. When Dr Honigberger cured him with a few doses the Maharaja was impressed. Later when the Maharaja himself suffered from paralysis of the vocal chord and edema and he did not get any relief from other systems he called him again and predictably was cured. Dr Honigberger settled in Bengal where the intellectuals of the time learnt from him and homeopathy spread throughout India.
The programme then began with the garlanding of Lord Dhanwantari who is the God of Ayurveda as 26th October is celebrated in India as Ayurveda Day. Senior Ayurveds Dr Umesh Prusty and Dr Aditya Mishra garlanded the image and the participants offered flowers as respect. Dr Bishnu facilitated the process.
Dr Ashok Mishra began by describing Lord Jagannath. Jagannath is not alone but is a part of a foursome called the Chaturdha Murti. Jagannath, Balaram, Subhadra and Sudarshan. The foursome is the protecting force of the Universe in this Kali Yuga.

Similarly there exists four systems of medicine; Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga/Naturopathy to protect the people.
India discovered Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. Later arrived the science of Allopathy that was introduced by the British. Dr Christian Samuel Hahnemann, MD, who was a distinguished allopath, was acutely aware of the adverse effects of allopathy which he practiced. He wanted to discover a system of medicine that would cure people and be safe. His continuous thinking on the subject and a chance finding that the symptoms of Malaria resembled the poisoning symptoms of the bark of a tree, he was able to cure Malaria by using the potentized version of the same substance. He realized that the same substance that produced symptoms in gross form could cure the symptoms if given in a very minute dose. He continued to pursue this line of thought and discovered homeopathy that he declared in 1796.
How can homeopathy help in Diabetes? Diabetes is of two types Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus. While the former is about sugar in blood, the latter is about sugar in urine. It is Diabetes Mellitus that has become an epidemic. Diabetes Mellitus is of two types; Type 1 that constitutes 20% of those suffering while Type 2 or insulin dependent diabetes affects the other 80%. Our children are today suffering from type 1 diabetes.
It has been noticed in few cases that if infants are fed cow's milk due to inability of mother to provide breastfeeding those infants can proceed towards type 1 diabetes due to presence of Bovine Serum Antigen (BSA). But that may not be the only cause.
The other factor is impaired immunity. Children today do not receive the natural immunity provided by nature. They live a sheltered life confined to the house and thus have no exposure to nature. Therefore their immune system is defective.
Presently we are addressing diabetes by mechanically reducing blood sugar. But this is not the solution. We have to pay attention to other factors like diet and exercise. We must not overeat. That will make us obese and prone to diabetes.
Today people are puzzled about what they should eat. We can advise that keep oil to a minimum. Natural spices are beneficial. In case of oil we should not go beyond Mustard, Sesame, Groundnut and Olive oil. Today's refined oils must be avoided.
India has the highest number of diabetics. In India Tamilnadu has the highest incidence followed by Karnataka, Bihar and Odisha.
We the people of Odisha tend to overeat. We are also greedy about highly spiced and oily non veg food. Since the last many years we are also hooked to fast food and processed food. Many families today do not cook at home but are dependent on road side eateries for tasty and cheap food.
There are 70 million diabetics in India. In 10 to 15 years the figure will cross 100 million. The situation is alarming because diabetes comes with many serious implications called metabolic disorders.
Under the circumstances it becomes the duty of every doctor to educate the public so that the general population can adopt healthy lifestyles, healthy food and exercise. Simply taking allopathic drugs does not help in controlling diabetes. The dose thus has to be increased regularly and the patient feels trapped and has also to deal with adverse effects.
How can homeopathy help? Homeopathy treats the patient rather than the disease. Thus the patients must approach homeopaths who after detailed case taking can prescribe the indicated individualized medicine. It is not possible to have a standardized drug in homeopathy.
However as people have come here I can suggest they can start by taking some herb based tinctures that help in diabetes. They are to be used in combination.
1. Syzigium Jambolanum 10 drops
2. Cephalandra Indica 10 drops
3. Gymnema Sylvestre 10 drops
Total 30 drops in half cup of water. The dose has to be taken twice a day.
I appreciate the efforts of Maa Janaki Swasthya Mission to bring doctors of all modalities under one roof. Integrated medicine is the need of the day. All systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Doctors need to realize this for the benefit of their patients. Doctors of all systems must come together, know about the modalities, and understand how and when they should take the help of other modalities. It is only then that people's interest can be safeguarded and they can proceed towards health.
I now invite Dr R N Dutta to speak in more detail.

Dr Rathindranath Dutta then took over.
At Spiritual Homeopathy Hospital we have adopted a spiritual approach that needs probing to reach the core of the person.
All methodologies are different but the goal is one - to cure the patient.
Disease is Dis Ease at several levels.
What is Ease?
- Freedom from pain or trouble
- A state of being comfortable
- Lack of difficulty
- Relaxed and informal way of behaving
- Comfort of mind
When this state is disturbed we proceed towards Dis Ease.
Homeopathy and the philosophy of Yoga discovered by early Indian sages is very similar. Had Hahnemann known about this philosophy he could have done more.
Disease is not always external. Each person has a role in his disease.
There are two types of genes. One is the physical gene we inherit and the other is the spiritual gene or samskara that we carry to this life. We carry the soul gene from our previous births. This is today proven by the work of eminent international psychiatrists.
The combination of physical and soul gene categorizes every person and makes her or him unique. Spiritual homeopathy determines that uniqueness and prescribes a single remedy based on that uniqueness. Thus the person is treated as a whole and not just for a named disease. This approach is highly effective as it delves into the core of a person and leads to a transformation.
