Staying healthy requires common sense, not doctors.

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Once upon a time health used to be guaranteed. People tended to worry about snake bites, insect stings, animal attacks, poisonous weeds and injuries. There used to be acute diseases that people knew how to treat naturally. Often rest and a change of diet was sufficient. The body did the rest. The body knows how to heal itself. It does so through acute ailments.

Suppose a thorn enters your body. First there will be pain, then swelling, then pus formation and after that the thorn will be pushed out. Is this a disease? No. Similarly when there is excess of waste matter in the body, the body tackles them by various means. As I always say, colds, coughs, fevers, diarrhoea, dysentery, skin problems are the body's way to heal itself and get rid of toxins.

Yes today disease has become complex. That is simply because of the following;
·         Introducing chemicals into society. The body does not know how to deal with them. Instead of helping the body detoxify we are introducing dreaded poisons!
·         The drugging of pregnancy. So long as we had general physicians they used to treat pregnancy with great respect. The lady was asked to continue her daily routine, take care of food and nutrition for the two bodies, take an evening walk to keep fit, and socialize to keep herself happy.
·         Caesarian deliveries were extremely rare even if the birth took place in a hospital. Natural birth was the norm. Things changed due to commercialization.
·         The lady was discharged within a day or two of delivery. Rural women took their babies and vanished soon after delivery. They were unaccustomed to hospital atmosphere. Nobody blocked them.
·         Artificial baby food was never prescribed by any doctor. The doctors ensured breastfeeding. The mother's had their natural instinct and they needed no instructions.
·         Children were not medicated for usual ailments. Just as we have vaccine charts today, many doctors and even hospitals prepared charts of normal childhood illnesses, the average age they occurred, and how the child could recover under parental supervision.
·         My city had only one 'child specialist". He was an MD in medicine. He had a condition which he strictly adhered to. He would not see a vaccinated child. He did not veer from this. He used to curse parents who vaccinated their children and used to openly say it was beyond him to repair the damage caused.
·         Processed food was nonexistent. Food was natural. The companies had to advertise heavily to introduce Dalda, Biscuits, Horlicks etc. It was only much later that people learned what really was Dalda. They were made to understand it was ghee.
·         Hospitals were rare. There were a few clinics and a few public health centers. The doctors usually read newspapers or played carrom with the pharmacist. They seized upon the few who came to start discussions on varied topics. Doctors visited patients at home and gave the bare minimum medication. They also prescribed ayurvedic remedies and preparations.
·         Things changed after medical representatives arrived on the scene. They became worse after private medical colleges and hospitals came up.
·         The industry taught doctors that all diseases were lethal, caused by bacteria and viruses which were always ready to kill, and every disease required extensive medication, You had to "complete the course". Doctors became accustomed to manipulated text books, studies and statistics.
So how do you stay healthy?
·         First, know how to detoxify both at physical and mental levels
·         Then use good food and herbs to rejuvenate your body
·         Invest in food and not medicines. Your water intake too must be sufficient. 
·         Allow acute ailments to last their term with the minimum of interventions. If you suffer frequently strengthen your immune system.
·         Study a little about ordinary herbs, home remedies and common homeopathic remedies. There are today many books on the net you can read for free or very economically priced books by good authors. Make a naturopath, ayurved or homeopath your family doctor.
·         Change over to natural food, know what kinds of food to eat according to your body mind type
·         Raise your vitality and immunity with food, herbs, yoga, meditation, prayers, and a changed lifestyle
·         Study mindfulness and practice it. Practice moderation in everything.
·         If you have mental issues (very common these days) consult a good homeopath or Bach Flower Therapist. Look for good counsellors.
·         Try and know the purpose of life and try to fulfil it.
·         Read good books, keep good company. Help others. By helping "others" you help yourself. Rectify yourself and your attitude towards life, give up unnecessary things and simplify your life and many of your problems and tensions will go.

