Vaccination Voodoo: Magic & Illusion.

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When something is being indiscriminately and repeatedly injected into children worldwide at an unprecedented scale you would expect that all possible safety and efficacy tests have been conducted to ensure the lives and health of the children.
But vaccine safety is never ascertained. In clinical trials vaccines are never compared to a genuine placebo group. Two groups are given two different vaccines so that adverse effects in both groups are similar and the vaccine being tested can be declared safe in comparison. This test too is carried out for usually 4 to 5 days which is a joke. Even within this period severe effects and deaths are ignored. No clinical examination of the children is done. The mothers are required to keep a dairy and note down observations that are accepted for the trials. But the plea of mothers who observe and report adverse effects after vaccines are licensed and in the market are laughed at and ignored. Healthy children are selected for trials after careful consideration of chances of all contraindications such that adverse effects during trials are minimum but after vaccines are licensed they are indiscriminately administered to all.
Not only safety, vaccine efficacy too is never a part of any carefully designed trial in clinical settings. Efficacy is assumed based on antibody production. But antibodies are just evidence of the body having encountered the antigen, they can never be definite markers of immunity. As a result vaccine failures abound. Today vaccine preventable diseases are routinely found in vaccinated persons. They are assigned different names if they occur in vaccinated subjects so that vaccine failure can be covered up.
Medical students learn very little about vaccines and the information they are given is often influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. This is also the case for doctors. They normally have minimal knowledge concerning interactions between ingredients in vaccines, yet substances may and do interact and their effects may be altered.
One example of many: Emulsifying agents (for example polysorbates) render the blood-brain barrier more permeable, facilitating passage of toxic substances through the blood-brain barrier into the brain tissue.
Another example: The toxicity of for example mercury may be enhanced 100-fold when in contact with aluminium.
Substances do not necessarily need to be present in the same vaccine to interact with each other. Concomitant administration, several vaccines at the same time, may result in interactions between substances in different vaccines.
It is futile to ask doctors or nurses about vaccines. More often than not they don’t know much about ingredients, toxicity, interactions, precautions, potential adverse events, long term events etc. Yet they try to convince us that vaccines are safe because that is what they have learned.
Nobody knows whether the vaccines will cause cancer because tests for carcinogenicity are not carried out; Nor are tests done for genotoxicity or mutagenicity or for its capacity to induce sterility. Nobody knows the consequences of the presence of foreign DNA and especially genetically modified DNA (for example in Gardasil). The last example may be horrific.
Nobody in the world knows the long term adverse effects of vaccines. Vaccine promoters are tricking millions of vulnerable people into a cynical game of Russian roulette where they have nothing to win but their health to lose.
Children up to 18 months receive a staggering number of vaccines, often several at the same time, yet there are no serious safety studies regarding concomitant administration. This is no less than scandalous and unethical. It surely borders on criminality. Ironically infants cannot even produce antibodies that are the cornerstone of vaccines.
We who pose serious critical questions regarding vaccines know that they are dangerous. Our evidence is the thousands, even millions who are suffering from vaccine injuries worldwide including many deaths.
It is the responsibility of the vaccine promoters, manufacturers and health authorities including Governments, CDC and FDA to present evidence that vaccines are effective and safe. When will this be done?

Vaccines create antibodies. Do antibodies protect from diseases? Science remains inconclusive. Rather antibodies have been linked to diseases!

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