In one of the sessions the eminent endocrinologist specifically said that diabetes is a result of stress and wrong lifestyle. So we have to correct that. A drug cannot change a person at a deep level. It can only palliate. For changing the person a dynamic approach and force is needed. The well chosen potentized homeopathic drug can achieve that by working on the vital force and awakening it.
A normal person does not say he is diseased. He says so only after an abnormality develops. The disease first occurs at the mental and subconscious level. This creates the unease that then reflects on the physical plane as pathological change. Managing the pathological change alone does not cure the disease. That internal mental and subconscious unease must be probed and discovered. It is by changing that unease that the person starts recovering and the pathological symptoms also improve and disappear.
In a perfect situation if a person is conscious about this he can stay healthy and also move towards a cure with his own efforts. Healing is a subtle art.
You have to achieve comfort of mind. You can do this by analyzing yourself and then correcting oneself with meditation, yoga or any other method. When we are at ease we do not feel the body. The mind, body and emotions maintain a perfect balance.
Who gets the disease? Who says I am diseased? The "I". Behind every disease is the "I" and "Me". First the I and Me gets affected. Then the rest of the person gets affected.
Through Yoga Philosophy we can know about the five sheaths of the body.
- Annamoy Kosha - Food based
- Pranamoy Kosha - energy based
- Monomay Kosha - mind based
- Vijnanamoy Kosha - discernment based
- Anandamoy Kosha - bliss
We have to understand these sheaths and lead a suitable life to stay healthy at all levels. Yoga philosophy in it's full form enables us to live such a life and also improve ourselves so we can achieve the goal of life.
The Hahnemannian classification of Psora, Syphillis and Sycosis can be understood better when based on this philosophy.
Our immunity and well being depends upon soul, mind and body. Just the physical cannot suffice.
We can be affected by pathogens only when we have a weakness or susceptibility within.
The body always tries to be at the peak of health, protect itself and the internal organs. The disease enters through the mind - the Manomoy Kosha. This is what Hahnemann discovered and termed it Psora - the mental itch.
The Atman or the Soul always wishes us well and instructs us at every moment. It acts as the conscience. When man disregards this conscience and acts against it in his attempt to fulfill his desires he moves away from the protection of the Soul and becomes diseased. The mind when disturbed acts like a magnet to invite disease.
The person takes birth in a family that can help counter his past tendencies. THUS THE ROLE OF PARENTS IS VITAL. We should realize that our children have past births and are moving forward in a quest for their fulfilment. We should have faith in our children, nourish them, understand their innate positive tendencies, and fill them with positive qualities so that they can move towards their spiritual and worldly objectives by balancing both.
A negative thought weakens the mind and this in turn affects the pranic sheath - the vital energy. Then the Annamoy Kosha or the gross food based body is affected.
Homeopathy is dynamic in approach. It acts at the mental and cellular level. Every cell has a mind that sends signals to our mind.
What are the causes of diabetes?
- Caused by excess insulin that cannot be absorbed. Not by excess blood sugar.
- High blood sugar is the symptom not the cause
- There is no common cause applicable to everybody
- Depends upon genetic makeup, ethnicity, family history, health and ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS
We need a holistic integrated approach to tackle such diseases. The patient has to be cured, society has to be cured, and the environment has to be set right.
Metaphysical causes;
- When sweetness disappears from life it causes an imbalance
- Longing for what might have been
- A great need to control others and circumstances
- Deep sorrow
Dr Dutta then showed video graphed case study.
An elegant aged lady has suffered a deep ulcer in her leg. The leg is swollen, has many spots and looks extremely unhealthy. The lady has travelled from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital without relief. She appears extremely distressed with the pain, sadness and stress showing on her face.
Dr Dutta simply allows her to speak. Slowly after complaining over the lack of relief the lady reveals that though in her whole life she has unquestioningly helped and supported her entire family, today she feels that her family members are indifferent to her problems and there is no one to understand her. THERE IS NO MORE SWEETNESS IN HER FAMILY. She starts crying. She says she has lost interest in life and does not want to live.
Based on the innermost feelings a medicine is prescribed.
The next video shows the same lady after two months. Her entire appearance has changed. There is no sadness or stress in her face. She is smiling and talking normally. Her ulcer has healed completely. But her leg still seems affected.
The next dose is given.
The third video is after 15 days. The leg is totally normal. Smiling the lady proudly shows her leg to the camera. She has been cured and in two and half months!
This is the power of the correct prescription in homeopathy.
Dr Dutta then resumes speaking. Thus we did not consider any physical symptom at all. We prescribed based on her innermost state and feeling.
What is GOD? Generation Organization Destruction. Similarly disease is about Inflammation Proliferation and Destruction. There is a different mental state at each stage.
Each patient is different and therefore needs different remedies. The medicine depends upon the mental and emotional aspect of the person.
With this he ended his speech.
Dr Bishnu thanked the Chair, the Speaker and the participants. He narrated his own experience as a homeopathic doctor.
Dr Pravas Tripathy narrated an example of how a stressed doctor colleague in his hospital developed diabetes. He said it is very important to learn how to cope with stress.
It may be mentioned that the participants also received literature on the health impacts of Millets and were also served Millets biscuits so that they would know that much neglected Millets can be tasty and are vital for health. Maa Janaki Swasthya Mission thanks the Odisha Millets Mission (OMM) in general and Ms Shabnam Aferin of the OMM in particular for this initiative. It is hoped that the association would continue.