Make herbs and spices your friend.
The medicine cabinet composition of many Indians are changing. They are shrinking too as they are paying more attention to diets and detoxification rather than visiting doctors after they fall sick.
In today's stressful life certain herbs and spices can help you overcome many of present day woes.
Turmeric - Great for controlling chronic inflammation that is epidemic in today's world and linked to diseases ranging from depression to cancer. Take it everyday without fail. Grind it as fine as possible and take one tsp with a little water twice a day.
Ginger - The digestive disorder specialist. You can have it dried; known as Sunthi.
Garlic - Huge immunity booster. Keeps you healthy at many levels.
Neem - Keeps skin healthy. Helps ward off the most serious of infection.
Natural Sea salt - Your daily vitamin and mineral requirements are more than met if you start using it.
Amla - Must for everyday use. A great supplier of Vitamin C. We require it because the body needs it but no longer manufactures it.
Triphala - Detoxifier, keeps your colon clean. Best for oral hygiene. Use triphala powder + coconut oil paste for toothpaste. Splash Triphala soaked water into your eyes for healthy eyes. Must in today's polluted world. But not for those who suffer chronic diarrhoea.
Bael - For soothing the irritable bowel if there is tendency towards diarrhoea
Ashwagandha - Anxiety, tension, fatigue fighter. Must daily use for men. Women use Shatavari.
Brahmi - Mental health. Memory. Insomnia fighter.
Chawanaprash - Regular use in the months from October to February boosts immunity and fights colds, allergies and infections. Elderly who cannot digest ghee can use the Geriforte tablets of Himalaya Ayurveda.
Alfalfa + Avena + Ginseng - Homeopathic tinctures and tonic that supplies all your vitamin needs.
Aspidosperma - This homeopathic mother tincture protects your lungs against pollution. A must for those living in polluted towns.
Carica Papaya + Kalmegh - Homeopathic tinctures. Appetite stimulant. Keeps stomach, spleen and liver healthy. Protects from the modern day diseases like malaria, dengue, chikunguniya.
Water - Take two glasses the first thing every morning. Add lemon for better results. Take six to eight glasses of clean and safe water everyday.
Air - Regular five pranayama- Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom Bilom, Udgeeth, Bhramari every day without fail. A little of basic yoga poses if you have time. Go out in the sun.
Walking barefoot - Particularly on soil and grass. Do gardening to stay in touch with elements. Visit a forest once or twice a year.
Oil - Use mustard, coconut, sesame, ground nut and rice bran oils. Use desi ghee. Use oils for body massage and keeping clean instead of regular use of soaps and shampoos. Kick out chemical disinfectants and hand washes. Kick out mouth washes and tooth pastes containing fluoride.
Throw out sugar, artificial sweeteners, and artificial salt. Adopt jaggery and natural sea or pink salts. Take unpolished coarse rice. Take millets. Avoid wheat and Jersey cow milk products. Avoid refined oils and flours. Take less of sweets and more of bitter and astringent foods. Take curd and fermented food. Let your food be diversified instead of just being carbohydrate.
Keep Giloy Ghan Vati, Tulsi Ghan Vati and Arogya Vati to fight routine illnesses like fevers, colds and allergies. You can also use a combination of the homeopathic tinctures Ocimum + Justicia + zinziber in such cases. The homeopathic tincture Pothos helps fight dust and other allergies. The Himalaya Ayurveda tablet Septilin is also great.
Learn Bach Flower Remedies and keep them to tackle mental and emotional problems. Keep 25 common homeopathic remedies and know how to use them for common ailments. Learn and use the 12 Biochemic Cell Salts.
Completely stay away from processed and packed foods. Give up eating outside. Eat natural. Going vegan and eating raw is great. Fast for one day in a month. Eat when hungry. Don't eat full. Keep a little space. Meditate a little. Have control over talk. Be moderate in your habits. Learn how to be happy with what you have instead of hankering after things you can do without. Happiness largely comes from being happy with little and expanding your heart.
Avoid chemicals and drugs like the plague. All our present day illnesses appeared after their use became rampant.
Remember - The best way to fight disease is to prevent it by concentrating on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Health is the best and only preventive. Treat others as you would treat yourself. Do your duties towards others. Be responsible. Be mindful about the present and think less about the past and future.
Ensure you sleep 8 hours every night. Night is detoxification time for the body.

There is actually no use worrying unnecessarily. Your entire life has been planned before your birth. What is to happen will happen, what is not will never happen. Life is a classroom where the experiences you face are for your own development. Your ego and individuality is a mirage. Everything is you, and you are consciousness. The world is a mental construct and is a projection of your mind just as your mind creates other worlds in your dream. One day you will wake up. One day your journey will end and you will reach home. The journey can be short if you can contemplate daily on the temporary nature of your life and the world and remind yourself that you are the all pervading consciousness existence bliss. Be in the world as an actor and never treat the drama as real. The consciousness has created you for a purpose and will fulfill it without you having to think you are the doer. Be the witness you are.
Best of luck with the above.