Did the vaccine prevent small pox?

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People still believe small pox was eradicated by vaccines. That aura is maintained by the medical profession to justify the continuation of vaccines and rationalize vaccination scandals. Now just consider these facts which are never revealed to the public. Doctors too remain ignorant of these facts;

1. The vaccine was not based on any scientific fact but an assumption that the then genuine MDs scoffed at. They pointed out that the theory that cow pox would eradicate small pox proposed by Jenner who never had a proper medical degree was downright silly. They also pointed out that dairy maids who had suffered from pustules had also on record come down with small pox and therefore the assumption was null and void. 
2. The vaccine was preceded by very similar attempts called olfaction, inoculation and variolation. None had worked. They had only helped spread the disease and created serious adverse effects. The reason they were discontinued. Thus the medical profession was not in a mood to continue the foolishness.
3. The small pox vaccine did not have any standard manufacturing process. It depended upon local resources and viewpoints. A popular method was to take puss from a dead small pox infected corpse, pass it on to a cow, gather the puss the cow generated, pass it on to a horse, gather the slimy material called grease which appeared on the horses legs, pass it on to a calf, again gather the puss, store it and send to various countries in glass containers, where it was again introduced mostly into slaves, and the puss finally generated became "pure lymph". In India goats and rabbits, and in Africa monkeys were also used in the process. The animals used in the process died gruesome deaths. There was no concept of sterility or decomposition. There is no record of vaccine material being discarded even when there was visual confirmation it had putrefied horribly. This was because vaccine material was always scarce and there was no sympathy as the subjects were "natives" and therefore disposable.
4. This highly putrid matter was repeatedly administered into people with disastrous results; repeatedly because the proposed lifetime immunity failed and the extent of immunity progressively diminished to six months leading to extensive revaccination. The subjects developed the most dangerous syphilitic form of small pox that they spread to others. Even people in the vicinity where small pox campaigns were carried out fell a prey to it.
5. People developed the most severe forms of small pox, they died, and they developed diseases like syphilis, tuberculosis, cancers, leprosy, eczema, severe neurological disorders, insanity and schizophrenia. (Jenner’s own vaccinated son died of TB. He and his wife displayed severe neurological complications.) Later AIDS was added to the list by a WHO consultant. Society will never be able to shrug off these introduced diseases as epigenetic damage is observed to travel up to 14 generations. Even the vaccinators suffered severe consequences just by handling the putrid matter and they had to be lured with high salaries and incentives. Even then they routinely refused to attend to their duties.
6. In India people fled when vaccination teams reached villages and it had to be mandated and given at gun point using police and military might. People were treated like disposable cattle in the process and the amount and extent of force used would make your blood boil if you read about them.
7. We have records that UK and the Philippines (maybe more regions) refused the vaccine and adopted measures like sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and isolation and proper treatment of patients. As a result the number of cases reduced drastically to two figure numbers. Not only that when small pox ultimately disappeared, it disappeared first in these regions.
8. In all places a ruckus ensued against the vaccine as people became furious and rebelled. Gandhi and other Congress leaders who were informed by both British and Indian doctors of the nature of the vaccine and its consequences demanded the immediate withdrawal of the vaccine and the adoption of the measures used in UK and Philippines. Gandhi declared himself anti vaccine and he called upon people of all countries to consider it a moral and social duty to oppose it. British officials later confessed to the Queen that millions of vaccinated Indians had died.
9. As a result under pressure the WHO too resorted to all these measures (sanitation, hygiene, isolation etc) alongside the vaccine.
10. When small pox suddenly disappeared it disappeared regardless of the vaccination status of the country, whether vaccination was pursued or not. Globally it has been acknowledged that around 10% of the world's population was ever vaccinated. The disease disappeared on it's own. Infectious diseases tend to have a cycle. Small pox would probably have disappeared much earlier had the vaccine not prolonged the process.
11. When it was ultimately investigated what virus was in the vaccine, it was acknowledged that neither small pox nor cow pox nor horse pox virus was found in it. To hide their embarrassment the medical profession invented a name - vaccinia virus which they said was in the vaccine. The nature of this virus described variously remains a mystery.
12. If the small pox or even related viruses could not be found in the vaccine can it be claimed that the vaccine drove out small pox? This vital question remains unanswered and could not even be answered in Court when a manufacturer named Dryvax was drawn to a legal challenge. The manufacturer admitted on record it was not aware what was in the vaccine.
13. Earlier cases of diphtheria were very rare, but they flared up after the small pox vaccine was introduced. Researchers pointed out that as bovine serum was used in the small pox vaccine, bovine syphilis was being transferred to children leading to increasing cases. This was never disputed. Bovine serum continues to be an important component of vaccines. Diphtheria is today routinely found in vaccinated populations. Now often a "diphtheria like illness" is appearing which does not test positive for the disease. A real mess has been created.
14. The number of zoonotic ( animal) diseases introduced into human populations by vaccines is acknowledged fully only in private though the simian viruses SV 40 and SV 60 scandals and the bovine and avian leukaemia viruses and porcine viruses have been acknowledged and studies are in public domain. There has never been any serious effort to determine the number and nature of such viruses that have crossed over. These have very severe consequences particularly as many of them have become a component of our bodies; breast milk and spermatic fluid and linked to various cancers. The mind boggles at the consequences.
Again what was the strategy used to introduce the vaccine?
1. 131,000 cases of small pox was inflated to 15 million to justify widespread vaccination (source : PAHO documents)
2. Cases of small pox occurring after the vaccine were given other names like chicken pox, eczema, measles, or rash to hide the fact that the vaccine was in fact causing the disease.
These strategies were copied in the polio vaccine eradication drive as pointed out by medical historian Dr William Muraskin.
Source: Archival material of the period. Many are available for free download at various sites, thanks to efforts of medical historians. It is a matter of great shame that they are not part of the medical curriculum. The medical profession is not only to gloat over successes but it is more vital to learn from mistakes. They deal with living beings and have a responsibility towards them that ought to exceed other priorities.
So keep these points in mind and also inform your ill informed doctor if he insists that the small pox vaccine was a miracle. What was a miracle was its acceptance and implementation by people who consider themselves scientific professionals despite the failure and severe consequences.
I will also be posting this in medical groups despite the chance that I will be heckled for daring to make these facts public.