Science & Medicine: Poles Apart.

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As far as medicine is concerned science has stopped the day the present system of medicine was made a monopoly and governments worldwide were forced to adopt it despite the fact that their indigenous systems of medicine evolving since ages were highly effective and had popular backing. The adverse effects of modern medicine were more than evident and people were unwilling to make the switch and considerable efforts had to be employed to establish this faulty system.

India for example was reeling from the adverse effects of the mandatory small pox vaccine campaign that had made various forms of extremely serious chronic diseases an integral part of society. Ironically those diseases became the base for medical research and research institutions were established for searching the bacteria and virus connection to these vaccine induced conditions.

However science has never backed medicine as it is practiced today. This was the reason why Rockefeller had to set up the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research to justify the sudden shift from the practice of medicine as an art of observation, study of patients and interactions, and doctors personal experience to a system of mass chemical administration based upon pathological reports that treated patients as a mass that could be experimented upon at will under the guise of the greater good. Today it operates as the Johns Hopkins University that is founded by the Rockefeller Foundation. 

The ultimate miracle medicine that would cure all ills and conquer death was always the promise and that elusive goal still fascinates our practitioners though the majority has realized that it is an illusion best discarded. Moreover what would they do if such a thing really happened? Thus science and medicine proceeded in their own separate ways and today they are 180 degrees apart.

Man is no longer viewed as a machine that is run by the oil of chemicals. Latest developments reveal the body functions as a whole and its biological processes aided by trillions of microbes are perfectly capable of taking care of its needs and prolonging life unless it and its environment are grossly tampered with.

Science today also knows that the mind holds the key to health and its signals can both help and harm the biological set up. The body mind complex is dynamic and its parameters vary from day to day, from situation to situation, from mood to mood and thus no fixed ideas can be formed about its functioning. It is best to observe its functions and aid them by increasing the energy and vitality levels of the body. In case of illness too the same observation process helps and a change of diet and rest are often all that is required.

It must also be ensured that man remains a part of nature and lives in close proximity with it and its elements to remain healthy. Thus doctors like B M Hegde, Manu Kothari, Pravin Chordia and Biswaroop Choudhury are urging populations to depend upon the latest scientific findings rather than the machinations of the industry that desperately needs disease and disease names to survive. They recommend health and wellness based upon safe food and environment, mental and emotional balance, and study of the purpose of life. We are thus heading back to what Charaka, Hippocrates and Hahnemann had discovered and recommended.