Basics of Health: According to Naturopathy.

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 Basics of health in brief;

Q: What is disease? What causes it?

  • Accumulation of waste in the body
  • Toxicity due to external and internal factors
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Non adherence to normal bodily cycle
  • Taking wrong/ non compatible food 
  • Negative emotions; tension, anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, greed
  • Negative lifestyle that dissipates vitality; lust, passions, materialism

Q: How does the body respond?

The body seeks to throw out the accumulated waste and resolve the toxicity through acute diseases like inflammation, fever, cough, cold, dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, skin eruptions etc. The body therefore is its own doctor. The body initiates acute ailments and also has the ability and mechanisms to stop the process after the need is over. In these days of universal toxicity, the body needs to exhibit elimination symptoms at least 7 times a year to stay healthy. If the elimination symptoms do not appear it is an indication that vitality is seriously compromised and the body is gripped with toxicity and is moving towards serious toxicity induced degenerative diseases and cancers.

Q: What is chronic disease?

  • When acute diseases are suppressed or interfered with and not allowed to finish their task the vitality of the body is affected and it can no longer initiate the healing process
  • The waste and toxins accumulated in the body starts affecting the normal functions and destroy the body from within 
  • When waste accumulates the toxicity also affects the mind and induces negative behavioural change leading to wrong habits and lifestyle that further aggravates the disease state
  • With no hope in sight the body and mind take on a chronic disease state

Q: How to cure chronic disease?

Whatever the "disease name", the approach is the same;

  • By reducing the toxicity and waste within by raising the body's vitality through nutrition and exercise and inducing the cleaning process to begin again
  • Inducing clean up of the colon through hydration support
  • Inducing vomiting by ingesting salt water. This draws out toxins
  • Exposing the body to the natural elements; air, water, sunlight, and earth, through various procedures. The natural elements have huge healing potential as the body and mind are composed of them
  • Providing nourishment after the detoxification to enable the body to repair and renew itself. The naturopaths are well versed on the benefits of nutrition
  • Countering acidity and restoring the alkaline balance of the body
  • Providing oxygenation need of the body
  • Teaching the affected person the basics of good health so the disease burden is reduced
  • Often lifestyle gets automatically corrected once the underlying issues are resolved
  • The process is periodically repeated, if necessary, till the results are achieved
  • Naturopathy is a no medicine approach

Q: What are the obstacles to healing?

  • Repeated suppression of acute ailments leads to layers of disease state that progressively become more and more difficult to tackle
  • Toxic interventions that add to the toxicity within, and do extensive damage. The use of heavy metals, antibiotics, steroids, and various other toxic ingredients, pesticides and herbicides etc has played havoc with health and the cumulative burden along with depletion of vitality makes healing a formidable job
  • Wrong habits and lifestyle that deplete vitality
  • If vitality is excessively depleted cures become difficult. 
  • The body then becomes infertile and then self destructs
  • The use of animal and human serum as medicine/ vaccines has caused syphilis to permeate into the human population. Syphilis is a highly destructive state and its physical, mental and emotional impacts are very difficult to tackle 
  • The chronic disease states are passed on to future generations. Usually the body tackles diseases/ toxicity running in the family in infancy and childhood through common childhood acute illnesses that are febrile, eruptive and inflammatory in nature. This is the reason why infants and children have passive immunity as that facilitates the process. It is very important to understand this self preserving nature of the body. 
  • But the acute diseases in children are being suppressed with antibiotics and vaccines leading to explosion of chronic disease in society.

Q: How to know the body is healing?

  • If the detoxification process begins again one can know the body is beginning to get rid of toxins/ accumulated waste. This is known as the healing crisis. If there is no healing crisis then the intervention has resulted in suppression, not healing
  • The disease progresses from outward within, healing progresses from within outward. Generally healing ends by throwing the toxic load on the skin. The skin, nails and hair become affected. After the detoxification is over they return to normal state.
  • This knowledge has been available to healers worldwide since ages. In the modern age it is known as the Herxheimer Reaction, and the Herring's Laws of Cure

Q: Can the body heal itself?

  • The body is always trying to heal itself. Acute diseases are the healing process.
  • The body also constantly renews itself. The skin renews itself every day. You get new organs every 4 years. The entire body renews itself every 7 to 8 years.
  • However the new cells contain old memories. Thus cellular health is extremely important. Toxicity, waste accumulation, nutritional deficiencies, acidity and lack of oxygen disturb their function.

Q: Why then are bacteria and viruses blamed?

