Vaccines, Antibiotics & Pornography.

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Strange topic, is it not? However the link is well known. The fear of sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences had traditionally forced communities to lead moral lives. Homeopaths who treated venereal diseases found that they converted into the dreaded chronic body states when suppressed - known as sycosis and syphillis miasms - and devastated generations as they are hereditary.

Earlier these diseases were 'treated' with mercury preparations and the results were horrific as the patients took on the additional burden of mercury poisoning which again mimicked the syphillitic miasm. Then came penicillin and the Rockefeller gang urged the populations to indulge without fear. "Do anything you want and we are there with our antibiotics to treat you and profit from it." Within a short period it became known that antibiotics too drove the disease deeper and resulted in serious inheritable physical and mental disease states but this knowledge was kept away from the general public.

Vaccines contain heavy metals which are known to affect the mind in many ways. Heavy metals must never be used in their untreated form and here we are injecting them! Entire civilizations have been known to disintegrate due to the adverse effects of heavy metals. The Roman Empire fell as it used lead plumbing. The word Mad Hatter came about as the lead lining in hats made workers mad. In Japan and Iraq accidental mercury poisoning led to populations and even animals displaying strange autism like symptoms. Those have been external or ingested influences.

Thanks to vaccines, metals like aluminium, mercury, cadmium, nickel and lead are being recklessly injected into pregnant mothers, infants and children in doses far higher than even the industry deems 'safe' to save their own skin. Vaccines also contain other metals and animal and human serum. Consequently vaccinated population suffer 'vaccinosis' a chronic body state that is akin to sycosis. It makes the mind vicious and cruel.

Doctors like Dr Compton Burnett and medical historians like Dr Harris Coulter have written books about these resultant mental states. Porn and sexual deviations are not a choice for the vulnerable poisoned populations but an addiction they cannot do without. Our Government has a "Health Intelligence" department which appears to be in coma. They cannot notice the simple cause and effect relationship.