Health is a simple subject.

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The body and mind complex is designed to enjoy physical, mental and spiritual health. It does not take truckloads of wealth or world destroying economic development to achieve it. The wild animals in the forest are happy, the birds flying in the sky are happy, the insects chirping on the ground are happy. They will continue to be happy if we allow them to remain in their environment and not destroy it.

What medical science ought to do is study health and how it is maintained by the body in the environment it is in. When the environment within the body and the environment external to it are in sync the result is health. The doctor’s job is not limited to prescriptions. The ayurveds, naturopaths and yoga teachers know this very well. If you care to study what they have to say, they lay down laws for the body, mind and environment; very simple laws. They are called natural laws and in scientific terms the term circadian rhythms comes close.

Then what is disease? Disease is about toxicity that results when these laws are violated. Even the ordinary working of the body creates toxins that are expelled through stools, urine and sweat. Often there still is accumulation of toxic load that is periodically shed through the process of acute illnesses like colds, coughs, fevers, diarrhoea, skin rashes and the like. Would you give medicines to stop stools, urine and sweat? Foolish is it not? Similarly it is not wise to not understand acute illnesses and suppress them. The toxins then further accumulate and affect the person at physical, mental and emotional levels creating chronic disease.

Then there are moral laws which when broken lead to diseases like sexually transmitted diseases. Suppressing these lead to even more serious diseases that can travel generations. They can also be transferred through blood and serum transfusion.

I oppose vaccination. It tremendously complicates matters and interferes with common childhood illnesses that are the body's attempt to throw out the inherited disease load. That is why the infant immune system is differently built. It is passive. Vaccines also deal with extreme toxins and inject human, animal and avian serum. God alone knows what kind of harm we have done through this procedure. What human and animal diseases we have introduced into society besides the toxic impact.

The body can work and heal itself only if we cease to interfere in vital growth and development periods like pregnancy, childbirth, infancy, childhood and adolescence. Today's medicine however profits from interventions in these very vital periods but we like to call it scientific. The best of doctors, as Sir William Osler says is one who observes a lot but interferes the least. There are many greats who understood the value of compatibility with nature and condemned the battlefield approach against disease and supposedly disease based pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Today the microbiome project has proven the lie, derived the fact that microbes and parasites are the most vital part of health, and laid bare the consequences of interfering with them. The science of epigenetics declares we are condemned to carry this damage for 14 generations even if we stop today. We ourselves create the emergencies we then love to treat in the name of "saving lives".

Unless we stop and allow the detoxification process to begin anew by allowing the acute diseases to return chronic diseases will be there to stay, complicating things more and more with each passing day. The increasing rates of infertility and development of suicidal tendencies in people are signs that the body is fast losing the capability to cope and seeks to end the painful existence. When will these simple facts percolate to the members of the profession? When will they stop the harm and start the healing process?