  • Our body is composed of trillions of bacteria and viruses
  • Life has evolved from a virus. The combined bacteria and viruses ensure that we survive. After death these micro organisms ensure that the body decomposes and goes back to its elements; earth, water, fire, air and space
  • These bacteria and viruses are constantly engaged in a cleaning process that is mistaken as disease. It is a rectification and restoration mechanism that is vital and essential 
  • Thus the role of bacteria and viruses comes after the accumulation of waste and toxicity. They are the secondary and beneficial cause of dis-ease and contribute to the healing process
  • External bacteria and viruses affect us only if we are susceptible. They cannot and do not affect healthy people as revealed by numerous experiments conducted since 1906. Accumulated waste and depleted vitality attract them
  • When we are told about "bacteria/ virus outbreaks" we must be alert about the underlying toxicity that is causing the problem
  • When fish in a tank fall sick en masse, we do not hunt for viruses but try to locate what has poisoned the water in the tank. Similarly when people fall sick we must look towards the state of the body and the environment or interventions that have caused the crisis
  • Seasonal diseases are normal. Bodies undertake a cleansing spurred by temperature and other seasonal changes
  • Merely locating a bacteria/ virus does not indicate it is a culprit. Wherever there are fires, we notice the presence of firemen. The firemen are not the cause of fire, they are busy dowsing it. Similarly pathogens are not the cause of illness, they are trying to resolve the issues that threaten the body
  • Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD who vehemently resisted the germ theory propagated by his laboratory assistant, Pasteur, had commented, flies are attracted by the dung heap, the dung heap is not caused by flies! His theory about the Microzyme is today validated by research on the microbiome. Pathogens are almost always created by the body itself to resolve the crisis within.

Q: How to stay healthy?

  • Cleanliness both internal and external at physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Maintaining good energy and vitality levels
  • Being happy and contended instead of being anxious, stressed, harboring anger and negative feelings
  • Strict adherence to the body cycle - particularly time of hunger, evacuation and sleep
  • Ensuring safe, nourishing, real food compatible with body type and moderate exercise
  • Following a detoxification procedure to avoid the inconvenience of acute disease and/ or reducing its intensity
  • Taking care of elimination; regular bowel movement, not suppressing the urge to urinate, deep breathing, and physical efforts to induce sweating
  • Staying away from the false promises of modern medicine. Almost all chronic disease states are their gift to humanity. Allergies, repeated infections and acute diseases result from interventions that attack and burden the immune system
  • Ensuring clean and safe environment
  • Staying close to nature. Trees have the ability to counter depression. The Sun, earth, water, and air are the real healers.
  • Ensuring that the animals, birds, reptiles and insects in our environment are well treated, well fed and happy
  • Ensuring soil health through health of soil microbes for we are heavily dependent on clean, green, fresh, and nutritious food for health
  • Good thoughts lead us to health, negative thoughts result in disease
  • Exercising self control on matters of food, lifestyle and sexual behavior
  • Ensuring everyone in the society is happy and well cared for
  • Shifting our focus from pure materialism towards the goal of life. Life has a goal. Not working towards that goal creates an internal dissatisfaction that then attracts disharmony and disturbance.

Q: Why are children suffering so much?

  • Children are being subject to intense medication; during pregnancy, after birth, and during childhood
  • The process of giving birth has been medicalized
  • Pregnancy and childbirth have become income opportunities
  • Artificial baby food market is booming
  • This process disturbs gut and gut microbes making the child crave sugar and junk food leading to a vicious cycle
  • Interventions targeted at the immune system cause immune toxicity
  • Immune toxicity leads to repeated infection like states as the body desperately tries to detoxify
  • These repeated infections are suppressed with medications, fever reducers, steroids and antibiotics leading to serious chronic diseases and disabilities in children
  • The present medical system has gone back on the established medical paradigm that pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood ought to be as natural as possible and kept away from medical interventions

 Cure is Nonlinear

This is an aspect that needs a lot of discussion. Effecting cures or healing as it may be termed is not a straightforward process that leads to immediate disappearance of symptoms. There is usually a healing crisis or a temporary worsening of symptoms. Ayurveds, herbalists and naturopaths ascribe this to the release of toxins by the body that may find its way to the bloodstream to be eliminated by the skin, liver and kidneys. There may also be episodes of stomach upsets and diarrhea. All the parameters of the body may go haywire for sometime as the body takes on a dynamic role - akin to a giant waking up and shaking off fleas. Dr B M Hegde refers to this as healing chaos which he equates with the re-establishment of the life energy. Homeopaths face a totally different situation where suppressed illnesses reappear in the same series as they had been suppressed. Ultimately the disease burden is thrown out on the skin. Whereas the movement of disease is from without to within, the cure happens from within to without, from the upper to the lower, from the more important organ to the less important. It is helpful to know and understand this process known as Herring's Laws of Cure. The healing crisis is also known as Herxheimer Reaction.